Saturday, June 23, 2007

Voices Of The Past Part One

TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra have left Steelhead for a few days to visit family, this leaves me to assist Katt on Steelhead matters. It also leaves me being quite busy, as I've been asked to come to Caledon on occasion to help out with their werewolf matter. Thank Chaney's Beard that I've got the SWAT Team to help me out. Also, my airship, The Interceptor, is one of the fastest airships around, so, travel between Steelhead and the Independent State of Caledon shouldn't be that long of a commute.

And speaking of family.....I had received word that a cousin of mine and Angelica's has been wandering on the mainland. Purdie Uggla is a nice fellow, a bit uppity and prim and proper like.....perhaps he'd be best fit for Caledon. One great thing, like Angelica and myself, he's great at the music. Perhaps I could get him a job somewhere......

But then, there as bad news that I had received from the old country. Something that I've dreaded, a werewolf's nightmare come true..........

Jobias Barthelmess has escaped..........

(To Be Continued)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My apologies for lack of pics. Seems my camera doesn't do too well on The Grid. My thanks to my sister, Angelica, for providing the pics from Saturday's events.

Friday evening was the Hand Fasting of Christine McAllister and Edward Pearse. Although I was invited to the ceremony, I stayed in Steelhead to prepare the music for the reception. To find pics to the ceremony, try other resident's blogs, links to the left of you, Hotspur O'Toole has a slideshow prepared. Their ceremony was small, only a select few were invited, the reception, however.....everybody who was anybody in Caledon and Steelhead City attended. I was told by a few friends that I had impressed the Caledonians with the music provided....perhaps I may be asked to play for them one day.....perhaps not, one never knows. (Many of them seem to be wary of werewolves, what with one running around causing chaos.....and NO, it's not me)

Other than the joining of Christine and Edward, the highlight of the evening was the unveiling of Steelhead City's new Hotel/Ballroom, built by TotalLunar Eclipse. Lunar also built my new home, since I needed to have a place of Angelica and Patrick to stay when they come to visit, but this new hotel is an absolute marvel. I have not seen anything like it in Caledon or either Tombstone.

Saturday night, was our weekly event, I chose Pirates as the theme to the event. Tensai Hilra built the party boat, in a very short time, too.

Me, at my usual post, providing the music

A somewhat decent shot of Angelica, and a great shot of the back of Patrick's head. Also, behind Angelica is Miss Katt and Lunar's hair.

Furry Pirates pulled up along side of us and partied with us, too.

There were cannons aimed at Katt's house on Lighthouse Island.....I thought she was fond of that house?

Aimed at the saloon, too.

Due to certain steam powered complications, Qlippothic Projects was unable to arrive on time to start the event. Emilly Orr filled in for her. When Qli did arrive, Emilly offered to give her the hosting duties, but Qli declined. She had already decided not to reapply as Steelhead Host due to personal issues, and I suppose wanted Emilly to get some practice in....since Miss Orr was one of the applicants, as well as a favorite amongst the citizens. Our only concern, can Emilly handle running the Taiyou, dance at another place on the grid, and Lord knows what else, AND handle hosting duties for Steelhead, including advertising, announcing, talking with sponsors, etc.....I'm hoping she can, she's a joy to work with during these events.

Oh yes, one more thing.......I know that there have been many a person who have wanted to come between my sister and her husband. Well, there are two things one must remember. Firstly, such a thing would hurt Angelica immensly, and I don't like to see my sister hurt. The second thing........

.......ain't no damn way in all of Creation that you can come close to giving her what she's already got. Besides, Patrick's an ok guy. Family's approved him........Uncle Lonnie humped his leg, so you know he's well liked.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Birthday's Always Bring Changes

Had decided to celebrate my RL birthday on the Grid. Actually, it was an early birthday celebration, as it fell on a weekday, and EVERYONE parties on the weekend. So, with permission for Kattrynn Severine, we had a special event on June 2 to celebrate my birthday.

First order of business was getting someone special to provide the music, and nobody was more qualified to do that than my sister, Angelica. Then there came the theme to the event. Couldn't just do a birthday celebration, had to make it fun for everyone. The theme was Movies/Television. I sort of stayed in the western a round about dressing as Mal Reynolds from "Firefly" and later "Serenity". The final thing was a surprise for everyone. My brother-in-law, and keeper to Angelica's heart, Patrick Aderdeen sponsored the event, putting up the prize money for best dressed. It was double than what the residents were used to getting for winning an event. Edward Pearse won for best male for dressing up as a Ghostbuster, and Emilly Orr, who was dressed as Wednesday Addams, won for best female.

Edward Pearse as a Ghostbuster, Emilly Orr as Wednesday Addams, Christine McAllister as a ghost from Ghostbusters (I presume). Person in the back is a friend of Edward's, whose name eludes me at the moment

Addison Barrymore as a cheerleader from any given movie or television series featuring cheerleaders, think "Bring It On", and Finnian Fitzgerald as Spongebob SquarePants.

TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra livin' it up, Matrix Style
Unfortunately, we were unable to get more photos, due to the terrible lag storm, so photos of Angelica and Patrick are unavailable. However, all is not lost. Angelica has agreed to return to Steelhead to provide the music for an event real soon. I think it's something that has all the residents thrilled, as they've had a great time.
As for presents, there was the motorized scooter that Edward and Christine gave me. Emilly gave me a fuzzball avatar (yes, an actual fuzzy ball). Angelica gave me all sorts of stuff from the rather humorous (Watermelon gun) to the awesome outfit (I'll post a pic in a later blog). From Tensai and Lunar....well, let's just say that I am able to protect Steelhead City much easier than before, a present that all felt was well deserved. From Katt, undying gratitude for all that I have done to help Steelhead City out, which is something that makes all the other gifts pale by comparison.
In other changes, Allied Tombstone is slowly getting on their feet, with alot of help from Lunar. Tonight, Finnian Fitzgerald accepted the position as Steelhead Ambassador to Tombstone.
There are changes being made for the events. How they'll be advertised, run, hosted. Patrick sponsoring my birthday event was just a taste of what we had been planning. Even decisions on the theme of the events will be going through a change.
Changes are a coming to Steelhead, and I'm liking these changes.