Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Players Are Set, But The Storyteller Is Slow.....

(Thank you to an old friend who's posting reminded me that I'm behind.....and I swiped his idea. He can sue me later)

To the west and north of the Land Of Freedom, the Lycan sat in his home. He looked at the badge, a gift from the good people of the land he had sworn to protect, knowing that soon, the darkness would arrive, knowing full well that he could do nothing to prevent it's coming.

While elsewhere, the Nemesis sat in his lair as he plotted and planned. He looked at his watch and gave an evil grin. Soon it will be time for his return, and they may laugh at first, but afterwards, they will shiver.

In an unknown time, at an undisclosed section of space, the Lord of Time meditated in his Time Chamber, patiently waiting for the play to commence.

Back in the Age of Steam, the drunken madman leaned against the train station, bottle in hand, babbling of days that were long gone, as if they were happening now.

And the Mechanical Man sat, deactivated, unaware of events happening around him, nor of the big changes that lay in store for him.

While in the realm that many call "Reality", the Storyteller looked over this very entry that he had typed, and then cracked his knuckles.....

Right. First to finish the story with Wolfgang, then to continue on.

And thus, the story will soon continue........