Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awesome Musical Interlude

Yes, I've got this and a few others in my music library, so it must might make it to a Steelhead Friday Night event.

Friday, November 18, 2011

For You Time Lord Fans Out There.....

The upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, entitled, "The Doctor, The Widow, And The Wardrobe"......No really.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Interesting Trailer...

Well, at least until I find out more about Lego: The Movie (no, really, Warner Brothers is doing a feature film based on Legos).

Anyhoosits, here's the trailer to the upcoming mini-series "Neverland", which tells about how Peter Pan and Hook came to Neverland. It also has Bob Hoskins once again playing Mr. Smee.

It'll be shown in the States on SyFy on December 4th and 5th, I believe. Not sure when it'll be shown elsewhere around the world. The company that produced this also did the mini's "Tin Man" and "Alice".

Loved the ticking at the end of the trailer, and the "Take my hand, Peter" scene.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Web Comic I Found

Dunno if anyone else had blogged about this, as I don't get around to the blogs too much, but I found this web comic that's pretty interesting.

From Greg Rucka, who's done work on such comics as The Punisher, and Rick Burchett, who's done work on DC's all ages line, such as Batman: The Brave And The Bold, comes Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether

Set in the world known as The Sphere, it's an empty open sky, dotted with lands of different sizes that seem to float in mid air. The story has everything you'd expect in a Steampunk adventure. Fantastical weapons, swordfights, airships, and lots of fun.

Full details are available in the About section of the web comic. So far, they're a few pages into the second part of the story, so it's not too late to read it from the beginning. And just to give you a taste, here's an image, featuring Lady Sabre, Marshal Drake, and his assistant, Drum, along with a few of the floating lands and Lady Sabre's airship.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Of Fuzzball's Musical Interludes

For those fans of Doctor Who that loved David Tennant's tenure on the show, this one's for you. David Tennant, Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate, Bernard Cribbins, John Barrowman, John Simm, an Ood, a Sontaran, EVERYBODY who worked on the show, and just for good measure......The Proclaimers......No really.

Hey, It's Not Too Late To Head To New York Before Halloween....

You can go to the Steampunk Haunted House. With the theme "Through The Looking Glass". There's no gore involved, but it's been reported as being a very unique experience

Of course, if you're more interested in having the schnitzkins scared out of you, then perhaps you'd go to the other side of the US and head to The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, in Long Beach, California. Three mazes on board the ship, two mazes off shore, 160 monsters, all the special effects you can handle and pyrotechnics that might make Tensai Hilra say, "Wow, that's almost impressive by my standards".

Happy Halloween, Gang.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This.....Actually Sounds Promising

Will Wright, legendary game designer and creator of The Sims, has now joined the Linden Lab board of directors.

It sounds promising for SL's future. Depending, of course, on what the company's direction is. Hopefully, he'll be able to take a hands on approach with the virtual world and give input on what to do to improve it. With the talk of introducing NPC's to the game, I think he's the perfect man for them to seek out and get tips.

Plus, anyone who forms a company called "Stupid Fun Club" is ok in my book.

For further info, check out New World Notes story, here

Also, Will Wright's biography can be found on the Linden Lab site here

Monday, September 5, 2011

Aurora The Film

A nice little Australian Steampunk film. Thirty Three minutes in length, three years in the making, $1800 budget....and yet, it looks more impressive than anything Hollywood churns out.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well THIS......Was A Very Nice Surprise

I had expected a few awards this year during RFL. The Ebby Awards, in regards to the event boards used to advertise team events (two of those, btw), and I was half expecting the award for "The Hair" that I wore, in the spontaneous fun categories (ironic, since last year, I received one for having a shiny scalp).

Two awards are the highest honors in the Relay For Life of Second Life. Spirit of Relay, both Team and Individual awards. They only give one award for the individual, which went to Passionate Redheads co-captain, and friend of Steelhead's, Daaneth Kivioq. Considering that he had a stroke shortly after kick off this year, and fought his way to recovery in order to return to SL and to RFL, and for awhile having to use voice as he was unable to type, the man deserved it.

The Spirit of Relay Team award, they have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place categories. The description for the award is as follow:

Awarded to the team that embodies the “Spirit of the Relay”. "Spirit of the Relay" includes an overall performance of the team from Kick Off to Relay Day. It is not representative of simply the amount raised. This award takes into consideration the "spirit" of the team, how they embraced Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society Mission, and the enthusiasm displayed. Also considered is the teams participation in Relay activities, as a whole, not only in their own but other team’s events, as well. Did they embody the ‘we’re all one big team’ aspect?

Award Eligibility Dates: Beginning with Kick Off Celebration and ending at Relay Event DayNominations to be submitted by: Relay Team Members and Committee MembersNomination Deadline to be announced via notice in RFL Volunteer GroupJudging to Be Done by Majority Vote. Judges: Awards Chair and Co-Chair, Event Day Chair and Co-Chair, RFL Chair & Co-Chair, ACS Rep, Teams Chair & Co-Chair

So, you see, everyone in the RFL Volunteers group puts their choice on a notecard, and the notecards are tallied up. Team Caledon got third place. Team OD got the first place award. 2nd place went to Steelhead Salmons.

Steelhead showed support in the RFL Volunteer group chat, those of us that were in that group. Some of us attended other team's events, and I'm not talking about within the Steamlands. Some of us helped other team's with their fundraising. And during Relay weekend, we stood at the Steelhead campsite and cheered everyone as they ran, walked, rolled, trotted, lagged on by. Basically, Steelhead was awarded for what Steelhead does best.....minus the explosions, but next year.......anyway.

Hearing the team announced as 2nd place winners was a complete surprise, I'm still in some shock of it all, as are many in Steelhead. Real Life interfered with alot of our plans, and most of what we wanted to do this year never came to light, and yet, we had made an impression on a lot of folks in the Relay group.

I always tell Steelhead that awards aren't everything, that there's a much greater purpose being involved in RFL of SL........but.....I THINK I can be allowed to be selfish, just this once. This is something that I'm very proud of, and something that couldn't be accomplished without all of Steelhead.

Next year's theme is "Time For A Cure". I think we can have fun with that one.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now THIS Is How You Do A Hair Challenge

Each year, someone on a Relay For Life Of Second Life team comes up with a hair challenge for their team. Raise X amount of lindens and......they go bald for a certain amount of time, they wear pink hair, etc. Last year, the challenge for Steelhead was to reach a certain amount, 400000 to be precise, and I'd go bald. We wound up with L$566000, more or less.

This year, I gave the wacky hair challenge. We made it up to the Platinum category, having raised over L$500000, and I'd wear the most outrageous, wildest, and wackiest hair available in Second Life.........boy, does Steelhead know how to find them. Ladies and Gentlemen.....and Lunar.....and Tensai......and Dwen......and Jobias......and Me......I present, The Hair That Can Crash The Grid....actually, it's only 255 prims:

Yup, that's me and my new hairstyle

The Lomgren Smalls Ballroom.

These help keep the hair from getting out of place.

Side view, with the blimps that also help keep the hair up.

The hair can be changed to different colors. Three different shades of blonde, three different shades of red, three brown, three black, plus Green, Lavender, Pink, and Blue. Including different styles: Princess, Gothic, Golden, and Steampunk (mostly noticeable in the ballroom)

I'm to wear the hair until Relay Weekend, July 16th, but may be willing to extend it for the right challenge. Of course, would be great if others would be willing to join me in this as well.....I mean, come on, it's the most stylish hairstyle in all of Second Life.

Hair, Rocco Fantastico Hairstyle, available at Curio Obscura. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rendervisions%20Isle/171/158/77

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Image Pretty Much Says It All

Thanks to Nabila Nadir-Peterman for making the image.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Musical Interlude IV

Here's the epic music that was used in the Doctor Who trailer

It's available on Two Steps From Hell's CD, Invincible, which IS available to the public. Some epic stuff there. Sometimes, the trailer music sounds better than the actual score in the film

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If Not For This Guy, There'd Be No Time Lords In Second Life

Wanna see something really cool? After watching the trailer several times, stop it at the 0:37 mark and check out the TARDIS console room

Thursday, February 24, 2011

RFLofSL Event:Salmons RFL Kick Off

RFLofSL Event:Salmons RFL Kick Off

Steelhead's first event for RFL of SL which kicks off on March 12. Join us

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Relay For Life Team Captain's Meeting

Relay For Life kicks off on March 12th. Captain's meeting was this morning. The audio is available on the RFL of SL website right above the YouTube video.

Pay attention at the 12:54 mark. Something important is announced

*edited several times until I finally got this post right*

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Interview With Rod Humble, aka Rodvik Linden

You can find it here:

Click the link and read it. If this guy stays true to his word, my "Love Letters To The Lindens" will be a thing of the past.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Eye Of The Storm"

I think the video speaks for itself

And here's a behind the scenes look

Steelhead General Store

Bringing the awesomeness of your Second Life visit into your real life

Steelhead General Store

Friday, February 4, 2011

Latest Addition To The Typists Blu Ray Collection...

I mean, it's got my name on it and everything. Obviously, the producers had me in mind when they were putting the package together...........

Ok, not really, I know that it's a line Han Solo says to Chewbacca in "Empire Strikes Back"........

Sunday, January 30, 2011

As If I Don't Have Enough To Worry About

At present, I'm in the city of New Babbage, staying a few days at the invitation of Lady Christine and Lord Edward. I suppose it's a good thing, seeing as how I rarely leave Steelhead.

In my absence, there are several in Steelhead who are keeping an eye on things for me, mostly nuns with guns, Tensai with explosives, and Jaegers with.....well, they really don't need anything to look tough, but hats make them look dashing.

Cousin Purdie came in his TTC (Time Travel Cabinet), to show me this photo (it's amazing how he can take pictures in color, he should share that technology with all the photograph businesses in the Steamlands). A mysterious figure on the mountain top in Boomtown.

I shrugged it off, but Purdie was concerned. He estimated that the figure was very tall, probably as tall as Lunar. He also said that whatever it was, it was not Human, Jaeger, Lycan nor Elf.

Nice to know I can spend a few days from home without worrying about anything happening in Steelhead......

Monday, January 17, 2011

Now We Shall See If A New Day Emerges For SL

Least I suppose we will.....

Tomorrow, January 18th (changed due to remembering that today is a holiday), is Rod Humble's first day as Linden Lab's new CEO, according to a few blog posts I've read.

Unlike the previous guy, Humble does have experience in the gaming field. So, maybe....maybe.....just maybe, we'll see some great things happening.

In other news, recently purchased a new laptop. Alienware. In world, at the ultra settings. Experienced no lag, no crashing, was in a room filled with people and experienced no problems. And this was with Alienware's least expensive (800 bucks) model....imagine if I was able to get the Alienware that costs around two grand

Finally, Relay For Life of Second Life begins their in world fundraising March 12. I've got a good feeling about Steelhead's contribution this year.

This might be a really good year

Monday, January 3, 2011

Evolution Of A Story Idea. Part One

It's epic. That's all I will say about the plot.

But, it was time. To sit down and try to get some serious writing done. For the longest time, I had the idea in my head, with additional notes jotted here, there, and yonder. The heroes, the villain, the airship. However, there was always the legal matters at hand.

The issue was, while I wanted to write a story inspired by the Steamlands of Second Life, couldn't actually use the places in Second Life as a setting, nor the characters. Legally, if I was to make money off of this story, I'd have to pay individuals for the use of their avatar names and characters, or the owners of the sims, if the story takes place in those places. I'm thinking I could get away with, as an example, mentioning Caledon in passing, but, in the end, it's best just to go original.

Only characters I had legal rights to are Fuzzball Ortega (The Fuzzball name is a nickname a character gives him in the story, due to her seeing him as a Lycan), Jobias Barthelmess, Purdie Uggla (except for all the Time Lord background), Old boB Ballyhoo, and K1 Footman. Only one other besides Fuzz is in the story, sure you can guess who.

Now, people will IM me and say, "Hey, it's cool, you can put me in it". But, to be honest, I felt it best to take an original route. Even if the way I describe the idea doesn't sound original.

"It's Jules Verne, meets 'The Magnificent Seven', with a little bit of 'Harry Potter' thrown in"

I also call it "An American Gaslamp Fantasy", but I'm not sure if I could use Gaslamp Fantasy without the Foglio's permission.

I do know that Steelhead Adventures hasn't been updated in awhile, an update will be coming, and I will keep it updated more regularly. This is my Real Life project, dedicated to the residents of the Steamlands of Second Life.

Next, the basic description of the characters, and you may find a bit of yourself in them.