Sunday, August 17, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: Family And The Journal

Sheriff's Office, Steelhead City

Fuzzball looked up from his paperwork, and watched his sister enter the room. He got up from behind his desk and gave her a hug.

"I was wondering," he said "when one of them would get you involved."

Angelica smiled, "It was Purdie. You can't blame any of Steelhead for being worried."

Fuzz shrugged, "Yea, but it's not like I can't take care of myself. You were in Moldavia? Has the news reached the Old Country?"

Angelica nodded, "King Presley is wanting to send the entire royal guard to Steelhead to protect you. Papa wants to get the entire tribe here as well. Mama only wants to make sure that you don't try to handle this yourself."

"Steelhead, half of Caledon, and a few residents from New Babbage won't let me" Fuzz said, he looked behind her to see several tiny bunnies in Caledonian uniforms walk in. "Captain, how is your beloved Guvnah?"

The Captain of the Gun Bunnehs looked up and smiled, "He is doing well. He said that if you so wished it, some of us are prepared to stay in Steelhead and assist you in this crisis."

Fuzz turned towards Angelica, "See?" he looked down at the Tinies, "Steelhead's armed to the teeth at present. I appreciate the offer. In the meantime, you can have the prisoner."

One of the Sisters walked in carrying a case with a top hat on top. Fuzz pulled the cell key from his pocket and unlocked the cell. Doctor Obolensky walked out of the cell and took his top hat and placed it on his head.

"Now, Doctor" Fuzz said, "next time you come to Steelhead.....try not to tie women to railroad tracks." He looked at Angelica "I had to arrest him to keep him safe. Riven got ahold of him and started kicking his hide up and down Harborside."

Doctor Obolensky opened the box and looked at it's contents, he turned towards Fuzz, "All my belongings are not in here."

"Your weapons are locked in a seperate case, the Gun Bunnehs have it. The silver pieces you have.....stay in the Steelhead vault for the time being. Order of TotalLunar Eclipse."

"Curse you, Ortega." Doctor Obolensky sneered as he twirled his mustache. He turned as the Gun Bunnehs led him out of town hall.

Angelica nodded towards the exiting villain, "Was HE a suspect in the shootings?"

Fuzz chuckled, "Funny, isn't it? He did receive some silver bars, though."

"Yes, well, THIS isn't funny," she said as she pulled a newspaper clipping from her purse. "Before I left, this was in the Moldavian Guardian."

Fuzz read the article, then frowned. "Steeltopian Ambassador."

"And with that," Angelica said, "diplomatic immunity."

Fuzz shook his head, "Means nothing." He handed her the clipping, "Diplomatic immunity can only take him so far. Look, let's not worry about this. It's been a couple of weeks, no more silver bullets have been fired. There's an event tonight at the ballroom. We need to get everyone's minds at ease. Let's have some fun tonight."

Angelica smiled, "That would be great." She pointed at several cannonballs and piles of gunpowder by the wall under the windows "Just tell me, what's the meaning of that?"

Fuzz smiled, "Purdie installed shatterproof windows to better protect me. Tensai decided to put it to the test."

"Poor Willard. Probably didn't get any peace."

"Yea.....that's why he's going to the event, too. I told him he can swim in the punch"

The Home Of TotalLunar Eclipse And Tensai Hilra

Tensai waited in her workshop for Lunar to enter. She had placed her latest inventions aside as he asked, and looked at him.

"Ok," she said, "tell me, what's so important? Did you receive another message from one of those damned owls?"

"Purdie Uggla carries with him a paper that he calls 'Slightly Psychic Paper'." Lunar started to explain

"I know," Tensai interrupted, "he showed me. Used it on some residents of Tombstone and had them thinking I was the new owner of the land. That was fun........I'm not allowed to enter that town anymore."

Lunar smiled, "At any rate, the past month, it had been acting.....strangely, giving him news and sports scores from the future, so to speak. BTW, apparently Steelhead will have a baseball team called the Steelhead Salmons, that will be undefeated in 1975."

"You're immortal, be sure to put some money on them" Tensai suggested, "So, why is it doing that? Does he know?"

"He blames the Mason family and their time traveling. Screwing up the space-time continuum."

"Aaaaand?" Tensai asked, not sure where Lunar was going with the explanation.

"Few weeks back. Words started appearing on the paper, almost like a riddle. 'Silver Poison', 'Death of Law', 'Caledon Uninhabitable', 'One True Master', 'Look to boB'. He wrote the words down. Then he started having visions. Each vision describing each of the words that appeared."

"Silver Poison" Tensai whispered, she looked up at Lunar, "After which, someone fired at Fuzz?"

Lunar nodded, "He wrote the visions down in a journal"

"Have you read it?"

Lunar pulled the journal from his inside coat pocket, "I must warn you, this is.....very disturbing."

Tensai snatched the journal from her husband's hand, "He's seeing visions of the future?"

"Possible future"

"Then we need to know. If there's anyway of stopping this, we have to know."

Lunar nodded as Tensai sat down in her chair and opened the journal. She started to read, then looked up at Lunar, "Oh boy"

"It........gets worse."

To Be Continued


Hotspur O'Toole said...

Doesn't an ambassador have his credentials reviewed and accepted at the place where he is establishing an embassy?

Fuzzball Ortega said...

How does Joel eat and breathe and all those science facts?

Hotspur O'Toole said...

There I go again, thinking. It will be my downfall some day, I'm sure of it.