Friday, October 31, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: Journey To Fusang Part Nine


The Lady Dushku docked at the village with no problems. Angus' crew remained on board, while their captain, Fuzz, Darien, Dogg, and Sideman stood on the docks. Darien, fluent in Mandarin, was speaking to one of the dock workers to get more information about the situation in the country. Fuzz looked around and noticed an old woman a few feet away from him, staring at him.

"I think she likes you, Fuzz" Angus said

Fuzz secretly made an obscene gesture towards Angus. Darien walked up to the group thanking the dock worker for his help.

"You know," Darien told Fuzz "we really need to better prepare ourselves for these matters."

"That bad, huh?" Fuzz asked "Surely we're not in a hopeless situation."

"H'sieh Lieng has control of land from Fusang, all the way down to the village of Hanxian. He's wanting access to the sea. Villagers in his way, they're either tortured or made slaves. He's got some dangerous mercenaries on his side as well. He's got ahold of some weapons to help, as well. Steam tanks and such."

Fuzz nodded, "I fail to see where you'd think we're not prepared? A typical Friday night in Steelhead sounds more dangerous. What about around here?"

"This area is under the control of Progressive Army of Heavenly Peace. The man in charge here is Warlord Feng. People here love him. Might be someone we can talk to, if we can get to see him."

The old woman walked up to Fuzz and motioning for him to follow her, speaking in her native tongue. Fuzz looked at Darien with a puzzled look.

Darien's look was also puzzling, "She says she'll take you to Kim."

Fuzz raised an eyebrow, then shrugged. Picking up Dogg, he motioned for the old woman to lead the way. She lead them down a narrow street, and pointed to a small building at the end. She then took the group inside the building and walked to a group of men, pointing at Fuzz and company. A young man left the group and walked to Fuzz, looking at Fuzz's clothing. He then pointed at the knight's head stick pin that Fuzz had put in the lapel of his coat.

"Where did you get that?" the young man asked, in perfect English

Fuzz looked at the pin, then looked at the young man, "A friend gave it to me before I left San Francisco." Fuzz then pointed at the young man "Wait, I know you. Few years back, when I was in San Francisco. You were the bellhop at the Carlton Hotel. 'Hey Boy', they called you."

The young man smiled, "Yes. You are the werewolf." he glanced at Fuzz's badge "And now you are a lawman."

Fuzz nodded, "The pin was a gift from Paladin. I guess he felt we had much in common. You're Kim the old woman was taking us to see?"

The man nodded, "My real name is Kim Chang. I have told many people about Mr. Paladin, she had thought that you were him. Have you come to help us in the situation with Fusang."

"It's a long story, but it does involve us having to go into that territory."

"Then there is someone you should meet"

A Camp Outside Of Kowloon

Fuzz, Dogg, Darien, Angus, and Sideman were led into a military camp. Kim Chang greeted some of the soldiers who walked by, he then stopped and motioned for a young woman to approach.

"Ortega," he said as the woman reached them, "this is Fa Ming. She is also known as Soft Paw of the Jiang Tribe."

Darien looked at Kim Chang, "So the Lycans are involved as well?"

"Not really. The tribes are all located more to the center of the Empire, but they are keeping an eye on these situations."

"If the situation gets dangerous, they will become involved," Fuzz said "A Lycan is a protector of the Earth. War is dangerous to Nature."

A soldier walked up to Kim Chang and whispered to him, Kim then turned to the group.

"Come," he said "he is ready to meet you."

The group was led towards the center of camp, where a large tent stood. Kim Chang led them into the tent. Standing in the middle of the tent was a regal looking Chinese man. His clothing showed him to be someone of great importance. The man looked at the group and smiled. Like Kim, his English was perfect.

"I am Warlord Feng. Welcome."

To Be Continued

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