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Steelhead Adventures: 'tis A Long Bumpy Road

Outside Town Hall, Steelhead City

Lunar and Purdie walked out of the town hall, speaking of the recent events.

"I'm not sure about Mr. O'Toole," Purdie told Lunar "it does seem odd that he'd disappear during the middle of all this."

"I agree," Lunar replied, nodding "is it connected, you think?"

Purdie's response was a shrug. Lunar started to ask another question, when a dirt clod hit Purdie in the back of the head. The two turned to see Angelica a few feet away, picking up another clod of dirt.

"Angelica" Purdie said "What was that for?"

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?" Angelica yelled as she threw another dirt clod at Purdie. "YOU JUST HAD TO GO AND LET HIM GET SHOT"

"It was his idea" Purdie pleaded, dodging another dirt clod "Is this because of him being shot, or because you hate my purple outfits?"

Angelica glared at Purdie, then ran up to him, only to be held back by Lunar.


Trying to keep a calm disposition, Purdie replied, " my first incarnation. I haven't regenerated yet. I mean, I'm only 350."

"When I get my hands on you," she said through gritted teeth, "I'll put you through all 13 of your lives in less than five minutes."

"Angelica" Lunar said, calmly "this is not helping. Please, let's.....let's go get some cookies."

Angelica stopped struggling and looked up at the Moon Elf, "Elves bake cookies?"

"Well...." Lunar said as he let her go

Angelica straightened herself out, then looked at Purdie, "He lives in a tree and he bakes cookies."

"Interesting concept" Purdie said, thoughtfully

"Actually," Lunar said, "I was thinking of going over to my sister's bakery and getting some of her fresh baked cookies, and some tea."

Angelica nodded, then looked at Purdie, "What is he trying to prove by allowing himself to be shot by a silver bullet."

"With luck.....mental instability." Purdie replied

"Well," Angelica said, "I think he made his point."

As Angelica and Lunar walked off, Purdie heard Angelica say, "I swear if he's not dead, I'll kill him."

"The Mayor has a unique way of calming people down with the sound of his voice." Purdie said to himself.

Steeltopian Embassy In Steelhead

A Steeltopian guardsman walked in and looked at Jobias Barthelmess, who's hair was mussed and his clothes were wrinkled.

"Are you ok, Mr. Ambassador?" the guardsman asked

Jobias didn't respond, just looked at the Steelhead Sentinel story about the sheriff being shot and taken someplace safe.

"Sir?" the guardsman asked

Jobias looked at the guardsman, "Nobody knows where the Sheriff's at. Kind of odd, don't you think?"

The guardsman shrugged, "Hard to say, Mr. Ambassador, his life has been in danger, best they kept his whereabouts a secret."

"Of course," Jobias said with a mock smile, "but, some have to know. His family, for example. As close as he and his sister are....she'd know."

"Mr. Ambassador," the guardsman asked, concern showing on his face, "are you sure that you're ok?"

Jobias got up and walked up the stairs, "Of course, been very concerned over the events that our friends here in Steelhead have been experiencing. That will be all, guardsman, I'll be getting some rest now."

Steelhead Commons, Later That Night

Angelica walked the streets, heading towards the Ortega residence. The tea and cookies helped, along with the company of Lady Christine and Lunar. She had even offered to pay for Purdie's cleaning, although she promised he was going to get a serious butt kicking once all this was over. Suddenly, she was grabbed by someone who was hiding in the shadows. The assailint dragged her behind the Steelhead Hotel and threw her up against the wall. Angelica started to swing at her attacker, only to find a silver dagger at her throat.

"Jobias Barthelmess" she said, looking at her attacker.

Jobias gave an evil smile. He was looking better than he looked earlier, hair cleaned and combed, suit pressed, shoes shined, monocle clean.

"Something I've alwaaays wondered." Jobias said, "Trescothick.....that an ex-husband, or something?"

Angelica rolled her eyes, "It's a stage name, you Doody Head."

"Ah" Jobias said, he then put the sharp silver blade closer to her throat. He leaned closer to her face and whispered, "Where's your brother?"

"I don't know" Angelica replied through gritted teeth. Her blood was rising out of anger, but her hands were shaking from fear.

Jobias moved even closer to her face, his grin growing more evil, "I'm going to find him. I'm going to finish the job."

A voice from the other end ended the conversation, Jobias saw the figure of a nun that started heading towards them at a quick pace. Jobias threw Angelica to the ground and ran off. The nun, Sister Christian, helped Angelica to her feet.

"Are you ok, Miss Trescothick?" Sister Christian asked "Who was that?"

"Find Lunar" Angelica whispered

Steelhead Town Hall Meeting Room

Lunar, Dogg Food, Darien Mason, Lady Christine, Mother Superior, and Angelica were discussing what had just happened. Christine gave Angelica, who's hands were still shaking, a cup of coffee. Darien sat down next to Angelica and opened his medical bag.

"I may have something you might want to add to that coffee." Darien said

"Some special medicine?" she asked

Darien pulled out a flask, "Dr. Jack Daniel's special medicine"

Angelica smiled and held out her cup as Darien poured some of the whiskey in it.

"I need to know," Lunar said, "how we can arrest Jobias?"

"The man was crazy" Angelica said as she sipped her coffee, "I will tell you this, he may've said he was going to finish the job, but he never said anything about shooting Fuzz in the first place."

Mother Superior tapped her ruler on her palm, "I'm afraid she's right, sir. All we have is a threat to do the Sheriff harm, and the attack on Miss Trescothick. He will claim diplomatic immunity."

"Oh, pish posh." Christine said, "Emperor Calamari will help us. He could deny the immunity to Jobias."

Lunar sat in his usual spot on the bench, "We've sent word out to Emperor Calamari. Not sure when he'll receive the message. Even so, Jobias is no where to be seen."

"He was feared, once." Darien said, as he closed his medical bag, "When we first heard of him, when Fuzz shared with us the stories of the coup in Moldavia. When Jobias walked around Caledon, people spoke of him in hushed whispers. Then he disappeared, obviously to make himself eligible for Steeltopian citizenship. He returns, it was more like sightings of the Beast of Caledon. 'Oh yea, that's nice *yawn*'."

Lunar looked at Angelica, "I've never seen you like this. Normally, your bite is worse than Fuzz's bark."

"There was something about him," Angelica replied, "like I said, he's crazy. Before, he was a dangerous individual. He had a sharp mind, and his goals were all planned out in advance.....only to be thwarted by a werewolf once or twice. But now.....there's no telling what he would do."

"Where's Purdie?" Lunar asked, "He should be here by now."

"I'm not sure," Mother Superior replied, "Sister Mary Katherine said his traveling cabinet was empty....although, checking all the rooms would take some time. I've sent in a few other SWAT members to do a thorough search."

Lunar's face started to show deep concern, "This is not good."

He got up and turned and looked at the doorway, his face turned to a look of shock. The others got up and turned to see Tensai limping in. She was bruised and beaten, and basically looked like she'd been through Hell.

"Jobias has better hud's than me." Tensai said, referring to the magical talismans that the local Native's created for protection. She then collapsed to the floor.

"Oh boy," Dogg Food said, as the others rushed to Tensai, "THIS does not look good."

Silver Poison
To Be Concluded

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