Monday, September 8, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: Where Are You Going To Find An 80 Foot Clank That Shoots Pink Lightning From It's Eyes At This Time Of Night?

Tensai Hilra's Lab

Lunar ducked as the large spanner wrench flew past and hit the wall, knocking several steam driven devices off the pegs they were hanging on.

"Uh, Dearest," Lunar said, peering up from behind the workbench, "I'm sure it was a misprint."

Tensai's reply was a yell, and a kick to the telsa coil. As the coil hit the ground, lightning bolts flew out and hit the door to the work shop. As the door fell to pieces, Fuzzball stepped through.

"Yea, I know how to make an entrance." Fuzz said with a smile.

"Hello Fuzz" Tensai greeted, smiling and calm as she handed a copy of the Linden Times, "Maybe you should write another wonderful love letter to these idiots."

Fuzz looked at the paper, "Demons over Washington. I know that."

Tensai pointed to the editorial, "Read who the brilliant editor thinks should be assisting you."

Fuzz read the editorial, then chuckled, "'Perhaps,'" he read, "'Darien Mason, the Nation's Greatest Spark, should assist Sheriff Ortega in his time of crisis'."

"Nation's Greatest Spark" Tensai muttered, "I'm the one who destroyed Betagrid."

"Give Darien a break," Fuzz said, "I mean, he is a brilliant spark. Wouldn't say he's THE Greatest."

"Maybe 142nd Greatest Spark." Lunar suggested

"Don't confuse him with Irving." Fuzz said

The three bowed their heads in respect for the Western legend before Tensai looked up, "STILL. I'm here. I'll protect Fuzz."

"I don't need protection." Fuzz protested, "I've got enough with Angelica clinging to me, the Jaeger's and the SWAT Team stepping over each other, Purdie, the Europan Consulate, the entire town. I think, whoever tried to assasinate me might've been scared away."

"NONSENSE" Tensai shouted, an evil gleam in her eye, "You need to be protected. And I know what will do the trick. A clank."

"Gods" Lunar groaned

"I'm sure that will not be necessary." Fuzz said

"Oh hush," Tensai said, "I know what I'm doing. Not just any clank." she sat down at her drawing table, "80 feet, with pink lightning shooting out of it's eyes. Yea, that'll do it."

Fuzz looked at Lunar, "She takes this 'Greatest Spark' thing, real serious, doesn't she?"

Lunar shrugged, "Lost to that Heterodyne person four years in a row at the annual Spark convention."

Purdie's TARDIS

Purdie walked into the console room to find Angelica sitting in his chair. His journal in her hands and tears running down her face.

"I asked Koen to put that away," he said, "then some damned Mason emergency came up."

He sat on the footstool in front of the chair, "We will prevent this from happening. I promise you."

Underneath Steelhead Docks


By the time you read this, I'm afraid that I shall be dead. I know that you never cared much for me, having possessed Darien and such. But please know, everything I did, I thought was for the greater good. I do not ask for your forgiveness, but please, with what has been happening with the recent attempt on your life, allow me to do this one favor. Enclosed, please find an amulet. Trust me, it shall protect you. Perhaps we shall meet in another life. If so, I hope that we shall be comrades in arms.

Yours Humbly

Jobias crumpled the letter, then looked at the corpse of the demon messenger, silver dagger imbedded in his heart. Jobias gave an evil chuckle.

"Bloodwing's dead, and the Lycan is doomed." he said.

He looked at the amulet that was included in the package and gave a sneer. He put it in his pocket, then looked up at his henchmen as they came down under the docks.

"Dispose of that" he said, pointing at the corpse. "Make sure nobody finds it."

"And the Sheriff?"

"Send a telegram to Sid Weezul. It's time we put the silver we stole from the Steeltopian shipment to some good use."

To Be Continued


Darien Mason said...

I wouldn't call myself the Spark Supreme in this realm by a long shot. I'm just more specialized.

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

She didnt lose the competition she was sabotaged!