Thursday, February 21, 2008


There's a bed on the second floor. There's plumbing in the bathroom. There's a vanity in the second bedroom. There's an Elvis clock on the wall. There's a map of Steelhead City next to it. There's a cabinet thing below that. In the study, there's a desk, a chair, and a lamp (I'm usually sitting in there, if I'm not in my secret hiding place to get away from people). Front yard, there's a Steelhead flag, Edward's Fuzzball Scarecrow, and two lamps.

The big empty floor that some of you keep harping about......I rez several objects to check them out and do some editing to them, sometimes fiddle with building. I like it like that. May add a rug, but other than that, it stays as it is.

Now......ENOUGH of the comments about the lack of furniture. My house, I can do what I damn well please with it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


At last nights town meeting, TotalLunar Eclipse unvieled plans for Steelhead's newest expansion sim, Steelhead Boomtown. Naturally, several residents kept thinking of the historical aspect of the term "Boomtown", and there's nothing wrong with that. Me, however, because of my warped way of thinking, I'm using the Gaslamp Fantasy approach with Boomtown and the lot that I'm renting there.

All I can say about it is:

There will be dancing.

There will be music

It'll have an awesome looking interior

And as soon as Lunar and I find the right exterior look, that too will be awesome looking.

To show you how much Lunar has been learning from Desmond.......he's already got a waiting list. Boomtown may be filling up fast. If you miss out, don't fret. As long as it doesn't cause any conflict with us being a quiet little community, Steelhead will be, hopefully, a total of 14 sims. So, you may get your chance to live in the best damned community across The Grid (No offense towards our friends in Caledon, Deadwood, or our other friends)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

And Then There Were None

No more available plots in either Steelhead City or Steelhead Harborside. What an amazing year it's been. For some of us, this has been a real long time coming.

Only one original build from the old Steelhead City left. Miss Katt's home. She has given Lunar the go ahead to build her a new home on Lighthouse Island. She's already got a new bridge. Which is a good thing, too. The old bridge didn't look very sturdy.

Tuesday's town meeting, Lunar should be ready to reveal plans for Steelhead Boomtown. It'll be a mining community located to the south of Steelhead City. It'll have mountains, underground tunnels, and a few other really cool stuff for us to have fun in (and NO, it's not going to be a theme park). Some time after Lunar unveils his plans, I'll mention what I'll be doing with a lot in Boomtown. Other residents interested in lots in Boomtown are Nabila Nadir, Dominic Roffo, and Christine McAllister, so if you know anyone interested in a plot, best tell them to be at the meeting on Tuesday and stake their claim. There's a possibility that Boomtown will be filling up fast.

This year is going to be real fun.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Because We Could All Use A Laugh.....

Due to some residents getting really tense (which we will not go into, that's not what this post is about), I've decided that it's time to start a monthly comedy night. Basically, once a month, we all head down to the Kokopelli, and I play all the wacky and crazy songs that I've got stored. These will include comedy songs that I've played in the past, as well as songs that I haven't had the chance to play yet. So, if you love the goofy songs, this'll be the night for you. And maybe, maybe, just maybe, I'll actually break down and talk into the microphone.......maybe........

Also, I'm close......reeeeeeeeal obtaining the song that's a follow up to an old Steelhead favorite.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Few Things Here, There, And Yonder

One lot left in Harborside. Lunar may leave it empty, not rent it out, use it for something for himself. Not sure. There WAS talk of the Steelhead Church returning. Perhaps that would be a perfect spot for it?

Plans for Boomtown will be announced shortly. More details on that as they develop. Yes, I know, I dangle that carrot in front of you and then yank it back just as you get close to taste it.

Lunar is currently building the Steelhead Library. After which he'll finish up on the Steelhead Movie Theater (I hope they show cartoons, again. Sat in the old theater for an hour one night watching Popeye cartoons). After that.....dunno what's on his building agenda. I know he's waiting for Katt's approval to rebuild her house and lighthouse. I've requested a special build, but won't be rushing him at present. There may be someone else who has commissioned him for a build. I'm not sure, really, this isn't his blog. You'll have to ask him, yourself.

boB Ballyhoo, aka oldboB, will be returning to Oregon. He's........well........he ain't right in the head. Used to be a resident of Ambertown, until the flood had swept him out to sea. He had drifted out there for a week until he was found. He was never the same, since then. Spent alot of time babbling and such. Had been in the care of doctors back East, who are releasing him into the care of the residents of Steelhead. Perfectly harmless, I assure you.

Jobias Barthelmess sightings: January 15th, Tanglewood, near the Tiny Village. January 21st, New Babbage. January 28th: the Silver Mines of Vulgaria.

Aaaaaaand that's all for this post.