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Steelhead Adventures: Journey To Fusang Part Seven

The Air Pirates Attack, Purdie and Koen Hop Into The Fire.....Bypassing The Frying Pan, And The Steelhead Adventurers Arrive At Their Destination

The Lady Dushku

The airships of the furry pirates fired onto the Lady Dushku. GlitterRoch's crew were tough, and willing to fight for their captain, unfortunately, the pirates managed to swing from their airships onto the deck. Although, the pirates proved themselves to be tougher than Angus' crew, they found themselves on the receiving end of Dogg Food's claws.

"Now THIS is more like it." Dogg exclaimed as she planted her claws into a racoon furry.

"Damn cat's got more guts than the rest of ye." Angus said as he shot a pirate trying to board his ship, "Darien, get yer carcass down below."

"Are you kidding?" the doctor asked, tightening the harnass to his steam jet pack "No way I'm letting you have all the fun."

With that, Darien activated his jet pack and flew off to one of the airships, firing on it's crew and knocking a few overboard. On the Dushku, Angus, Mr. Sideman and Dogg managed to get several pirates off the ship. A sudden tremor sounded on the deck and the three turned to see another pirate managed to make it on board.

"Iron Paw" Angus whispered

The bear furry snarled at the three and started to head towards them. He stopped when he heard one of his crewmembers yelling.

"ORTEGA!" the crewmember yelled, "ORTEGA!"

A gunshot was heard, and the crewmember fell to the ground, revealing Fuzzball a few feet behind him, holding his gun.

"Ortega" Iron Paw growled, holding his iron paw with his good paw.

"What's the matter, BoBo?" Fuzz asked as he put his gun back into the holster, "Circus found you to be useless?"

"IT'S IRON PAW!" Iron Paw yelled, knocking Sideman out of the way as he ran towards Fuzz.

"Wow," Dogg said, "first Jobias Barthelmess, now this bear. Fuzz has made some interesting friends, hasn't he?"

"Aye," Angus replied as he watched Iron Paw pick Fuzz up and throw him onto the deck, "Fuzz always had a way with people."

Iron Paw picked Fuzz up and threw him across the airship. Fuzz crashed into several crates. The bear ran towads the crate, reaching for his dagger. One of the crates flew forward and knocked the bear down. The bear looked as the werewolf stood up.

"My turn" Fuzzwolf snarled.

Fuzz lunged towards Iron Paw and the two large creatures continued their fight. Iron Paw tried to knock Fuzz over with his iron paw, but the werewolf was too quick.

Angus looked at Sideman and motioned to the pirates, "Get the rest of the crew and get these bilge rats off my ship."

"Aye, Cap'n" Sideman said, rushing off.

Angus ran to one of the telsa cannons as Darien flew in front of him, "Darien, let's take out these air ships."

"What about Fuzz?" Darien asked

"He'd rather fight the bear." Angus turned to Dogg, "Your job is to watch Fuzz. I want to know how that fight turns out."

"Good," Dogg said "that's gotten my interest up."

As Angus fired at the airships, Darien flew to them, knocking the pirates manning telsa cannons, and used the telsa cannons to fire into each ship. Meanwhile, Fuzz and Iron Paw continued their fight. As they fought, their fighting style became more savage. Fuzz ducked as the iron paw of Iron Paw swung at him. Fuzz swiped at the bear's chest, cutting into it. Iron Paw let out a yell of pain. He lunged towards Fuzz. Fuzz grabbed Iron Paw's arm and lifted up the pirate bear. Next thing that Iron Paw knew, the Pacific Ocean was coming closer and closer to him as he fell from the height of the airship. He wasn't alone, his other crew and the remains of his airships were also in the ocean. On the Dushku, Fuzz looked at Angus.

"Keep the noise down." Fuzz said, "I'm trying to sleep."

Angus smiled as Darien landed on the deck, "Aye Fuzz. Neighbors just wanted to stop by for a visit. Won't happen, again."

"You look well rested." Darien said, taking off his helmet.

Fuzz nodded, "Time to change."

"One of these days," Darien said, "You're going to have to tell us the story about how you know Iron Paw."

Fuzz smirked, "Circus bear, supposed to be dancing, couldn't dance worth a squat. Tried to steal from the circus owner.....I bit off his paw. Want to hear more, I'll tell you later"

As Fuzz headed below, Angus shouted to his crew, "Alright, let's get a damage report. Mr. Sideman, help the good doctor tend to anyone who's injured. This is nothing compared to what we'll be getting into once we're in China."

Purdie Uggla's TARDIS

Koen grabbed onto the railing of the spiral staircase in the console room. The TARDIS shook violently as it traveled through the vortex. At the console, Purdie tried to keep the time ship steady, pushing buttons and pulling levers.

"The Oregon Sunstone isn't the perfect source of energy for the TARDIS," he said "but it did the trick, at least until I can get to the rift and recharge her properly."

"I think I'm going to be sick" Koen said

"Come now, Koen," Purdie said, with a laugh "where's your sense of adventure?"

Suddenly, the TARDIS stopped, and all was quiet.

"See," Purdie said "wasn't so bad."

He flipped a few switches on the console and looked at the scanner.

"BAH" he said, "problems with the scanner. All I know is, we're in China, and we've time traveled a few days after we left."

Koen got up and walked over to the console, "Where in China?"

Purdie shrugged, "More than likely, we may be a few miles from our intended destination of Kowloon. Well....only thing to do is to walk out and see where we are."

The two walked out of the TARDIS, which disguised itself as a statue of a Chinese warrior, and looked at their surroundings. They were in the hallway decorated with rich tapestries.

"We're in someone's home." whispered Koen

"More like a palace." Purdie whispered back

The two walked down the hallway, Purdie turned a corner, as Koen looked behind them to see if they were followed.

"Koen, hold up your hands." Purdie suggested

Koen held up his hands up to his chest level, and turned around to see what Purdie was wanting.

"No," Puride said, his hands raised up high, "raise them higher."

Koen did, as he saw that they had come face to face with armed guards, all wearing the colors of the Warlord Liang.

The Lady Dushku

The Dushku had taken to flying at a lower altitude, as they were now close to their destination. From her deck, Darien and Fuzz looked at the landscape ahead of them.

"I hope you know what you're doing." Darien said

"I never do." Fuzz replied, putting his cowboy hat on his head.

Darien looked at Fuzz, "What?!?"

Fuzz smiled, "More fun that way."

Darien pinched the bridge of his nose, "Oy Vey."

Fuzz chuckled then walked over to Dogg Food, "Think you can stick to acting like a regular house cat for the time being?"

"Oh," Dogg replied, "act dumb. Yea, I can do that. Can learn secrets of people that way."

Fuzz winked, then looked at the docks as the ship got closer.

"Here we go" he whispered

To Be Continued

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