Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ok, So Maybe ONE Linden Will Be Left Out Of My "Love Letters To The Lindens"

The typist has Torley Linden's typist as a friend on Facebook. No special correspondence between the two. Just every now and then, Torley will post wits of wisdom like "Be wishful for what you care for".

Most recently, Torley posted: Shanghai Commons Area: Torley posted a photo: Oriental Steampunk Communtiy in Steelhead Estates. Included in this was a link to his Flickr account, which you can find here He's also got the SLURL posted on that page with "Visit Steelhead Shanghai"

Then, when the typist made the comment about thinking that it was cool that Torley mentioned Steelhead Shanghai, Torley responded with: It's a gorgeous port!

Typist still thinks that's awesome.