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Steelhead Adventures: Demons, Scarecrows, Empty Bottles, A Citizen's Dilema and A Plan

Beneath Steelhead Docks

Fuzz waded into the water and pulled the corpse closer to shore. He looked at the corpse once he pulled it up on shore and looked it over.

"Looks like a blue lobster" he muttered to himself.

He looked up to see a couple of the SWAT Team coming towards him. He glanced back at the corpse, and looked at the emblem on it's uniform.

"Bloodwing?" he whispered, he then looked up at one of the sisters and said, "Find my cousin, Purdie, ask him to see what he can find out about this. Also, see if anyone from the Mason family is in town."

He looked down the docks and noticed something floating out of the entrance to the old underground tunnels. After asking the remaining nun to stay with the body, he walked closer to the cave and looked at the object floating out of the cave.

"There you are." He said to his scarecrow that had gone missing some time ago. "The Duke of Argyle had thought I had destroyed you, not thinking I had appreciated his gift."

He studied the scarecrow some more, then let out a low growl.

"That's it," he said, "time we finally put this to an end."

Sheriff's Office, Some Time Later

Ash Mason sat in the chair looking at the Sheriff. Fuzz finished the paperwork, then looked at Ash.

"Blue Lobster. Had Bloodwing's emblem on his uniform" Fuzz said

Ash nodded, "Resident of New Erebus, most definitely, there were several still in this realm. Well, most of them had been working for Marcus, but not wearing the emblem. This one, sounds like a messenger"

"Could Bloodwing have sent him to look for Darien?"

Ash shook his head, "Bloodwing was aware of the Mason families whereabouts before he......well, you know. It's possible that this courier came to deliver a message to someone else. You perhaps. News of the situation has travelled all over, fast."

Fuzz shrugged, "Had nothing else on him. No letter, no package. Why he was here is to remain another mystery. By the way, how did Darien defeat Marcus?"

"Ah, that is something he's writing in his journal. He cannot wait for everyone to read it."

"If everyone is interested in reading it."

"Yes, if everyone is interested in reading......"

Ash looked at Fuzz, who gave a big smile.

"You are joking, correct?" Ash asked

Fuzz nodded, "Yes. I am. Thank you, Ash. If we discover anything further about this demon, we'll let the family know."

As Ash left, Purdie walked in. He handed Fuzz a notepad containing his findings of the autopsy performed on the demon.

"I guess you're aware of what killed the demon?" Purdie asked

"Silver blade." Fuzzball replied, looking at the notepad. "I knew, but decided to make this official anyway."

Purdie noticed the scarecrow standing in the corner, "You found it."

"Fuzzcrow?" Fuzz asked, "Yea. Floating out of the tunnel entrance. Take a closer look at it."

Purdie walked closer and studied the scarecrow, "Oh my."

Fuzz nodded as he put the pad on the desk, "Yep. Someone's been using it for target practice. And getting better."

He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a piece of cheese. He put it on the edge of the desk as Willard ran out of the cell and climbed up on the desk to get the cheese.

"Have you told anyone?" Purdie asked

"No." Fuzz replied, "And we're not telling anyone, either. Do me a favor. Three cases of whiskey came in for Gearz. Give them to boB."


"I need them emptied, and he's the fastest way of emptying them." Fuzz said, putting on his hat and heading out.

"Where are you going?"

"Fizzworks" he replied, "Bring the empty bottles to Severine Valley."

Severine Valley, Later

It seemed as if half of Steelhead had arrived in the valley to see what the sheriff was up to. Old boB Ballyhoo was leaning against a large boulder, swaying as a breeze blew by. Purdie stood close by and help boB from falling over. Fuzz walked by the two, wearing his old gray suit he had arrived in Steelhead all those years ago.

"My word," Hotspur O'Toole observed, "Why this big change?"

"He didn't want to get gun powder on his other clothing. His current tailor isn't cheap" Lord Edward Pearse replied

Fuzz looked at the empty bottles set up several yards away. He pulled his coat back to reveal the Colt in the holster. He pulled the gun from the holster and spun it around, then placed it back into the holster. Then, rather quickly, he drew the gun and fired at the bottles, shattering six of them with each shot. Again, he spun the gun and placed it back in the holster. He held out his hand as Koen threw the Winchester rifle. Fuzz caught it and motioned to Purdie.

"Me?" Purdie asked, rather sheepishly

"You go" boB said, drunkenly, "I'm sloshed."

Purdie walked out to the bottles, then picked one by one up and threw them in the air. One by one, each was shattered in the air by the shots from the rifle. Soon, all bottles were shattered, none of them had landed on Purdie. The town cheered.

"MOTHER SUPERIOR" Fuzz called out.

The head of the SWAT Team walked over to Fuzz, "Yes, Sheriff" she asked

"Tell the Sisters to quit following me around." he replied, "Time to end this scare, and the only way for that to happen it."

Mother Superior smiled, then bowed her head, "My apologies, Fuzz. Didn't want to take the chance to lose everyone's favorite sheriff."

Fuzz smiled and gave a wink, he then turned to Veles, "Same goes for the Jagers"

"Hyu schure?" Veles asked

Fuzz nodded. "Ayup, I am."

As the citizens started heading back to town, Angelica walked over and hugged her brother.

"I know," she said, "you're able to take care of yourself. But, we're talking silver here. You know how bad that is."

Fuzz looked around and whispered, "Every now and then, when the wind blew south, did you catch the scent?"

Angelica nodded, despite not having the ability to turn into a Lycan, she still had certain abilities, including heightened senses, "Mistletoe. Thought one of the trees were....."

"No mistletoe in the Valley," Fuzz replied, "someone was watching."

Angelica smiled, "Which is what you wanted?"

Fuzz winked

Steelhead Docks, That Night

Hotspur looked at the spot where the saloon once stood before Tensai and Lunar blew it up. He looked up at the Steeltopian Embassy to see a weasely looking man walk out and skulk off into the shadows.

"Sid Weezul" Hotspur whispered, "What's he doing here?"

He headed off to find either Fuzz or one of the SWAT Team to inform them. From the window of the embassy, Jobias and a henchman watched Hotspur walk off. Jobias motioned to O'Toole, the henchman nodded then walked off.

Club Gearz

Old boB Ballyhoo walked up to the bar and looked at Fuzz, who was playing bartender, talking to Purdie.

"Sheriff," boB said, drunkenly (as usual) "someone STOLE the saloon."

Fuzz's reply was a bottle of whiskey placed in front of boB.

"They can keep it." boB said as he took the bottle and walked off.

"So that's the plan." Fuzz said, returning to his conversation with his cousin

"Who knows of this?" Purdie asked

"Nobody. And nobody's to know. Not Lunar, not Tensai, not Katt, nobody. Not even Angelica. Just me and you."

Purdie shook his head, "It's dangerous. I mean, what you're setting out to do......and the silver aspect of it.....did you actually tell Lunar to return all silver?"

Fuzz nodded, "We all know who's behind this. I'm surprised Maelgatto Alter didn't just shoot me for even accusing her of this. But it all had to be done. But now, it's time to end this. Regardless of the silver aspect."

Purdie nodded, "Well......there may be a's possible......I mean, it's still dangerous on your part........we'll need to take you somewhere safe, just in case it.....Yes. Yes, I think this can be done. May I ask to borrow your pocket watch?"

Fuzz put his hand on his watch, "Tensai gave me this...."

"I know, and the way she invents and builds, there'll be room for me to make a minor adjustment. Trust me, no damage will come to it."

Fuzz handed him the watch, "If you do, Tensai'll get so upset, you probably couldn't find a safe place in all of time and space to hide, not even if you managed to return to your home universe."

"Time and space...." Purdie muttered as he looked at the watch, "....yes....."

He looked up at Fuzz and smiled

"You know, Fuzz, this idea of yours is sounding better each time."

Steelhead Gardens

"Do we kill him?" one henchman asked

"No." the other replied, "The Boss has plans for him."

The two picked up the unconscious body of Hotspur O'Toole and dragged him off into the darkness.

To Be Continued

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