Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Tale Of Two Tombstones.....

For some time now, Steelhead has tried to keep friendly negotiations with a town called Tombstone. Turns out, there's actually two towns on the Grid with this name. Each owned by someone who couldn't stand the other. The Tombstone we had done business with.....well, there was too much drama there. Also, I had heard complaints from Steelhead citizens in regards to how they were treated there.

The other Tombstone was only spoke of in hushed whispers around Steelhead, mostly due to what the previous Tombstone had said about it. However, on a whim, I decided to hope on my airship and fly to this Tombstone. I was very impressed with the town, itself. Didn't meet too many citizens on that day. I then sent a telegram to TotalLunar Eclipse, and he quickly came to Tombstone to look around as well.

Turns out that this Tombstone is under new management. One of the new owners, Lunar had met at one time, already. Lunar quickly helped out the new owner with advice. We mentioned our alliance with The Independent State of Caledon, something they were wanting to have as well. And we offered the branch of friendship to this Tombstone, inviting them to our event this coming Friday.

We're hoping this alliance is much better than with the previous Tombstone. Plan on offering any help to them that we can. Even planning on, like we're doing with Caledon, sending an ambassador over to represent Steelhead, and yes, we've already got a candidate in mind.

All in all, this little trip was well worth it.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


They say "Music Hath Charm To Sooth The Savage Beast".....and there's some truth to that. No matter how foul of a mood I can get into, once I start the music, I'm feeling much better. Providing the music for Steelhead during the Friday events, I know which songs certain residents want to hear. I also remember those songs and play them again. Not really a gift, just knowing what the people want. As an example:

Angelica Trescothick, my dearest sister, her favorites are "Something That You Said" by the Bangles and "Dr. Online" by Zeromancer...although, having the talent for music like me, she has more, but those are the two that she's told me as being ones she loves.

Christine MacAllister: Robbie Williams.....doesn't matter which song, just as long as it's Robbie Williams. We've had to clean the dance floor at times from her drooling everytime he gets played

TotalLunar Eclipse: "Crazy Bitch", it reminds him of Tensai Hilra.

Emilly Orr: If it's obscure and hard to find, she's going to ask for it. But, there are times that she's asked for a song that wasn't so hard to find. I think Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" is one she likes to hear.

Kattrynn Severine: I always save "White Winged Dove" by Stevie Nicks for her. If she's not at an event, or if she's running late, it gets saved for when she is there.

Qlippothic Projects: Assemblage 23's "Let Me Be Your Armor" is her theme song.

Other songs:

Pink- "U and UR Hand", the ladies get a kick out of this song.

Elvis Presley- "A Little Less Conversation"...ok, it doesn't get played every week, but it's a good song, along with the club version of Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb", to play during these events.

VNV Nation- A lot of good songs from this group.....but it's "Standing" that I always play on Friday Nights. It does remind some of a bad time in their lives, but they are seeing past the pain and allowing me to play it, since it's something that I enjoy playing

The list is always growing, sometimes changing. Depending on the events, I try to throw in a few songs to try to fit the theme.

Egyptian Night: I played the Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian" and Steve Martin's "King Tut"

I stayed with the fifties motif during the Sock Hop event.

Comic Book Night: I started out with Puffy Ami Yumi's "Teen Titans Theme", played Prince's "Scandalous" and "Batdance", the theme from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", "Particle Man" from They Might Be Giants, "Kryptonite" from 3 Doors Down, "Pocket Full of Kryptonite" from Spin Doctors, "Video Kid" from Birthday Massacre, "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies, Jennifer Saunders' version of "I'm Holding Out For A Hero", Nickelback's "Hero", "Take On Me" by Ah Ha, and "You're A Star" from Josie and the Pussycats. Some of these songs were requested, the others I think I surprised a few when they were played.

So, yea, I have fun playing the music during events. Twice now, I have dealt with people publicly complaining about a song that I was playing. Only thing that pisses me off about that is that it tends to ruin everyone elses fun. It's like they're too ignorant to realize that God created the volume control for a reason......