Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well, It Ain't Exactly Like Gaslamp Fantasy

Lord Player used to go here with his family during the younger days. He wasn't aware that it had re-opened. It's a way cool place, a western themed town on a mountain top. Great place to take the family if you don't feel like dealing with the mega-corporate induced places in Florida.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Harborside: Welcome Home

No pics. Why? Because all you have to do is teleport to Steelhead City, and you can see Harborside from the trainstation.

Yup, it is now official. Steelhead has expanded. Still work to be done, bridges to build, trees to be planted, houses to be placed in lots. But, it's there, finally.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Harborside Phase Five: The Streets

Harborside Phase Four- The Land Takes Shape

Below are a few images of the land slowly taking the shape as it appears on the map that TotalLunar Eclipse drew up. One of them in Windlight.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Harborside Phase Three- The Stress Test

Daleks. Approx. 150 of them used.

The Bouncing Sheep. Well over 200.

Combination of Bouncing Sheep and Tensai's Nuke

Turkeys. About 100 were used

I am happy to report that after those tests, including a combination of turkeys and Daleks, we did not crash Harborside. Steelhead Harborside has passed the stress test.

Harborside Phase Two-The Island Is No More

Right before our eyes, Tensai leveled the mountain, and raised the land up where the beaches and sea were. Now, Harborside was a flat piece of real estate.

Next up, the stress test.

Harborside Phase One

Take a good look at these pics. Soon, this will be terraformed and become Steelhead's first expansion sim, Steelhead Harborside. Everyone is excited, and can't wait. As of this writing, Harborside isn't near Steelhead. Truth be told, it's a few hundred thousand miles away. Hopefully, the Lindens will push it into place soon.

Until then, we're all waiting, hoping that as we stand on the island, looking towards the direction that Steelhead City is located, that it gets that much closer.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wow, Santa, Thanks For Stopping By Steelhead Early

Well, it took some doing. Lunar and Tensai managed to become on first name basis with even more Lindens. Cutting through red tape with a weed wacker. Some utter confusion in the midst. But..........

Steelhead Harborside will rise from the oceans depths soon. Perhaps within a day or two. Everyone "Hoo". Most of you have been doing it since Tuesday. Now, Eugenia can have her farm, Myfanwy (correct later if I misspelled it) can have her treehouse, and Eladrienne can stop running over Caledon's Duchesses....Lady Eva's already under Ortega Protection because of that.

General plan for now, is to work on Steelhead's expansion every two months. Which is a good thing, because you get a chance to enjoy each sim before the next one rises from the oceans depths......and no, I'm not saying Desmond Shang's rushing through Caledon's growth (Hell, if I had five more sims to go before completion, I'd want to hurry). But this has been a long time coming, we're the last ones to begin expansion, but we're accomplishing everyone's dreams (especially those that have been here living in Steelhead for a long while).

Soon to follow with this expansion, the possibilities of more events in Steelhead. Which usually means someone wants a DJ......and I'm too territorial (it's a bad habit that I need to get out of, my apologies for being a greedy bastard......but it's fun). Eh, I should be ok. I've got the official Steelhead events. So, Nyah. ;-)

So, Happy Holidays, Steelhead. Enjoy our new beginning, it's going to be a fun trip.

(looks around to make sure Lunar's not within striking distance)

And don't forget to tip the Sheriff/DJ generously during Steelhead's events.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Dream Will Soon Come True

Harborside is close. Real close. The fundraiser was, without a doubt, a success. We managed to completely empty the pockets of several Caledonians. Several had wired donations to Lunar, Terry Lightfoot and Guvnah Desmond Shang being two.

Truth be told, if the donations Lunar received the night before were to be counted, Shirtless O'Clock would've started right at 7:00 and not 7:15.

I remember when I first came to Steelhead. It was a ghost town. But, there was something about it that made me want to stay. Thankfully, things changed for the better.

Oh, there was some bad times. Most of which I will not go into details. But, we saw it through, as a community.

How close are we, you may ask (sure, you may, go ahead). Well, won't go into actual dollar figures, but USD wise, it's not much. However, with the holidays and Lunar and Tensai having to move in RL, the RL dollars have to go elsewhere at present. But, hey, it's the season for miracles, never know what may happen. But, trust me, be patient for a little longer, Steelhead Harborside will be here before you know it. I think, after that, future expansions will be slightly eaiser. I mean, Desmond Shang does it nowadays by lifting his pinky (and not very high, either)

Lunar has a list of people who greatly deserve thanks for helping, all greatly deserve it. Hopefully all the hard work will pay off. I personally, would like to thank Mr. TotalLunar Eclipse for taking the task on Steelhead's expansion. I know it has been a real headache for you, but everyone, Steelhead and Caledon, greatly appreciates this.

Harborside is close. You can just about see it on the map. Hang tight, folks, it's all going to pay off.

Then, we'll pimp Steelhead Boomtown......what?!? Hey, I've got plans for the plot that I'm renting in that sim. Everyone's gonna love it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fundraiser in Steelhead

Yea, you'll probably be hearing about this in other posts, but here's where the werewolf sheriff opened his big mouth.....

TotalLunar Eclipse wishes to hold a fundraiser for Harborside this Saturday, December 15th, at 7:00 PM SLT, at the docks of Steelhead City. It'll be a three hour event, the theme is "Pirates". But, we're also borrowing a Caledon tradition, Shirtless O'Clock.

If I have my facts straight, there'll be tip jars set out for certain male individuals (myself included). Once the tips reach a certain amount for each jar, the males take their shirts off. But, I've added a certain extra for those interested.....

IF, someone rents a 1024 lot on Harborside at the event.....I'll go shirtless right then and there, and stay that way for the rest of the event (Human form not Werewolf form). IF all available lots in Harborside get rented out........I'll finish out the event in a grass skirt. Mind you, Lunar has to have the lindens in his hand for the land tier of the plot you're renting.

So, spread the word. I'm allowing myself to be embarrassed to help out Steelhead's expansion.....but it's been a big strain on Lunar, so if it helps, it'd be worth it.

Also, any male's who'd like to help out with the Shirtless O'Clock, allowing yourselves to go shirtless, let us know.

Friday, it's "Around The World" at the Kokopelli. Saturday, "Harborside Fundraiser: Pirate Themed Event With Shirtless O'Clock" at the docks.

Gonna be a fun week...........

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ya Feelin' Lucky, SteamPUNK?!?!

Steelhead City held a Steampunk event last night. Didn't take alot of photos, but I did get one of me using Diamanda's DJ rig. Really fit in with theme of the night.
Naturally, there were themed music.....well, the punk part, at least. The Ramones, The Casualties, etc. Diamanda had gotten me hooked on Korpiklaani, so that was played. Along with the usual sort of shtuff I play, along with the Xmas classic, "Christmas At Ground Zero".

The highlight.....watching the Conga Line stop in place.

After about two and a half hours, the combination of Second Life, Winamp, and Evil Vista (a product of Barthelmess Enterprises, naturally) was getting to be a bit too much for my machine, I had to stop and log off.....which gave Diamanda the chance to ask Lunar if she could stream for a bit, thereby continuing the fun.

I have finally been reunited with SAM Broadcasting, my old DJ program I had before the freak storm fried my old Aether Machine. Next step....seriously considering downgrading from Evil Vista. We shall see.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Somehow.....I've Been Tagged.....

Something's been going around the blogs. 8 Facts about you.....the real you.....criminal records can remain secret.....I think I said too much.

1) I'm a member of the Puppeteers of America

2) I prefer using my full name, making sure people know my middle name, Baum (similar to "Bomb")

3) I suffer from depression, along with a bit of paranoia.

4) Before coming into Second Life, I've had bad experiences with online virtual communities. When Darien Mason's player had told our email group about Second Life, decided to give it a try and came up with a name that, should I chose to leave, would be easily forgotten, hence, Fuzzball imagine if I ever did leave how people would feel

5) I had a one night fling with a married woman (and I'm glad it was a one night fling, she had more mental problems than I did)

6) I used to take IQ tests just for the helluvit, no rhyme or reason, just passing the time. Always felt that it wasn't really how smart you are, but how much common sense you have that shows whether you're dumb or not. For the record, IQ is around 170....unless I'm under a lot of stress, then it drops to a 130.

7) I have sketches of puppets, a set design, and several notes for a children's program that I'd like to have made and put on television. I do have a script, but I'm not happy with it.

8) If there was one woman that I'd like to be with, it would be Charisma Carpenter.

And there we I have to pick 8 people to tag and let them have their that case, TotalLunar Eclipse, Emilly Orr, Darien Mason, Christine McAllister, Eladrienne Laval, Annechen Lowey, Hotspur Otoole, and Amber Powalski...consider yourself tagged.

Here's the rules:
(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog

Ok? I'm done. Now, you kids get off my lawn, I just mowed.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

And Now A Plug For Harborside

You see, it's simple, Lunar's close to filling up Harborside. It can't magically appear until all available plots have been pre-rented out. So, send TotalLunar Eclipse an IM when in world and find out more information. We've got Desmond Shang, himself, working with us, helping us in Steelhead's growth (which has been a long time coming).

Also, it should be noted, that it's a 100% guarantee that once Harborside has magically appeared, a certain Jobias Barthelmess will return to make my life a living heck......and how many of you have been waiting for him to rear his evil head?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Steelhead City Changes

This may be going out of character a bit, bear with me. Fuzzball and The Player are working together to explain everything.

First, I'd like to apologize for the delay in the Jobias storyline. With the recent announcement of Steelhead's expansion plans, the building of the new town hall, and the appointment of new councilors, we've been busy.

Second, interest in Steelhead Harborside has been amazing. Hopefully, everyone will read the covenant and respect our wishes on how the sim is to look. The long term plan for Steelhead was to have up to ten or twelve sims, if at all possible, way things are looking with Harborside, we may be close to that goal by next summer, but don't quote me, may just be six by then.

Third, the overall layout for Steelhead, with all planned expansions, is basically a recreation of the Northwestern United States, Oregon in particular. Our problem being, if you check Steelhead out, Lighthouse Island, which faces the sea, is on the eastern part of the sim. I suggested to Lunar, since Caledon could be considered a colony of the United Kingdom, perhaps Steelhead could be the same. Simply sail west of Oregon, and eventually, you come to this American settlement, and that it's possible to still have that Northwestern feel to it. Another option, see the fourth part below, is flip the sim around. Lunar had another option he may go with, I was just throwing out ideas.

Fourth, it's quite possible that we may move Steelhead to another area on the grid. Lunar's plans for expansion would eventually bring it close to the sim Sleazywood. We may move, we may stay put. Hard to say. So, don't go around saying that we're moving. Nothing is set in stone.

Fifth, This was the reason for this post. How to advertise Steelhead. In the past, we were going along with the term, "Weird Wild West". It was coined by former sheriff/current doctor Darien Mason. At the time, it fit. Unfortunately, as I stated in a different post, the city matured. Oh, we still got the weird, but we needed something catchy that would bring in a curious person who's never been to one of the themed sims (Steelhead, Caledon, Antiquity, New Babbage, etc), and maybe want to stay. Naturally, there was Steampunk, just as Caledon, New Babbage, and a few others have been known for. But....Steelhead needed something different, and NOT because we think we're better. We would never act that way towards our friends from Caledon, New Babbage, Antiquity or related sims. But, you see, Steelhead is..........different.....

Here's an incomplete list of Steelhead resident. One manager (who WON'T wear the tag "Mayor", even though, technically he is) is a Moon Elf. The other manager, "Mrs. Mayor" (I am soooo dead), is our resident girl genius who likes to blow **** up. Our resident doctor, who has lived in Steelhead for over 12 SL Years (two years RLT), has a daughter who's a steam powered android (currently living in Caledon), a son who's a pus.....Neko, his family is cursed, and he also gets a kick out of reanimating the dead (although it's not allowed in Steelhead....."Mayor" said so). And the sheriff, as everyone is well aware, is a werewolf. best to describe Steelhead, since it's obviously more than just Steampunk. It wasn't until Herr Baron opened up the Europa Consulate in Steelhead, and I learned about the Girl Genius web comic (created by comic book great, Phil Foglio, with his wife, Kaja), that the term.....the proper term to best describe Steelhead City.....was discovered.

Steelhead City is a Gaslamp Fantasy. Gears, fantastic airships, mechanized life and Frankenstein's monsters. Journeys to the bottom of the sea and the center of the Earth, incredible thinking machines and lots of mad scientists--all with a lovely pseudo-historical flair! That was Kaja Foglio's description. She coined the phrase Gaslamp Fantasy. And quite honestly, the whole concept fit Steelhead to a T. Of course, it could also describe Caledon as well, but Steelhead does tend to show more of the fantasy elements. Personally, I think this is the perfect term to use when describing Steelhead, when advertising it.

Steelhead City has a future, and it's looking bright.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Adding dem dere links

I keep forgetting to add links to other journals......although most everyone probably has all the links already, but what the heck....

Eladrienne Laval recently accepted the position of editor of the Steelhead Anvil. Before, it was only available in world. Now, thanks to Miss Laval, it's now a part of the Wonderful Wide World of Blog. It'll be a monthly "publication", although I'm sure if special needs arise, she'll do a special edition.

The link to it is on the side here. Busy adding more aether journals to the list. More fun to come, stay tuned.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Expansion Will Soon Begin

I've received word from TotalLunar Eclipse recently, the plans for Steelhead Harborside has been completed. A 3-D map will soon be available of the new sim. This past year has seen some huge changes to Steelhead. All for the better, too. Miss Katt, herself, has expressed how happy she is to see Steelhead's growth.

Lots of people have wanted to see Steelhead grow. Chief among them, Caledon's own Desmond Shang. He had taken Lunar under his wing, and gave him lessons in Desmond Shang's Real Estate 101. It's nice to know that he cares for Steelhead.

Now, I don't think Steelhead will ever grow as large as Caledon. I'd say, maybe, ten to twelve sims total. Then again, it's all a matter of supply and demand. Never know where the path may lead. Naturally, this will all be a ways down the road, but it's great to see it getting started.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

CSI:NY In Second Life

Discovered the article in the Metaverse newsletter that I posted the link below. CSI:NY has an upcoming episode that deals with a Jane Doe being murdered, and she looks like an avatar found in Second Life.

For a clip from the upcoming episode (October 24) check here:

Oughta be interesting.

Steelhead And Caledon In The News

Scroll down to page 14. There's a very nice article on the recent Harvest Festival that Steelhead City and the Independent State of Caledon held.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Recently found letter

A letter was found in Caledon, dropped by the ever vigilant Caledon Postal Service.....rain, snow, sleet and hail may not stop the post office, but lag.....yea, that's a bitch. Letter was found, when it was discovered who it was from, it was brought to my attention. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, he's back. He's also seems to have done his homework.....

Dear Seigfried,

My faithful butler, how are things in the Old Country? I have found our prey, after all these years. It's true, he left the Old Country in order to search for his sister, the one born without that damnable curse. He has been many things during that quest. A war hero, a gambler, a, a town is foolish enough to choose him to be a lawman. Steelhead City, located in the Pacific Northwest.

This Grid is a most unusual place. One that definately needs better governing. Too many non-humans are allowed to roam the streets. HE has gained allies amongst citizens of The Grid, both human and other. I have watched them, and studied them, looking for their weaknesses.

I have travelled to the Independent State of Caledon....yes, the same Caledon of legend. His allied are in abundance there:

Lady Amber Palowaski, 15th Baroness of Baeurhoff De Caledon. A woman of magic. Through a few contacts in the Caledonian Underworld, I have learned that she has offered her magical services to him.

Diamanda Gustason, they have come to refer to her as "Lady Whoop-Ass". I have seen this with my own eyes, the woman is superb with the sword.

Hotspur O'Toole. An Irishman. Member of Caledon's MI-5. An enemy of The Dark Ocean Society (get in touch with our contacts in that organization, let's see what they know of him).

These are but a few. As you can tell, he has befriended some high ranking people.

As for Steelhead City, you will be receiving a seperate package, this will include all the information regarding it's citizens.

In particular, there's Doctor Darien Mason, son of Jeremiah Mason. Claims not to be like his father, and is an old war friend of the Lycan, they say, "Like Father, Like Son".
But, have no fear, my faithful manservant, my plans have been put in motion, and I will have my revenge on the Lycan, despite his allies.

Ortega will be disposed of, mark my words. Then.....well, as I said, the Grid needs better governing....perhaps world domination should start here.

Your employer and Master

J. Barthelmess

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oh, Come on, Second Life. Give A Lycan A Break

More redmapping. Become a regular thing in Steelhead. I hate it, not because it's screwing with events that I'm providing the music, but because it's what people are starting to remember Steelhead for.

Perhaps TotalLunar Eclipse might explain this in more detail.....even better if Tensai Hilra had a blog of her own, but this much is certain, Linden Lab has done everything, including moving Steelhead to a different server (more than once if I understood the conversation right), and we're still redmapping. Have no idea what's happening.

Something else that's weird.....I seem to have an early warning system when there's problems in the sim. Seems to be just me, as nobody else I've talked with has seen this. The columns at the Kokopelli Stage, as well as the outer walls on several of the buildings across town, start changing color, kind of a rainbow. Sure enough, when I see that, my stream starts screwing up or the sim will redmap.

As for the stream, having only one computer, I'm not aware of songs skipping or knowing that there are problems hearing the music unless someone tells me......or some asshole is rude about it. Let me assure you, a huge percentage of that issue is due to the problems Steelhead has been facing, a smaller percentage is me having to stream using Winamp (I had SAM by means other than paying for the full version, and lost it when the old computer fried) with Windows Vista (which I think is the reason I'm getting the early warning system scenario, while nobody else is).

I've got a gut feeling that when Steelhead Harborside rises from the depths, and we had several events over there, there would be no issues with the stream. As far as the issues in Steelhead City.......we must be patient. We have two of the best managers in all of The Grid, even though they are frustrated by these circumstances, they haven't given up. We'll get to the bottom of this. As the old saying goes, "Caledon Wasn't Built In A Day"

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Preparing The Storylines

I've put it off long enough. Time to head back into the roleplaying aspect of Second Life. Vista seems stable enough for me to get back into the swing of things.

Have to make a few more IM's contact a person or two, and the Jobias storyline goes back into full swing. Steelhead and parts of Caledon will be used as settings, most of it in blog entries across the aether. I've decided to wait until after the Harvest Festival, though.

After that, Cousin Purdie will be taking the spotlight. Few surprises in that respect, mostly this'll be blog entries, with Purdie getting his own blog (ooooo, a spin off series). I made arrangements in Steelhead for this......and when showing Lunar and Tensai something that'll play a major role in that storyline, Tensai took great interest in that thing that I showed them....far as I know, it'll lead to nothing dangerous. She may start to get very creative in a build, though. Trust me, it'll be fun. Not every idea I give her leads to something or someone being destroyed......

Aaaaaaaand after that.....who knows. May come up with something else, may take a part in someone else's adventure. Let's see where the fun'll lead us.

Friday, August 31, 2007

The City Matures.

When Darien Mason was sheriff of Steelhead, the slogan he used for Steelhead City was, "You go to Sigil to get shot, Caledon for tea, Steelhead City to get laid". This always bothered me. Made it seem like Steelhead City was good for one thing, and one thing only. Mind you, his heart was in for Steelhead to get visitors.

Alot has changed during that time. Steelhead has changed. Changed to the point that the bordello isn't depended on being our main source of lindens. In the six months that I was appointed sheriff and TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra were hired as managers, visits to Steelhead have doubled than what they were before. On the second level of the Steelhead Hotel, is a picture of what Steelhead used to look like (this was after the Kokopelli was built after the art gallery was torn down). As you wander through Steelhead now, you'll see that it's changed greatly.

Very soon, the shops across from the hotel will have a new look, as will Melissa's Used Goods and Doc Wranglers. There will be a new town hall. The docks, I've heard, will be completely redone. Even Lighthouse Island will have a new look. Rent has also been doubled. Eventually, we're not going to be "The Cheapest Place To Live". The Old Steelhead City will be but a memory.

Soon, a new sim will rise from the depths of the ocean. Steelhead City will continue from where the road ends at my house, and we'll have "Steelhead Harbor" (may still be a working title, but I do like the title). Rent in this new sim will be more than Steelhead City's recently raised prices, I believe (and please don't quote me) that it'll be the same price on some of the earlier Caledon sims, or close to it.

We have always had the respect of Caledon (despite some communication errors that caused a few problems here and there), as well as a few other sims, too. The residents work together, acting as an actual bone fide community. Steelhead City has always been a place that has alot of potential, and now it's starting to show that potential.

Perhaps the slogan should be: "You go to Deadwood to get shot, Caledon for tea, Steelhead City to be with friends and family"

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OOC Post III: Beta Grid, Plus Something Good Happened

Decided, what with all the problems I've been experiencing with Windows Vista/Second Life, to try my hand at the Beta Grid. It was ok, I suppose. Don't know what new things were introduced there......although the setup with the buttons at the bottom of the screen, the history box and the IM box was the same set up that the Main Grid had before voice was introduced.......not sure if that means we'd be going back to that set up.

While exploring there, I found one of the coolest sculptures I've ever seen. Check out this pic, tell me if that isn't cool.....

Then, I continued my struggle on the Main Grid. Something happened last night, not really sure. Maybe it was the fact that I had put Second Life in "Compatability Mode", basically changing the properties to where Second Life would be running under Windows XP mode. Maybe, it was the fact that, instead of clicking on the shortcut, I went under start and found the program and clicked from there. Maybe it was because there was a windows update that got downloaded, including two updates fro the Nvidia card, and they got installed. Maybe it's all of the above.

Whatever it was, last night, the computer did not lock up on me. I dealt with the regular lagging that we're all used to. At one time, I teleported home and I was Ruthed. After a couple of hours, I did relog, as I usually do, but for the most part, spent a good four and a half hours in Second Life with no problems.

Not sure if my problems solved, and I'm not jumping up and down with joy just yet. But it was a positive sign.......

Now........I have to deal with what I've been missing.

Friday, August 24, 2007


New PC purchased. Brand spanking new. Only issue....Windows Vista. Go in world, water looks pretty, the kokopelli statues look better than they did before. Only problem I'm having, after a bit, from one second to thirty minutes after arriving in world, the entire computer freezes up.

It has to be something simple. Maybe I need to take some items out of the systems tray. Disable some of those programs when I'm in world. I don't know. Found a page on the EA Games website about how to get some of their games to run on Vista if problems are experienced, wondering if that would work with Second Life? Funny thing, Sims 2, all it's expansion packs, and it's booster packs all loaded onto the computer with no problem, runs smoother, too.

I know my Irish friend Hotspur is experiencing problems, although I think he's on a laptop. I'm on a PC.....can't be the same problems we're experiencing? Maybe I need to adjust my preferences......I dunno....

But rest assured. I shall conquer Windows Vista. You will see me in world on a regular basis, again. So, be ready to cheer me on as I return.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

OOC Post: When It Rains, It Pours.....

Trying to finish up some important work on my computer last night before a thunderstorm coming through started to get worse. As luck would have it, lightening struck not more than a few feet from my house (I had my foot propped up against the wall facing outside, I could feel the vibration as it hit). Both of my phones were fried (quick trip to Wal Mart fixed that), and, despite the surge protector, lost the computer.

So.....not sure when I'll be back in world. Hopefully, shouldn't be long. At any rate, doubt I'd be ready for tomorrow night's event. Hopefully, Lunar'll be able to get that covered. I know I shouldn't worry about that, but it sort of bothers me.

At any rate, once I'm back in world, the Jobias Barthelmess storyline goes back into full swing. This'll be a combination of in world roleplaying and blog entries, and hopefully, it'll be alot of fun.

So, you guys take care. Don't cause any problems while I'm gone. I'll see you all soon.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lindens Pet Project Is A Bust, And We're Suffering For It

Had a special event tonight. Marking the 30th anniversary of the death of The King (That's Elvis for those not in the know). Had it all planned, Elvis trivia, music, just a rip roaring good time. Usual fun in Steelhead.
However, the all powerful Lindens decided they wanted to mess around with their precious voice feature. Five minutes after the event started, I had redmapped. I had thought it was me, it's happened before. I knew the music kept playing, so all I had to do was relog and continue from where I left off. After I logged in, I wound up in some other area of the Grid, as Steelhead was unaccessable for a few minutes. Everyone in Steelhead had redmapped at the same time. Never seen that happened in the past, but figured, "Ok, let's continue with the fun". After everyone was able to return to Steelhead, the fun continued. Not more than five minutes into the event....redmap. Relogged, wound up somewhere else, unable to return to Steelhead for a bit, happened to everyone. We returned to Steelhead, continued the event. Five minutes later.....redmap.
Three times. Three times, everyone present in Steelhead redmapped. I was frustrated. I said, in group chat that I was going to say the "F" word. Kattrynn Severine told me to go ahead. What I said was the following:
Turns out, this had something to do with the Lindens doing something with their little voice feature that they added.....the feature everyone hates. Tensai Hilra tried to contact the Lindens to see if they could resolve the situation before Steelhead's sheriff wolfed out and ripped a few throats out. Surprise of surprises, The Lindens cut off all communication so that not a soul could contact them.
Dear Lindens, your voice feature sucks big green donkey balls. The majority of the residents across the Grid do not care much for it. Matter of fact, you really want to improve The Grid for enjoyment of all that live there? How about fixing the problems that have we've been facing that none of the so called upgrades have touched. And don't tell us that it could be our computers, we're not as stupid as you think we are. Some of us have computers that'd probably put your personal computers to shame. Katt Severine pays for her sim, you should be taking care of people like her. Of course, you could continue to screw up this world you created, piss people off, drive them away.....then all you'll be stuck with is the corporations who joined Second Life for the sole purpose of getting the attention of the people that you're driving away. You also ruined my event which paid tribute to Elvis. I think you owe me a private island. There is no excuse to ruin peoples fun like this, and then not give them any way of contacting someone to see if it could be rectified right away.
Naturally, the Lindens aren't going to listen to me. But, you know, Miss Katt says she doesn't want her sheriff pissed someone tell the Lindens to get their shit together.
On a different note. Appears someone who can do evil better than The Lindens has been rearing his ugly head again. I'm sure that should excite some of you to no end.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

For the's not because of Jobias....

Due to off Grid business.....some nasty little demon that many refer to as Real Life......I will not be able to provide music for events in Steelhead City for the next couple of months. But, not to fret, all is in good hands.......

TotalLunar Eclipse and I have been discussing possibilities of having "Guest DJ's" perform in Steelhead, and, albeit unfortunate on my part, this gives us the chance to showcase different DJ's.

July 27th's event, which is "Robot Rampage", my sister, Angelica, will be providing the music. She is an incredible DJ, and if you haven't been to one of her sessions, you should be in Steelhead. Trust me, you won't be disappointed, as the owner of Three Lions Pub used to put in his announcements when Sis played there, "If there's something you want to hear, chances are Angelica's got it".

We've also gotten messages from Red Caliber and Foxxy Innis for helping out. Finnian Fitzgerald has volunteered to help out. Sir Edward is usually busy sometimes, having to come into some of the events at a later time, but if I'm sure if he could arrange it, he'd pitch in one night. And, of course, TotalLunar and Tensai both can bring the music to Steelhead.

Naturally, this is until after the first weekend in October......then Fuzz is back on the scene. Also been having some issues with playing the music (either it's skipping or it'll stop altogether), hopefully, I'll have it all worked out by the time I'm able to play the music again (Brother in Law suggested it's the music stream, seems they've run into that problem in the past...we'll see).

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Out Of Character Post....Got a movie for ya's...

Well, it's not Steampunk/Victorian Era/Western related, but a RL friend of mine did this short film. It's pretty cool to watch, thought I'd share. Be perfect for Halloween, though.......

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And I Spoke Too Soon.......

I heard from different people. Edward Pearse saw Jobias Barthelmess in Kittiwikshire. There was also messages from people that he was seen in varioius other places in Caledon. I received telegrams from Tombstone and New Babbage. Jobias was in these places. And yes, he was in Steelhead.

TotalLunar Eclipse saw him across the street from the sheriff's office. Qlippothic Projects, who was close by, also walked towards him. He did nothing, just carried on a conversation, commenting on the town, it's build and all. Which was amazing, in itself. If it's not human, Jobias has no use for it. He hates Lycans with a passion, but I'm sure that he has no love for elves, furries, or steam powered androids.

Messages with offers of help continue to head my way. I appreciate it, very much. Remember, though, Barthelmess is a very dangerous man. If you meet up with him, be extremely careful not to provoke him. This is a man who overthrew a kingdom. Who's to say that he won't try the same here on The Grid?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

As If My Week Couldn't Get Any Worse.....

Steelhead Anvil's photographer, Poul A. Roid, was taking different pics in various places in Steelhead City for Lunar's museum he's placing on the second floor of the hotel. He took this photo near my house. Note the figure hiding in the trees.....

I pray that it's just someone who's birdwatching.....................

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Out Of Character Post.....

But, it's kind of related to Second Life. In December, New Line Cinema will be releasing a film called "The Golden Compass", that's the US title, I think in the UK, it's going by the title of the book in which the film is based, "The Northern Lights". It takes place in a parallel universe, where a person's soul lives outside their body in a form of an animal spirit, called a "daemon". However, the reason I'm mentioning it in this blog, watching the trailer, I can't help but think of Caledon, Steelhead City, and other similar places in Second Life.

I know I'm planning on seeing the film the weekend it's released, and I'm sure that other residents who make their home in Caledon, New Babbage, and Steelhead City, among others, will be watching this film as well. There may be even some new vehicles introduced into Second Life, based off of the ones featured in the film. I know a carriage I saw in the trailer would be one of those things Caledonians will want in their inventory.

Check out the film's website:

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Voices of the Past. Part Two

What an interesting week it's been. I was in Caledon visiting Sir Edward Pearse as he was preparing for some military games, when all of Caledon came under attack from mechanical beasts. Turns out, they were from Mars and they had their sights set on conquering the Grid. Stupid me, being there unarmed, was helpless, even in wolf form, to assist in the fighting. I did prepare the Interceptor to take any seriously wounded out of harms way, but the airship was fired upon by the invaders, and suffered serious damage (fortunately, after alot of hard work and countless lindens spent on supplies, she's good as new and flying again).

While in Caledon Tam, I walked from behind a tree and turned to find myself facing one of the aliens. The barrel of it's weapon was aimed straight at me. Amazingly, like something out of a dime novel, Hotspur O'Toole rounded a corner and, seeing the predicament I was in, got the aliens attention, allowing me to make a quick getaway. Eventually, Caledon was victorious, and the invaders were vanquished.

The following night, at the Steelhead Saloon, I sat at one of the tables with TotalLunar Eclipse, Hotspur, and Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse. Angelica had set Lunar a telegram, worried about me because of news from our home country in regards of Jobias Barthelmess escaping. So, I told them the tale, which I now put down into this blog:

It was twenty years ago, after our wolf tribe had accepted me as a warrior, that Jobias Barthelmess overthrew the King Vladimire, monarch of the country. Jobias was an evil, twisted man, whose only thought was that of dominating all. He especially hated all werebeasts, and ordered his army of henchmen to hunt all of us. The wolves and the cats had set aside their differences in order to stop the slaughter, with other werebeasts joining us.

We managed to get inside the courtyard of the palace. The human and furry citizens who valued freedom joined us. Silver bullets were fired on all of us. A few of my fellow Lycan were felled by silver tipped arrows. A wereboar ran ahead of me, knocking several of the henchmen aside. As he was stabbed by several silver daggers, I lept over the fray and climbed up the palace walls.

Jobias was alone. I suppose arrogance clouds ones judgement, and Jobias was an extremely arrogant soul. We never spoke to each other. Simply stared. He then pulled out a pistol, I quickly jumped to one side of the throne room and removed a shield that was hanging there. Using it as a discus, I flung it towards Jobias. It hit him in the hand holding the gun. He screamed in pain and dropped to his knees. I leaped over and grabbed him by the neck.

Down below, the army of henchmen looked up to see their fearless leader screaming, as a werewolf held him over a balcony. The battle was over.

Later, I had reverted to human form and watched as the king's guards were escorting Jobias away. He gave me a look that sent chills down my spine. The King decreed that Jobias was to spend the rest of his life on Devil's Crag, a rock of an island that housed the prison. The currents of the ocean were extremely strong, and no creature could swim it. The reef was also very sharp and dangerous that the only way on the island was by airship. In a nutshell, escaping was somewhat impossible.......or so it was thought.

Now, we've recieved word that Jobias did, indeed, escape. He and several prisoners were able to hijack the supply airship, taking a few hostages with them. The hostages were found a few days later. Amazingly, they were unharmed. The authorities were able to track down the other prisoners, who were hiding in various places across the country, but Jobias wasn't found. My father feared that Jobias is searching for me, to exact his revenge.

Despite that, I shouldn't worry. After all, I was hired to be sheriff of Steelhead City for a very good reason, more than just looking damn good in a cowboy suit. But, a part of me is being very wary. I'm seeing things out of the corner of my eye, quickly turning when I hear a noise behind me. Jobias is a devious conniving individual. If he is truly coming to exact his revenge on me, I have to stay focused. There's no telling what he may do, or where he may strike.

Last Known Photo of Jobias Barthelmess

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Voices Of The Past Part One

TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra have left Steelhead for a few days to visit family, this leaves me to assist Katt on Steelhead matters. It also leaves me being quite busy, as I've been asked to come to Caledon on occasion to help out with their werewolf matter. Thank Chaney's Beard that I've got the SWAT Team to help me out. Also, my airship, The Interceptor, is one of the fastest airships around, so, travel between Steelhead and the Independent State of Caledon shouldn't be that long of a commute.

And speaking of family.....I had received word that a cousin of mine and Angelica's has been wandering on the mainland. Purdie Uggla is a nice fellow, a bit uppity and prim and proper like.....perhaps he'd be best fit for Caledon. One great thing, like Angelica and myself, he's great at the music. Perhaps I could get him a job somewhere......

But then, there as bad news that I had received from the old country. Something that I've dreaded, a werewolf's nightmare come true..........

Jobias Barthelmess has escaped..........

(To Be Continued)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My apologies for lack of pics. Seems my camera doesn't do too well on The Grid. My thanks to my sister, Angelica, for providing the pics from Saturday's events.

Friday evening was the Hand Fasting of Christine McAllister and Edward Pearse. Although I was invited to the ceremony, I stayed in Steelhead to prepare the music for the reception. To find pics to the ceremony, try other resident's blogs, links to the left of you, Hotspur O'Toole has a slideshow prepared. Their ceremony was small, only a select few were invited, the reception, however.....everybody who was anybody in Caledon and Steelhead City attended. I was told by a few friends that I had impressed the Caledonians with the music provided....perhaps I may be asked to play for them one day.....perhaps not, one never knows. (Many of them seem to be wary of werewolves, what with one running around causing chaos.....and NO, it's not me)

Other than the joining of Christine and Edward, the highlight of the evening was the unveiling of Steelhead City's new Hotel/Ballroom, built by TotalLunar Eclipse. Lunar also built my new home, since I needed to have a place of Angelica and Patrick to stay when they come to visit, but this new hotel is an absolute marvel. I have not seen anything like it in Caledon or either Tombstone.

Saturday night, was our weekly event, I chose Pirates as the theme to the event. Tensai Hilra built the party boat, in a very short time, too.

Me, at my usual post, providing the music

A somewhat decent shot of Angelica, and a great shot of the back of Patrick's head. Also, behind Angelica is Miss Katt and Lunar's hair.

Furry Pirates pulled up along side of us and partied with us, too.

There were cannons aimed at Katt's house on Lighthouse Island.....I thought she was fond of that house?

Aimed at the saloon, too.

Due to certain steam powered complications, Qlippothic Projects was unable to arrive on time to start the event. Emilly Orr filled in for her. When Qli did arrive, Emilly offered to give her the hosting duties, but Qli declined. She had already decided not to reapply as Steelhead Host due to personal issues, and I suppose wanted Emilly to get some practice in....since Miss Orr was one of the applicants, as well as a favorite amongst the citizens. Our only concern, can Emilly handle running the Taiyou, dance at another place on the grid, and Lord knows what else, AND handle hosting duties for Steelhead, including advertising, announcing, talking with sponsors, etc.....I'm hoping she can, she's a joy to work with during these events.

Oh yes, one more thing.......I know that there have been many a person who have wanted to come between my sister and her husband. Well, there are two things one must remember. Firstly, such a thing would hurt Angelica immensly, and I don't like to see my sister hurt. The second thing........

.......ain't no damn way in all of Creation that you can come close to giving her what she's already got. Besides, Patrick's an ok guy. Family's approved him........Uncle Lonnie humped his leg, so you know he's well liked.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Birthday's Always Bring Changes

Had decided to celebrate my RL birthday on the Grid. Actually, it was an early birthday celebration, as it fell on a weekday, and EVERYONE parties on the weekend. So, with permission for Kattrynn Severine, we had a special event on June 2 to celebrate my birthday.

First order of business was getting someone special to provide the music, and nobody was more qualified to do that than my sister, Angelica. Then there came the theme to the event. Couldn't just do a birthday celebration, had to make it fun for everyone. The theme was Movies/Television. I sort of stayed in the western a round about dressing as Mal Reynolds from "Firefly" and later "Serenity". The final thing was a surprise for everyone. My brother-in-law, and keeper to Angelica's heart, Patrick Aderdeen sponsored the event, putting up the prize money for best dressed. It was double than what the residents were used to getting for winning an event. Edward Pearse won for best male for dressing up as a Ghostbuster, and Emilly Orr, who was dressed as Wednesday Addams, won for best female.

Edward Pearse as a Ghostbuster, Emilly Orr as Wednesday Addams, Christine McAllister as a ghost from Ghostbusters (I presume). Person in the back is a friend of Edward's, whose name eludes me at the moment

Addison Barrymore as a cheerleader from any given movie or television series featuring cheerleaders, think "Bring It On", and Finnian Fitzgerald as Spongebob SquarePants.

TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra livin' it up, Matrix Style
Unfortunately, we were unable to get more photos, due to the terrible lag storm, so photos of Angelica and Patrick are unavailable. However, all is not lost. Angelica has agreed to return to Steelhead to provide the music for an event real soon. I think it's something that has all the residents thrilled, as they've had a great time.
As for presents, there was the motorized scooter that Edward and Christine gave me. Emilly gave me a fuzzball avatar (yes, an actual fuzzy ball). Angelica gave me all sorts of stuff from the rather humorous (Watermelon gun) to the awesome outfit (I'll post a pic in a later blog). From Tensai and Lunar....well, let's just say that I am able to protect Steelhead City much easier than before, a present that all felt was well deserved. From Katt, undying gratitude for all that I have done to help Steelhead City out, which is something that makes all the other gifts pale by comparison.
In other changes, Allied Tombstone is slowly getting on their feet, with alot of help from Lunar. Tonight, Finnian Fitzgerald accepted the position as Steelhead Ambassador to Tombstone.
There are changes being made for the events. How they'll be advertised, run, hosted. Patrick sponsoring my birthday event was just a taste of what we had been planning. Even decisions on the theme of the events will be going through a change.
Changes are a coming to Steelhead, and I'm liking these changes.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Tale Of Two Tombstones.....

For some time now, Steelhead has tried to keep friendly negotiations with a town called Tombstone. Turns out, there's actually two towns on the Grid with this name. Each owned by someone who couldn't stand the other. The Tombstone we had done business with.....well, there was too much drama there. Also, I had heard complaints from Steelhead citizens in regards to how they were treated there.

The other Tombstone was only spoke of in hushed whispers around Steelhead, mostly due to what the previous Tombstone had said about it. However, on a whim, I decided to hope on my airship and fly to this Tombstone. I was very impressed with the town, itself. Didn't meet too many citizens on that day. I then sent a telegram to TotalLunar Eclipse, and he quickly came to Tombstone to look around as well.

Turns out that this Tombstone is under new management. One of the new owners, Lunar had met at one time, already. Lunar quickly helped out the new owner with advice. We mentioned our alliance with The Independent State of Caledon, something they were wanting to have as well. And we offered the branch of friendship to this Tombstone, inviting them to our event this coming Friday.

We're hoping this alliance is much better than with the previous Tombstone. Plan on offering any help to them that we can. Even planning on, like we're doing with Caledon, sending an ambassador over to represent Steelhead, and yes, we've already got a candidate in mind.

All in all, this little trip was well worth it.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


They say "Music Hath Charm To Sooth The Savage Beast".....and there's some truth to that. No matter how foul of a mood I can get into, once I start the music, I'm feeling much better. Providing the music for Steelhead during the Friday events, I know which songs certain residents want to hear. I also remember those songs and play them again. Not really a gift, just knowing what the people want. As an example:

Angelica Trescothick, my dearest sister, her favorites are "Something That You Said" by the Bangles and "Dr. Online" by Zeromancer...although, having the talent for music like me, she has more, but those are the two that she's told me as being ones she loves.

Christine MacAllister: Robbie Williams.....doesn't matter which song, just as long as it's Robbie Williams. We've had to clean the dance floor at times from her drooling everytime he gets played

TotalLunar Eclipse: "Crazy Bitch", it reminds him of Tensai Hilra.

Emilly Orr: If it's obscure and hard to find, she's going to ask for it. But, there are times that she's asked for a song that wasn't so hard to find. I think Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" is one she likes to hear.

Kattrynn Severine: I always save "White Winged Dove" by Stevie Nicks for her. If she's not at an event, or if she's running late, it gets saved for when she is there.

Qlippothic Projects: Assemblage 23's "Let Me Be Your Armor" is her theme song.

Other songs:

Pink- "U and UR Hand", the ladies get a kick out of this song.

Elvis Presley- "A Little Less Conversation"...ok, it doesn't get played every week, but it's a good song, along with the club version of Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb", to play during these events.

VNV Nation- A lot of good songs from this group.....but it's "Standing" that I always play on Friday Nights. It does remind some of a bad time in their lives, but they are seeing past the pain and allowing me to play it, since it's something that I enjoy playing

The list is always growing, sometimes changing. Depending on the events, I try to throw in a few songs to try to fit the theme.

Egyptian Night: I played the Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian" and Steve Martin's "King Tut"

I stayed with the fifties motif during the Sock Hop event.

Comic Book Night: I started out with Puffy Ami Yumi's "Teen Titans Theme", played Prince's "Scandalous" and "Batdance", the theme from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", "Particle Man" from They Might Be Giants, "Kryptonite" from 3 Doors Down, "Pocket Full of Kryptonite" from Spin Doctors, "Video Kid" from Birthday Massacre, "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies, Jennifer Saunders' version of "I'm Holding Out For A Hero", Nickelback's "Hero", "Take On Me" by Ah Ha, and "You're A Star" from Josie and the Pussycats. Some of these songs were requested, the others I think I surprised a few when they were played.

So, yea, I have fun playing the music during events. Twice now, I have dealt with people publicly complaining about a song that I was playing. Only thing that pisses me off about that is that it tends to ruin everyone elses fun. It's like they're too ignorant to realize that God created the volume control for a reason......

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Angelica.....

Dear Sis,

How're things going with you? Things in Steelhead City have been fluctuating at best. I don't see why you prefer living in the big city, when Steelhead is THE perfect place to be.

You remember meeting Darien Mason? I told you how he was possessed by a demon and all. You said that nothing good will come out of it. Well, you were right, but before the demon could do anything evil, the man within took over and manage to drive away the demon. So, demon gone, Doctor back. He's currently in Caledon recovering from his ordeal, but he will be back in Steelhead, resuming his medical practice.

I spoke with Miss Katt, the other night. It's a rarity, mind you. She usually stays in her house on Lighthouse Island. She's very shy and quiet, but she's been getting out more often and talking with everyone. She thanked me for all that I've done in Steelhead City. Matter of fact, she thanked me several times for all I've done, but you know me, if I'm expected to do something for someone, I try to give a hundred and ten percent. I did tell her about you, and how you're as musically gifted as I was (Ok, I said that you were more gifted than me). Perhaps, when your schedule permits, you can come to town and give a performance one night. I know that the citizens will enjoy it immensely.

The Griefer Gang has been showing up in Steelhead more and more. I swear, the more the town changes for the better, the bigger of a target we become. But, hey, your brother managed to take care of them. Couple of times, when I was out of town on business for Katt, TotalLunar and Tensai had dealt with them. This town's in good hands.

I know that you were shocked over our SWAT Team that we have.....I mean, Nuns With Guns, it's a scary thought (but, hey, I'm Methodist, so what the heck), well I just recently deputized someone to protect the harbor. Sushi the Whale. You shouldn't be shocked, I mean, we come from a family of werewolves, werecats, wereboars, wererats.......a whale being deputized should be no surprise.

I have to cut this letter short, Gerami Fizz, the gunsmith, has returned to Steelhead and opened up a shop, I need to make sure some of the citizens don't hurt themselves with guns they buy.

Give Patrick my best. Love always,

PS. Did you get a letter from Papa? Grandma's still farting.......I'm so glad we're not still living in the old country.

Monday, April 23, 2007

"Resume Once More, The Form Of Man"

Rarity, but I slept in my office last night. It was in the wee hours of the morning that I felt the tremor.

"Earthquake?" I thought, remembering the flood that destroyed the town that stood on this land before Steelhead, "Or is Tensai experimenting again?"

Then the scream. The blood curdling scream echoed throughout the entire city. I jumped up and rushed out of my office. There was a wicked smell in the air. I think, due to my heightened senses, I was the only one who smelled it. Finnian Fitzgerald came running up to me, apparently in an all night poker game.

"Fuzz," he asked, "the hell was that?"

The scream sounded again, I perked my ears trying to determine the exact location. I was then able to determine the exact location where it all originated, Darien's. I left Finn where he stood and ran towards House Bloodwing, I fought the urge to fully transform into the wolf, hoping that it wasn't necessary. I arrived at the home of Darien Mason to find Darien laying face down on the ground. It was then that I noticed, the hair was different, the horns were gone, his skin looked.....human? It had been a long time since I last saw Darien as a human. Darien slowly stirred, then started to get up.

"Easy, Doc." I said, "Take it slow."

"Doc..." he whispered, then he looked at me, "Yes, that's right. Doctor Darien Mason."

I smiled and nodded. "Welcome back."

Tears ran down his cheeks and he looked up to the sky, "Thank you, God" he said, "I'm free! I'm finally free!"

He got up and dusted himself off. "Fuzz," he said, "you will excuse me for a bit."

"Sure, Doc, I'll be here if you need me."

"As Cappers always are." He replied with a smile, he then turned and walked into his home, closing the door behind him. I then went into my home

A couple of hours later, I walked out of my house and saw Darien standing at his postal box. Looking up, I noticed a figure at the clock tower peering over at him, a quick whiff and I recognized Emilly's scent. I then walked over to Darien. He saw me approaching and smiled, he then proceeded to explain what had happened.

The incubus, which had been residing in his body, was finally banished from this mortal realm. It was never to return for seven generations. Darien, Doctor Darien Mason, the man that I knew during the war, had finally been able to free himself from the demon that was becoming uncontrollable. Even the SWAT Team had started to grow concerned.

"That's great," I said, "this city needs a doctor, and you are a skilled surgeon."

"Yes," he replied, "in due time. For now, I......need to do some travelling."

"But, you've already seen the world."

"No, the demon saw the world." he replied, then pointed at his human eyes, "I'd like to see the world through these eyes."

Later, MeQal Anna and I stood at the train station. Darien sat in the car, looked out the window at us, and tipped his hat. The train pulled out and the changeling turned and looked at me.

"How long is seven generations?" he asked

"The way your family goes at it, seven generations will be this Friday." I replied.

"Change is good." MeQal said as he walked off the platform, heading back to his store.

"Yea," I whispered, as I looked at the tunnel where the train had disappeared into, "sometimes it's for the better."

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Steelhead Has Some Bad Habits

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Steelhead's SWAT Team. Sister Mary Katherine, Sister Ignatius, Sister Alma, Sister Christian, and Mother Superior. Everyone in Steelhead is resting easy knowing that I've got these ladies helping uphold the law.
Now, I have to pull the sheets off the bed. Toga Night in the Steelhead City Grand Ballroom.....or is it Grande Ballroom? I can never remember........

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Town Meeting, Turkey Woes, War, and Dark Visions Of The Future

Well, here's how it goes down......

We had our weekly town meeting tonight in Steelhead. Part of my duties as Sheriff of Steelhead City is to lead the meeting. Currently, part of the city is going through some major renovations. What was nice was my new office and jail. Unfortunately, Mr. Eclipse, one of the people who manage the city for the land's owner, Kattrynn Severine, forgot to give me the key to the cell.

After the meeting, I went on my night patrol through Steelhead City. Meant to ask Darien about his recent kidnapping. He had left the realm before I could ask him, he's a demon, he does these things. However, if I had known, I would have mounted a rescue attempt.
All was peaceful in Steelhead tonight
There has been a recent crisis regarding Steelhead's turkeys. Seems someone has shall I put this....well, molesting the fowl. However, I have a very strong lead on who the culprit is, I will soon be traveling to the mainland to follow that lead, and hopefully, apprehend the sick individual.
News of war between the country of Neualtenburg and the Independent State of Caledon has reached Steelhead City. We have been friends with Caledon for some time, and we pray for this war to be over quickly, with very little casualties. Sir Edward Pearse, owner of the Pearsed and Cuts shops, has designed Caledon's uniforms. They look very nice, Edward is a remarkable tailor, although I'm partial to the clothing from Silver Rose Designs, myself.
I have also heard stories of an evil version of Darien's steampowered android daughter, Qlippothic Project. Supposedly, she's a version of Qli from the future, who goes by the name of Qlippothic Steel. This sort of makes me nervous, and I figured with all the time travelling some of the people in Steelhead and Caledon were doing, something like this would happen.
Can we stop a dark future from happening? Or is it pretty much set in stone? More to the point, can Qlippothic Steel succeed in altering history to speed up her dark future?
Always more questions than answers.......

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wolves And Angels.....

I suppose that the word is already out. Yes, I am a werewolf. Not bitten, but hereditary. Lycanthropcy runs in the Ortega family. Not just werewolves, the LycanGene seems to have a mind of it's own and different were-animals are born in the family. Great Aunt Doris was a werecat, panther to be precise. Uncle Albert was a wereboar (quite fitting, to tell you the truth). Cousin Templeton is a wererat (if the shoe fits....). Uncle Gene became Aunt Jean, but that has nothing to do with the LycanGene and we don't talk about it that much.

Not every member of the family is born with the gene. My sister, Angelica, as far as I know, has shown no signs of being born with lycanthropcy. Probably taking after Mama's side of the family, a noble group of people. I often joked that I was named Fuzzball because I was a werewolf, Angelica was given an angelic name because the neighbors had already named their daughter Demonica......Sis always hit me after I said that.

Ah, Angelica, I did finally find her, but first, a flashback: Growing up, despite my werewolf advantage, Angelica was always beating me up. I would tell my parents and they would say the same thing every time, "Fuzz, leave your sister alone". I didn't deserve the beating.......some of the time. Ok, I did use her dolls for target practice.....and there was the time that I shaved her cat......I did put pink dye in her shampoo, but she DID look good with pink hair. But, despite all that, she was my sister, and she was someone I cared for very much.

She had left home to see the world. She had written to Mama and Papa on a regular basis. One day, the letters stopped coming. I took it upon myself to find her and to make sure she was ok. You know some of what had happened in my quest, army, fifth queen, Steelhead City, Sheriff.

The full story will be told in the "Weird Wild West Tales", but I was finally reunited with my dear sister, now going by the name Angelica Trescothick and married to one Patrick Aderdeen. Finding her involved an adventure of griefers, gunfights, federal marshalls, tightrope walking, rock climbing, and Angelica beating someone other than me up. Just know that we've been reunited, our parents are happy, and the cat's fur did grow back........and it was Angelica, when we were kids, who put the snake in the nanny's purse. Boy, did that old lady scream.

And If Everyone Else Jumped Off A Bridge.....

After reading the other aether journals of my friends from Steelhead City and The Independent State of Caledon, I've decided to start a journal of my own. This is actually one of two chronicles that I'm writing. The second set of chronicles, entitled "Weird Wild West Tales", is currently being worked on and should be available soon. But first....

An Introduction

I left the old country some years ago, searching for my sister, Angelica. After arriving in this country, I enlisted in the army. I became a member of the Capper Brigade, quickly gaining rank of Captain. We were considered the most mentally unstable soldiers in the entire army.....or any army, for that matter. After my tenure was up, I resumed my quest in the search for my sister.
Some months later, while I was participating in a poker game in Ford City, I received a telegram from a fellow Capper, Darien Mason (an incubus and estranged son of Hades, himself), to join him in Oregon territory. The telegram couldn't have come at a better time. The other players in the game seemed to have gotten upset over me in regards to the queen that I had in my hand, and I was unable to convince them that every card deck had five queens.
I arrived in Oregon, beautiful territory, btw, to Steelhead City. There, Darien, who at the time was sheriff of Steelhead, showed me the town. I decided that Steelhead was to be my home, although I still tried to search for Angelica.
Through events that I don't wish to delve into, the job of sheriff passed from Darien to me. Steelhead had gone through some changes of it's own. No longer a quiet place, it had become quite popular, and thus, was a target for the outlaw group known as "Griefers". Needless to say, my new position kept me quite busy.
Eventually, I did find my sister, and the town discovered a secret that I had kept from them, although it was revealed in other aether journals. But all that, is best kept for another time.