Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This Sounds Pretty Cool

In case you were looking for a a good Brooklyn-based tropical synth pop musical duo. May I present the Tanlines with "All Of Me"

Need to add this to my playlist

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For Eugenia

Gosh this is a weird feeling, being all cheerful and stuff. And I find songs that make me think of Eugenia, like this one by the late Davy Jones (with photos of The Monkees for the rest of ya)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ok, So The Whole Fuzzball/Eugenia Thing

Once upon a time, in 2006, when I first ventured into the realm of Second Life, an Second Life Relationship was attempted. Not going into details, but it left a bad taste in my mouth, and I vowed never to get involved in a serious relationship, again. Swearing to remain an SL Bachelor For Life.

In 2007, Eugenia Burton came to Steelhead. Eugenia, for those who didn't know, is a very flirtatious woman....and that, my friends, is a mere understatement. Mostly, she flirted with Herr Baron Wulfenbach, but on occasion, she did try flirting with me. Of course, I wanted no part of it, and even, one time, IM'd Lunar asking him to tell her to stop.

But, Genie is a wonderful person, over flirtatious that she is. Relay For Life weekend in July is not the same without her being there.

It was during the RFL Weekend in 2011 that I found out, from Mindy, that Genie thought I didn't like her, due to my avoiding her all this time. I felt very ashamed of that, as it was not the case, in fact, in 2010, I put myself on the auction block for a dance, knowing that it would be Genie who would be the highest bidder.

This year, at the Steelhead Salmons RFL team meeting, I asked for the challenge for when Steelhead raises a million lindens. After all, I couldn't think of how to top last year's challenge with "The Hair". One was I had to wear a T-shirt that says "The Baron Was Right All Along", as Baron Wulfenbach strongly believes that Steelhead has reached the point that raising a million lindens is very possible. The second was wearing a kilt for a year. Then, Thad and Riven suggested, "Fuzz has to marry Genie".

I realized then that, I didn't have to marry her, but I wanted to. Seriously, truly, without a doubt, wanted to marry Eugenia Burton. As I said, she is a wonderful person. Somehow it made sense, the quiet Lycan Lawman of the Steamlands settling down with the Flirt of Steelhead. There was also that humorous "50's Sitcom" side of it, where, due to Genie's funny nature, I would be the flustered husband dealing with her misadventures, I even developed a catchphrase "Confound it, Woman".

She had thought that it was only a yearly thing, from the Relay this year until the start of Relay weekend next, but I have assured her, I am hers until the Grid is no more and the last Linden crumbles to dust.

So, there you have it. Eugenia Burton becoming Mrs. Ortega, me being cheerful in group chat, and everyone.....I mean EVERYONE, excited about the wedding. It's not just the Steamlands, the Relay For Life group has talked about it, too. And with all the different time periods that's covered by the teams of RFL, this will be the Wedding Of The Centuries.

See you at the wedding in July

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, Trailer #2

All I have to say is.....This movie had better not suck. Well.....other than vampire's sucking blood, that is. The typist is already disappointed in seeing what Tim Burton has done with his childhood favorite vampire story, Dark Shadows, but he'll probably still go see it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yes, Giving Up The SL Bachelor For Life Motif

More to come, but for now, enjoy the pic of me and Eugenia Burton. We know that Lunar and Tensai are enjoying this.