Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Little Doctor Who For You

With David Tennant's final adventure as the Tenth Doctor less than a day away (depending on when you read this), thought I'd share my favorite scene from "The End Of Time Part One". It's the last minute of the clip. (I'd suggest enlarging it)

Just two questions for Timothy Dalton. 1) Did you not want to wear the Time Lord head gear? I would've in a heart beat. 2) Ever hear of the expression "Say it, don't spray it"? (I jest, I jest. I loved that final scene)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Most Interesting Of Conversations

Reliable Barthelmess: Hi

Fuzzball Ortega waves

Reliable Barthelmess: I heard you may be able to help me find someone.

Fuzzball Ortega: I might be. I know many in the Steamlands

Fuzzball Ortega: Who are you looking for?

Reliable Barthelmess: Jobias Barthelmess.

Fuzzball Ortega: Why.........are you looking for him?

Reliable Barthelmess: My mother gave me his name. He is my father.

Reliable Barthelmess: I want to meet him.

Fuzzball Ortega drops the phonograph record he was going to put on next, "He's........your mother......I......HUH?"

Reliable Barthelmess: My mother was Nancy Sullivan. From Idaho.

Fuzzball Ortega: Well......there was this....airship accident. He was on the ship, but he was never found. I mean, ther's rumors of him still alive, but...umm...I'll see what I can do....

Reliable Barthelmess: How long ago?

Reliable Barthelmess: Oh no...

Fuzzball Ortega: Well, it was months ago, me, if there's one thing about Jobias, he always turns up when people least expect.

Reliable Barthelmess brightens

Reliable Barthelmess: Oh.

Reliable Barthelmess: You will tell me if you hear of him?

Fuzzball Ortega:'ve never met him, have you?

Reliable Barthelmess: no...

Fuzzball Ortega: Oh, well......I'm sure this will be a pleasant surprise to him

Reliable Barthelmess: Thank you for your help sir.

Reliable Barthelmess: I must go now.

Fuzzball Ortega: TAke care, Miss Barthelmess

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Subtitle Project

You've seen all those videos on YouTube where they take the scene from "The Downfall" and add different subtitles of Hitler yelling about everything from Blu Ray winning the Hi Def wars, to Super Bowl results, to the series finale of the second season of Torchwood.....just to name a few.

Well, here's my little ditty, posted on Steelhead's Ning, regarding Hitler receiving news about residents not going to move onto his new sim in Second Life.

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