Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: Problems Begin.....

The sheriff's office was crowded with angry citizens. All talking at once. Baron Wulfenbach so upset that he was speaking in his native tongue. Mother Superior, of the Steelhead SWAT Team, looked from the citizens to the Sheriff, who was staring at the silver tipped bullet he had pulled from the wall of his home. It was one of several, one of which had wound up in the chest of his scarecrow.

The room became quiet as the Moon Elf walked into the room. Annechen Lowey stepped forward and looked up at the mayor of Steelhead (a title he refused to use).

"We need to do something," she said "someone has fired silver bullets at the sheriff"

"Silver tipped" Fuzz said, looking up

"Yea," Hotspur O'Toole said, nodding, "There's a big difference" he looked at Fuzz and raised his voice, "EXCEPT THAT BOTH WOULD KILL YOU!"

"Perhaps," Annechen continued, "the Jaegers could...."

TotalLunar Eclipse held up his hand to stop Annechen, then softly said, "This is a serious matter, yes. And everyone has every right to be upset. Tensai is about ready to demolish Mt. Steelhead and flood Severine Valley, she's so upset. However, this matter will be handled by proper means. That means, nobody will be playing vigilante and shoot anyone who comes into Steelhead City. That means the shotgun returns to your home, CeAire."

CeAire DeCosta looked at her gun and then pouted, "I never get to have fun."

"Please," Lunar continued, "return to your homes or businesses. We'll handle this."

The citizens slowly walked out of the office. Baron Wulfenbach stopped and turned to the Sheriff.

"Herr Sheriff," he said, "if the Europan Consulate can be of any assistance...."

The Sheriff nodded, "I'll let you know, Baron."

Shortly, the Sheriff, Lunar, and Mother Superior were left in the office.

"Jobias?" Lunar asked

Sheriff Ortega shrugged, "He hasn't been seen nor heard from in awhile."

Mother Superior tapped her ruler in her hand, "Who else could it be?"

"Jeremiah Mason," Ortega replied, "or someone who once served under him. I heard Qlippothic has been acting strangely, lately. Half the population of Griefer Flats. A werewolf hunter......Damned if I know."

Lunar looked at his friend, "You can't pick up a scent? Are you ill?"

Fuzz shook his head, "Mistletoe."

Lunar looked confused, "Mistletoe as in that plant Eugenia has in her hand as she follows the Baron around during Christmas?"

Fuzz nodded, "Throws off the scent. It's sort of like a 'Universal Werewolf Allergy'. Like Wolfsbane, rye, and Mountain Ash."

"Your cousin," Mother Superior continued, "has been rambling on like a madman. I've asked him not to add any more kindling to this fire. Claims to have these......visions." she stood in front of the desk and looked at the Sheriff, "What will you have us do?"

"Have a couple of the sisters posted at the train station," Fuzz replied, "get in touch with Eladrienne Laval, she has a list of known ne'er do wells from Caledon, New Babbage, and other places. Could be one of them. I'm really not sure."

"Perhaps," Lunar suggested, "you should sit this investigation out. Allow me to appoint a few citizens to help out....."

"No, it's ok." the Sheriff replied as he stood up from his desk, "I am Silverbane of the Children of Gaia Tribe. I was raised to be a warrior and a leader, and such a tribe member does not hide."

"You're also Sheriff of Steelhead City," Lunar pointed out, "and you are respected, not only here in Oregon, but all the way to the shores of Caledon. None of us will allow you to face this alone."

"Oh, Thank Chaney's Blood", Fuzz said, slumping over "I was so worried you'd walk away, letting me handle it alone."


"However," Fuzz continued, "until we get to the bottom of this, let's try not to let Katt find out."

The three turned to find Kattryn Severine, owner of Steelhead City and surrounding lands, standing in the doorway.

"WHO IS FIRING ON MY SHERIFF?" she demanded.

"yea," Fuzz finished, "Because the last thing we need is to have her worrying."


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