Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well THIS......Was A Very Nice Surprise

I had expected a few awards this year during RFL. The Ebby Awards, in regards to the event boards used to advertise team events (two of those, btw), and I was half expecting the award for "The Hair" that I wore, in the spontaneous fun categories (ironic, since last year, I received one for having a shiny scalp).

Two awards are the highest honors in the Relay For Life of Second Life. Spirit of Relay, both Team and Individual awards. They only give one award for the individual, which went to Passionate Redheads co-captain, and friend of Steelhead's, Daaneth Kivioq. Considering that he had a stroke shortly after kick off this year, and fought his way to recovery in order to return to SL and to RFL, and for awhile having to use voice as he was unable to type, the man deserved it.

The Spirit of Relay Team award, they have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place categories. The description for the award is as follow:

Awarded to the team that embodies the “Spirit of the Relay”. "Spirit of the Relay" includes an overall performance of the team from Kick Off to Relay Day. It is not representative of simply the amount raised. This award takes into consideration the "spirit" of the team, how they embraced Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society Mission, and the enthusiasm displayed. Also considered is the teams participation in Relay activities, as a whole, not only in their own but other team’s events, as well. Did they embody the ‘we’re all one big team’ aspect?

Award Eligibility Dates: Beginning with Kick Off Celebration and ending at Relay Event DayNominations to be submitted by: Relay Team Members and Committee MembersNomination Deadline to be announced via notice in RFL Volunteer GroupJudging to Be Done by Majority Vote. Judges: Awards Chair and Co-Chair, Event Day Chair and Co-Chair, RFL Chair & Co-Chair, ACS Rep, Teams Chair & Co-Chair

So, you see, everyone in the RFL Volunteers group puts their choice on a notecard, and the notecards are tallied up. Team Caledon got third place. Team OD got the first place award. 2nd place went to Steelhead Salmons.

Steelhead showed support in the RFL Volunteer group chat, those of us that were in that group. Some of us attended other team's events, and I'm not talking about within the Steamlands. Some of us helped other team's with their fundraising. And during Relay weekend, we stood at the Steelhead campsite and cheered everyone as they ran, walked, rolled, trotted, lagged on by. Basically, Steelhead was awarded for what Steelhead does best.....minus the explosions, but next year.......anyway.

Hearing the team announced as 2nd place winners was a complete surprise, I'm still in some shock of it all, as are many in Steelhead. Real Life interfered with alot of our plans, and most of what we wanted to do this year never came to light, and yet, we had made an impression on a lot of folks in the Relay group.

I always tell Steelhead that awards aren't everything, that there's a much greater purpose being involved in RFL of SL........but.....I THINK I can be allowed to be selfish, just this once. This is something that I'm very proud of, and something that couldn't be accomplished without all of Steelhead.

Next year's theme is "Time For A Cure". I think we can have fun with that one.