Monday, September 29, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: The One Without Fuzz or Hotspur

Town Hall, Steelhead City

Lunar held up his hands, trying to calm the citizens down. He knew that they were going to be upset over the news of Fuzz being shot, now it seems a lynch mob was forming, and nobody had an idea on who to lynch.

"Please," he called out, "everyone calm down. Listen to me."

Nobody seemed to listen to him, all were calling out for justice. For Lunar and the SWAT Team to do something. Finally, Lady Christine McAllister stood up.

Maintaining her normal tone, never raising it so much as an octave, "Be quiet"

And then, all citizens stopped talking and sat down. Christine sat down and looked at Lunar.

"Ok, Lunar," she said, "where did Purdie take Fuzz?"

"I wish I knew." Lunar replied, "Perhaps to Moldavia, I'm not sure. We'll just have to wait for Purdie to return and......."

As if on cue, the familiar sound of the TARDIS (ETC to many residents) grew louder and louder, and a grandfather clock materialized in front of everyone. The clock opened and Purdie stepped out.

"He's safe." Purdie softly said, giving a slight smile.

"WHERE is he?" CeAire DeCosta asked, "We have a right to know."

"I cannot tell you," was Purdie's reply "it's for the best that his whereabouts remain unknown. I will tell you, though, Fuzz is in the last place where the assassin would think to look."

"Blingtardia?!?!" Darien asked, only to be smacked in the back of the head by Baron Wulfenbach

Lunar pointed a finger at Purdie, "Well I for one am not happy with this. Tensai, Katt and myself should have been told what your plans were."

Darien slid away from the Baron's reach, "Not to mention his long time friends."

Others began to give reasons why they should know, then quickly all went quiet as Kattryn Severine stood up and walked closer to Purdie.

"Is he alive?" she asked

Purdie nodded, "Yes....however, the bullet still hit him. He felt that any other way, an invisible shield from Tensai or myself, fake blood from the Gaiety theater in Penzance, or any other way, would not have fooled the assailant. The upside, the heart wasn't hit. The downside, the silver is in his system."

"Did he know what he was doing?"

"Crazy as it sounds, yes, he knows what he's doing."

"You and he could've trusted us and told us" Lunar said

Katt looked at Lunar and smiled, "But I trust my sheriff. I'm sure there's a reason to Fuzz's madness. In the meantime, I will be at SWAT Team Headquarters."

Mother Superior walked to Miss Katt, "You wish to give us orders in regards to the situation?"

Katt shook her head, "It's also a church."

Katt walked out of the meeting room, followed by the majority of the citizens, all heading towards the church. Eventually, only Lunar, Tensai, Darien, Christine, Purdie, Baron Wulfenbach, and Old boB were left in the room.

"I hope," Tensai said, "that you and Fuzz know what you're doing."

Old boB stumbled over and put his arm around Purdie, "Don't you worry yer purty head over dat." he said, "Doc Caruthers is the best doctor around."

"Bob" Darien said

"boB" boB snapped back

"boB" Darien replied, "Doc the old Ambertown flood.....1845."

"Darn...." boB said, "caint take care of the sher'ff if he's dead."

"No" Purdie said with a smile, "He caint."

boB stumbled out of the room.

"Well," the Baron said, "I suppose I should join the others in prayer. Good evening"

As the Baron walked out, Darien looked at the others, "I do think some of us should've been told. Why couldn't we be part of the plan?"

"You are." Purdie replied, "Fuzz's location was to be a secret from all, even his own sister, but now we need to move on to Plan B."

"Which is?" Tensai asked

"Flushing out the shooter."

Christine smiled, "I knew Sugar Booger had a plan"

The four gathered closer to Purdie as he told them the plan.

Steelhead Forest

He had searched everywhere. He trashed the Ortega residence, almost bitten by the rat at the jail, nowhere in the tunnels. Now, deep in the forest, he searched, all the while, muttering to himself. Finally, he stopped

"Where are you?" He asked out loud

He spun around, as if he'd find the person behind him. He spun again, this time, falling to the ground. He picked up his top hat and looked around, breathing heavily. Finally, Jobias looked up and screamed at the top of his lungs


To Be Continued


Christine McAllister Pearse said...

Awwwww Sugar Booger!!! How sweet!!! :-D

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Frau Lowey has indeed been hoping I would show proper reverence to the Builder of All....