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Steelhead Adventures: Journey To Fusang Part Thirty One

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Fusang Castle

Eva hurried down the castle corridor, trying to make her way to the courtyard. She opened a door and stepped in, finding herself behind the throne in the throne room. She started to run across the room, only to find a guard entering from the other side. He drew his sword and started rushing towards her. Eva held up her sword, an agent of hers was down and she was going to check on him, no matter what.

The guard was skilled with the sword, but was not expecting to find a Duchess who was just as skilled, if not more so. Shortly, Eva managed to knock the sword from the guards hands. She then spun around, bringing up her foot, and kicked the guard in the side of the face. As the guard fell, several more rushed into the room.

"Oh this is NOT my day." Eva said.

She noticed a set of doors at the side of the throne room and ran towards them. The guards pursued her. They rushed through the doors and chased her down a hallway. They rounded the corner to find Eva standing there, sword raised, with a pack of growling wolves behind her and a cat standing in front of her.

Dogg looked at the wolves and gave a sly cat grin, "Sic'em."

The wolves lunged forward at the guards, who screamed and ran the opposite direction. Eva looked down at Dogg.

"So, is Tensai involved in this, too?" she asked

"No," Dogg replied "but when she finds out, she's going to be sooo jealous."

Suddenly, the two were startled by a yell. The looked to see another guard with a battle ax in hand. He raised the ax and ran towards the two. He then tried to swing the ax and found he couldn't, somehow it was being held behind him by another force. He turned to see the Fuzzwolf holding the ax. The guard noticed other armed men behind Fuzz. He looked at Fuzz and smiled, trying to appear friendly. Fuzz raised an eyebrow. The guard let go of the ax and held up his hands, surrendering. Kim Chang came forward and motioned the guard to follow the men. Eva ran up and embraced Fuzz.

"You smell." she said, smiling as she let go.

"Yes." Fuzz replied, "That's how I managed to find you, by smelling. Heightened senses."

Eva shook her head, then looked at Fuzz, "Hotspur."

An Airship Heading Away From The Castle

Fu Manchu sat in his chair looking down at the action below. One of his minions walked up to him and bowed.

"Great One," the minion said "what is our destination."

"West." Manchu replied, "These Westerners have proven to be a most interesting group. Perhaps, out of the entire lot of them, there would be one who would make a worthy adversary."

"West it is, Great One." the minion said, bowing again.

The Courtyard Of Fusang Castle

Angus GlitterRoch ran to Fuzz as he walked out onto the courtyard with Eva, Kim Chang, Dogg, the wolves, and the others. He started to embrace his old friend, then stepped back.

"Laddie," he said, "you smell somethin' fierce."

Fuzz looked at Eva, "OH, you meant I smell, not that I smell. Yea, well, the human part of me has the sweat glands and fur and sweat............I need a bath, I know. And my clothes."

Angus took a more serious tone, "Fuzz, it's Hotspur."

The group went to Hotspur's unconcious body. Fuzz looked around.

"Where's Darien?" he asked

"Canna tell ya." Angus replied, "I sent some of the lads to search the grounds, but so far, nuttin'."

Dogg looked up at Fuzz, "Koen said he was going to talk to his father. Maybe he teleported him away."

Eva knelt by Hotspur and placed her hand on his forehead, she looked up at Fuzz, "He needs medical attention."

Fuzz nodded, "Ok, let's get him and the other wounded some medical help. Hopefully, Darien will show up."

"And let's get ye cleaned up." Angus added.

"Is it really that bad?" Fuzz asked. He sniffed his underarm and shook his head fast from the scent "Woa."

To Be Continued

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