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Steelhead Adventures: Journey To Fusang Part Four

In Which A Secret Of Angelica's Is Revealed, A New Source Of Energy Is Discovered In Steelhead, And The Lady Dushku Is About To Be Attacked.....And Not Quite Close To China

San Francisco, California

Angelica walked along the sidewalk, smiling and nodding as gentlemen tipped their hats to her. She stopped in front of a building and looked at the sign hanging in front of it.

She then stepped into the building. Inside, there were several desks around the place, each one had a pile of papers on one side, cases for the agents to work on. She walked to one desk in the back of the room. A small wiry man wearing large spectacles was working at the desk. He looked up and looked at Angelica, who produced a badge from her purse and showed it to the man. The man nodded towards a door on the left side of the room. Angelica walked to the door and opened it, inside the small room was a winding staircase leading down, Angelica walked down the flight of stairs and was in the offices of Pinkerton Intelligence....which much like Caledon's MI-5, doesn't exist.

A man in uniform walked up to her and motioned her down the hallway. He opened the door at the end of the hallway, and motioned for her to enter. The room was very well decorated, and very clean. Sitting behind a mahogany desk, sat an elder gentleman, very well dressed and his gray beard neatly groomed. He looked up, and then stood up to greet Angelica.

"Agent Trescothick," he said, smiling "it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Secretary of State James Blaine."

"A pleasure to meet you, sir." Angelica replied, curtseying

"Please sit." Secretary of State Blaine said, as the two sat down, Blaine looked at the papers that was on his desk "As you requested, the agency did look into matters in China. My duty to the President is foreign affairs, and what's going on in China, could cause an impact on American soil."

"Yes, Mr. Secretary. What I'm concerned about is if it's truly that dangerous. China is a very large empire. Could one warlord of a small sect cause that much trouble?"

Secretary of State Blaine smiled, "You'd think it wouldn't be. But as our own history has shown, the smallest things could lead to the largest consequences."

Angelica nodded

Secretary of State Blaine continued, "Pinkerton Intelligence have been working with agents from different agencies in gathering intelligence in the matter. Sir Edward Pearse of Caledon's MI-5 and Lady Amanda Smythe of British Intelligence have sent reports that show that this situation is grim. All agents have been pulled out of that country. At this moment, it's a powder keg, waiting to go off. Once it does, we may wind up in some World War. Those demons that flew their airships over Washington some time ago would be a cake walk next to what we may be up against."

"I understand, Mr. Secretary." Angelica said "I suppose I should let you know, my brother has gone to China, to rescue a friend who's been taken captive."

The Secretary of State nodded, a look of serious concern on his face, "I see. Well, everyone in Washington is familiar with your brother, and of Steelhead City, which we've dubbed The Crown Jewel Of The Pacific Northwest. If he's anything like the stories we've been hearing, I'm sure he'll be just fine. We cannot allow any of our agents to head into that region, even if it's to save one's brother."

Angelica nodded, "I understand, sir."

Steelhead City, Oregon

Lunar looked at the shipment of lumber that had arrived, a smile on his face. Koen sat on top of the lumber, telling Tensai the story he had heard while in Seattle.

"So the year was almost up," Koen said "all but one of the brides were married off. It had looked like those brothers were going to lose their mountain to Mr. Stempel."

"Oh that poor girl." Tensai said "I hope she finally got married."

"She's known as Biddy Stempel, now."

Tensai laughed, "The man who wanted the mountain, who tried everything to foil the plans, wound up marrying the last bride and lost the bet?"

Koen nodded, "Yea. And you thought Steelhead was strange."

"Wonderful" Lunar said, still looking at the lumber

"I know" Tensai said, "and very sweet, too."

Lunar looked at his wife, a puzzled look on his face, "How is this shipment of lumber 'very sweet'?"

Tensai looked at Koen, "He really needs to learn to start paying attention. Thought he was tired of being orbited across town."

Purdie walked up to the three, very upset. He looked at the three, walked up to one stack of lumber and kicked it. He then walked up to another stack, put his head on the lumber and shook his head.

"Something wrong, Purdie?" Lunar asked

Purdie looked up at Lunar, "She's been drained."

"WHAT??!?! Has there been a vampire attack?!?!"

Purdie looked at Lunar with a puzzled look, "What?!? No, I'm talking about the TARDIS. There's no power. Things have been so busy, I never got the chance to take it for refueling."

"Where would that be?" Tensai asked "Maybe we could get the TARDIS on an airship and...."

Purdie shook his head, "There's a rift, but it's in the 21st century. And Oolon is out and about somewhere, so I can't get a jump start from him."

"Well," Koen suggested, hopping off the lumber "Caledon has Cavorite, maybe that would help."

"Cavorite won't help. It's energy source isn't what I need to power the TARDIS....." Purdie stopped, then thought for a minute "unless......" he then looked up at Lunar, "Lunar, those mineral samples that were found in the underground mines last week."

Lunar nodded, "Oregon Sunstones."

"The biggest sample you've got, can you bring it to the TARDIS?"

"Sure, why not."

Purdie's TARDIS, a short time later

The yellow sunstone was strapped to a device, with several wires connected to it. The other end of the wires was connected to the console of the TARDIS. Koen looked at the mineral and then at Purdie, who was finishing up with the device.

"So...what did you find out about these rocks?" Koen asked

Purdie smiled, "They give off an energy signature. It's possible to use one of these sunstones to light the lighthouse on Lighthouse Island. Caledon has their floating rock for their airship industry, but we've got a new source of energy. In time, homes could get their light, warmth...well, any power from the Oregon Sunstone. But.....if it could recharge a TARDIS' power....that remains to be seen."

Purdie flipped the switch on the device. The sunstone started to glow, soon lights on the console started to flicker. Purdie laughed and jumped.

"YES!" he said "Koen, it's going to take awhile, but we'll have power soon."

Koen smiled, "And then?"

"China, of course." Purdie said, "And an adventure. NOT a word to anyone."

"I'm going to secret." Koen said, as he headed out of the TARDIS

Purdie smiled and looked at the console. From the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a dark figure standing in the doorway leading to the TARDIS hallway. He looked up, and walked into the hallway.

"Empty." he said "Must still be affected by Hotspur's mindlink."

The Lady Dushku, Four Days From China

On the deck of the Lady Dushku, Darien was showing Angus photographs of his children. Angus looked at the photos and then at Darien.

"Ye couldn't have little'uns the old fashioned way?" he asked

Darien shrugged, "Was fun creating Qli. And I will save her."

"Aye, lad. Doesn't matter how your family came to be, they're important regardless."

Angus' first mate, Sideman, ran up to his captain, "Sir, airships spotted off the starboard bow."

"How far off, Sideman?" Angus asked, as he got up and headed towards starboard.

"Five miles off, twenty feet above." Sideman replied "Four of them. They're small airships, maybe five crewmember on each. However, the formation of the ships is familiar."

Angus looked into his spyglass and looked at the airships in the distance, "Aye, laddie. Prepare the telsa cannons. Darien, you and your assistant get below. Where's Fuzz?"

"I've been giving him some medicine to help him sleep." Darien replied, "It'll help him get his strength back, which we're going to need once we get to Fusang. What's with the airships?"

Angus looked at Darien, a very serious look on his face, "It's the airships of Iron Paw. The most dangerous pirate furry ever to fly the skies. Now, don't stand there, go below."

Iron Paw's Airship

A cat furry walked up to his captain, a large bear furry. The large bear had lost his right paw in a fight, which was replaced with a paw made of iron.

The bear looked at his crewman, "Report, Mr. Thom."

Thom sneered, "It's the Lady Dushku, Captain Iron Paw. Just an old tub, probably has nothing of value."

"Nonsense," Iron Paw growled "it has a crew. Let's volunteer them to join us."

"Aye, Captain, and the Lady Dushku?"

Iron Paw gave an evil laugh, "Let's see if she's sea worthy."

Thom laughed, and gave the order to the rest of the crew on the other ships. Soon, the airships started heading towards the Lady Dushku.

To Be Continued

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