Friday, August 31, 2007

The City Matures.

When Darien Mason was sheriff of Steelhead, the slogan he used for Steelhead City was, "You go to Sigil to get shot, Caledon for tea, Steelhead City to get laid". This always bothered me. Made it seem like Steelhead City was good for one thing, and one thing only. Mind you, his heart was in for Steelhead to get visitors.

Alot has changed during that time. Steelhead has changed. Changed to the point that the bordello isn't depended on being our main source of lindens. In the six months that I was appointed sheriff and TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra were hired as managers, visits to Steelhead have doubled than what they were before. On the second level of the Steelhead Hotel, is a picture of what Steelhead used to look like (this was after the Kokopelli was built after the art gallery was torn down). As you wander through Steelhead now, you'll see that it's changed greatly.

Very soon, the shops across from the hotel will have a new look, as will Melissa's Used Goods and Doc Wranglers. There will be a new town hall. The docks, I've heard, will be completely redone. Even Lighthouse Island will have a new look. Rent has also been doubled. Eventually, we're not going to be "The Cheapest Place To Live". The Old Steelhead City will be but a memory.

Soon, a new sim will rise from the depths of the ocean. Steelhead City will continue from where the road ends at my house, and we'll have "Steelhead Harbor" (may still be a working title, but I do like the title). Rent in this new sim will be more than Steelhead City's recently raised prices, I believe (and please don't quote me) that it'll be the same price on some of the earlier Caledon sims, or close to it.

We have always had the respect of Caledon (despite some communication errors that caused a few problems here and there), as well as a few other sims, too. The residents work together, acting as an actual bone fide community. Steelhead City has always been a place that has alot of potential, and now it's starting to show that potential.

Perhaps the slogan should be: "You go to Deadwood to get shot, Caledon for tea, Steelhead City to be with friends and family"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OOC Post III: Beta Grid, Plus Something Good Happened

Decided, what with all the problems I've been experiencing with Windows Vista/Second Life, to try my hand at the Beta Grid. It was ok, I suppose. Don't know what new things were introduced there......although the setup with the buttons at the bottom of the screen, the history box and the IM box was the same set up that the Main Grid had before voice was introduced.......not sure if that means we'd be going back to that set up.

While exploring there, I found one of the coolest sculptures I've ever seen. Check out this pic, tell me if that isn't cool.....

Then, I continued my struggle on the Main Grid. Something happened last night, not really sure. Maybe it was the fact that I had put Second Life in "Compatability Mode", basically changing the properties to where Second Life would be running under Windows XP mode. Maybe, it was the fact that, instead of clicking on the shortcut, I went under start and found the program and clicked from there. Maybe it was because there was a windows update that got downloaded, including two updates fro the Nvidia card, and they got installed. Maybe it's all of the above.

Whatever it was, last night, the computer did not lock up on me. I dealt with the regular lagging that we're all used to. At one time, I teleported home and I was Ruthed. After a couple of hours, I did relog, as I usually do, but for the most part, spent a good four and a half hours in Second Life with no problems.

Not sure if my problems solved, and I'm not jumping up and down with joy just yet. But it was a positive sign.......

Now........I have to deal with what I've been missing.

Friday, August 24, 2007


New PC purchased. Brand spanking new. Only issue....Windows Vista. Go in world, water looks pretty, the kokopelli statues look better than they did before. Only problem I'm having, after a bit, from one second to thirty minutes after arriving in world, the entire computer freezes up.

It has to be something simple. Maybe I need to take some items out of the systems tray. Disable some of those programs when I'm in world. I don't know. Found a page on the EA Games website about how to get some of their games to run on Vista if problems are experienced, wondering if that would work with Second Life? Funny thing, Sims 2, all it's expansion packs, and it's booster packs all loaded onto the computer with no problem, runs smoother, too.

I know my Irish friend Hotspur is experiencing problems, although I think he's on a laptop. I'm on a PC.....can't be the same problems we're experiencing? Maybe I need to adjust my preferences......I dunno....

But rest assured. I shall conquer Windows Vista. You will see me in world on a regular basis, again. So, be ready to cheer me on as I return.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

OOC Post: When It Rains, It Pours.....

Trying to finish up some important work on my computer last night before a thunderstorm coming through started to get worse. As luck would have it, lightening struck not more than a few feet from my house (I had my foot propped up against the wall facing outside, I could feel the vibration as it hit). Both of my phones were fried (quick trip to Wal Mart fixed that), and, despite the surge protector, lost the computer.

So.....not sure when I'll be back in world. Hopefully, shouldn't be long. At any rate, doubt I'd be ready for tomorrow night's event. Hopefully, Lunar'll be able to get that covered. I know I shouldn't worry about that, but it sort of bothers me.

At any rate, once I'm back in world, the Jobias Barthelmess storyline goes back into full swing. This'll be a combination of in world roleplaying and blog entries, and hopefully, it'll be alot of fun.

So, you guys take care. Don't cause any problems while I'm gone. I'll see you all soon.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lindens Pet Project Is A Bust, And We're Suffering For It

Had a special event tonight. Marking the 30th anniversary of the death of The King (That's Elvis for those not in the know). Had it all planned, Elvis trivia, music, just a rip roaring good time. Usual fun in Steelhead.
However, the all powerful Lindens decided they wanted to mess around with their precious voice feature. Five minutes after the event started, I had redmapped. I had thought it was me, it's happened before. I knew the music kept playing, so all I had to do was relog and continue from where I left off. After I logged in, I wound up in some other area of the Grid, as Steelhead was unaccessable for a few minutes. Everyone in Steelhead had redmapped at the same time. Never seen that happened in the past, but figured, "Ok, let's continue with the fun". After everyone was able to return to Steelhead, the fun continued. Not more than five minutes into the event....redmap. Relogged, wound up somewhere else, unable to return to Steelhead for a bit, happened to everyone. We returned to Steelhead, continued the event. Five minutes later.....redmap.
Three times. Three times, everyone present in Steelhead redmapped. I was frustrated. I said, in group chat that I was going to say the "F" word. Kattrynn Severine told me to go ahead. What I said was the following:
Turns out, this had something to do with the Lindens doing something with their little voice feature that they added.....the feature everyone hates. Tensai Hilra tried to contact the Lindens to see if they could resolve the situation before Steelhead's sheriff wolfed out and ripped a few throats out. Surprise of surprises, The Lindens cut off all communication so that not a soul could contact them.
Dear Lindens, your voice feature sucks big green donkey balls. The majority of the residents across the Grid do not care much for it. Matter of fact, you really want to improve The Grid for enjoyment of all that live there? How about fixing the problems that have we've been facing that none of the so called upgrades have touched. And don't tell us that it could be our computers, we're not as stupid as you think we are. Some of us have computers that'd probably put your personal computers to shame. Katt Severine pays for her sim, you should be taking care of people like her. Of course, you could continue to screw up this world you created, piss people off, drive them away.....then all you'll be stuck with is the corporations who joined Second Life for the sole purpose of getting the attention of the people that you're driving away. You also ruined my event which paid tribute to Elvis. I think you owe me a private island. There is no excuse to ruin peoples fun like this, and then not give them any way of contacting someone to see if it could be rectified right away.
Naturally, the Lindens aren't going to listen to me. But, you know, Miss Katt says she doesn't want her sheriff pissed someone tell the Lindens to get their shit together.
On a different note. Appears someone who can do evil better than The Lindens has been rearing his ugly head again. I'm sure that should excite some of you to no end.