Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Little Bit Of Dis, Dat, And De Udder

Dis- Second Life is a user created environment. What makes it unique is the imagination it's residents put into it. Could be anything from the builds down to the roleplaying of the individuals. But to focus on "cybersex" is, quite honestly, a lack of imagination.

Mind you, for awhile, Steelhead had relied on Le Jardin, a bordello, for some of it's income. Building's no longer there, that business is no longer needed in Steelhead, end of story. Steelhead's plans for 14 sims, Caledon's plans for becoming the new "Mainland" (have you seen the map of Caledon recently?), New Babbage's growth, plus other sims, too numerous to mention, it's happening without the sex business.

So......why is it that in some news articles, cybersex is almost always mentioned? I've never cared much for cybersex, myself. If'n you can get it in RL, what's the point? It's just a cheap way for clubs and such to bring people to their clubs, thereby getting their places up on the most popular list. Personally, I think that we should get news magazines, television, newspapers, etc. to focus on other aspects of Second Life. The builds, the stories, the imagination (The Real imagination of the residents, not the ones who invented a new sex pose ball), the people (including teachers, scholars, Trekkers, Whovians, Vernians, etc) the places (Caledon, Deadwood, Steelhead, New Babbage, The Wasteland, etc). It's possible that things like this could bring new people to Second Life. When you read an article on Second Life, and somewhere in that article it mentions cybersex, it turns people off. If you have an article about Second Life and it says, "There's more to Second Life than just cybersex, much more....", then that's stating the truth, and may bring people in.

Dat- Hotspur O'Toole mentioned this in his blog, Space 1889. I've got the first edition of the game book when it was released, and to this day, enjoy looking through it. To me, this seems like the perfect continuation of the Steampunk/Gaslamp Fantasy sims. Sims based on Mars, and maybe some of the other planets, featured in Frank Chadwick's game. I'd like to see Hotspur and Fuzzball chasing down baddies across the Martian landscape in their sky galleon. Maybe one day.

De Udder- Much like some of the other fellow SL bloggers, do tend to do a bit more creative writing in this blog, crossing over with storylines and such that I'll be bringing inworld. Not meaning "Gaslamp Adventures", that's a seperate thing altogether, and taking some time to do. Only thing is, I don't like writing in first person. Dunno why, just weird that guys do know I'm weird, right?

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