Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Little Doctor Who For You

With David Tennant's final adventure as the Tenth Doctor less than a day away (depending on when you read this), thought I'd share my favorite scene from "The End Of Time Part One". It's the last minute of the clip. (I'd suggest enlarging it)

Just two questions for Timothy Dalton. 1) Did you not want to wear the Time Lord head gear? I would've in a heart beat. 2) Ever hear of the expression "Say it, don't spray it"? (I jest, I jest. I loved that final scene)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Most Interesting Of Conversations

Reliable Barthelmess: Hi

Fuzzball Ortega waves

Reliable Barthelmess: I heard you may be able to help me find someone.

Fuzzball Ortega: I might be. I know many in the Steamlands

Fuzzball Ortega: Who are you looking for?

Reliable Barthelmess: Jobias Barthelmess.

Fuzzball Ortega: Why.........are you looking for him?

Reliable Barthelmess: My mother gave me his name. He is my father.

Reliable Barthelmess: I want to meet him.

Fuzzball Ortega drops the phonograph record he was going to put on next, "He's........your mother......I......HUH?"

Reliable Barthelmess: My mother was Nancy Sullivan. From Idaho.

Fuzzball Ortega: Well......there was this....airship accident. He was on the ship, but he was never found. I mean, ther's rumors of him still alive, but...umm...I'll see what I can do....

Reliable Barthelmess: How long ago?

Reliable Barthelmess: Oh no...

Fuzzball Ortega: Well, it was months ago, me, if there's one thing about Jobias, he always turns up when people least expect.

Reliable Barthelmess brightens

Reliable Barthelmess: Oh.

Reliable Barthelmess: You will tell me if you hear of him?

Fuzzball Ortega:'ve never met him, have you?

Reliable Barthelmess: no...

Fuzzball Ortega: Oh, well......I'm sure this will be a pleasant surprise to him

Reliable Barthelmess: Thank you for your help sir.

Reliable Barthelmess: I must go now.

Fuzzball Ortega: TAke care, Miss Barthelmess

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Subtitle Project

You've seen all those videos on YouTube where they take the scene from "The Downfall" and add different subtitles of Hitler yelling about everything from Blu Ray winning the Hi Def wars, to Super Bowl results, to the series finale of the second season of Torchwood.....just to name a few.

Well, here's my little ditty, posted on Steelhead's Ning, regarding Hitler receiving news about residents not going to move onto his new sim in Second Life.

Find more videos like this on Steelhead

Saturday, October 31, 2009

From The Desk Of Sheriff Ortega (roleplaying in world)

Mother Superior,

It appears that the Port Harbor suburb becoming a "Hotspot" has led to a person's death. After the Friday night dance, I was called to the ETK warehouse. You know the "Squiddy Thing" that's on that property, and the large sign saying not to feed it? It's been fed, and from the looks of it, it's human.

Due to the Halloween celebrations, wolfsbane has become popular with some of the decorations, which in turn affects my senses, I'm unable to get a scent around the area. All I can say for now, due to the blood splatter at the crime scene, I don't think the victim got close to the Squiddy by choice.

Sister Mary Florence and Sister Mary Tek are looking for ways of removing the body from the Squiddy, although it's entirely possible that we'll have to wait for the body to come out by digestion. Once the body is out, contact Doctor Ryne Beck, who Sister Alma referred to as "The New Guy", I'd like an autopsy done on the deceased.

There's also the question of the identity of the body. Far as I know, nobody in Steelhead is missing. We'll have to ask around, check with officials in Steeltopia, Caledon, New Babbage, and other areas, see if someone's come up missing there.

As of now, I'm ruling this as an accident. However, my gut tells me that this was murder. With this happening on Doctor Alter's property, finger's will start pointing. I did briefly question Doctor Alter and her 'minion' Cato Quan. I cannot go any further until after the autopsy.

I'm afraid with the squiddy being outside, we can't keep this under wraps. You can see the body inside.

For now, I want a few nuns to search for clues as to the victims identity. Further orders will follow as the investigation progresses.

Sorry to bring this gruesome news to you. What a way to end October, hope this isn't a precursor to what November has to offer.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Darn, I'm Broke....Time To Pimp Myself Out

Between the Relay For Life events, as well as donating, occasional being out of town on certain weekends and missing Steelhead events, and now being unemployed in RL, my lindens are slowly disappearing (talk about mirroring RL).

Issues now are finding a good time for a gig at Gearz, what with a butt load of other events going on across the Steam Lands. Oh'll all work out in the end.

And in case you're wondering, here are the rates:

I used to charge L$250 an hour for a two hour set, although I've paid DJ's at Gearz 500 an hour. We'll leave it as negotiable, I won't go below 250 nor above 500, and I usually don't care to do events less than two hours.....just doesn't seem like a lot of fun if it's less than two hours. Oh, and tips are mine, I'm not splitting with anyone (yes, I have my own stream.....I mean, duh)...I'll also overcome my fear of the microphone and *shudder* speak into it.

Rental of Club Gearz: L$1500 for two hours, L$500 for each additional hour. If you want me providing music, no extra charge. If you want someone else, whether it's Diamanda, Angelica, Edward, Gabi, Wolfman Jack (Hey, if you bring him back from the grave, you can hire him), that particular transaction is between you and the DJ of your choice.

I also perform wedding ceremonies in SL. I performed Lunar and Tensai's ceremony......mind you I was dressed as Elvis and asked if they loved each other more than fried peanut butter and nanner sandwiches. Not sure about rates for those services, but we can go from humorous, to something slightly more traditional. Choice is yours (then of course, rates for DJ'ing the reception, see above).

Naturally, official Steelhead events come first, so I won't be available on Friday nights. As well as some Relay For Life meetings and events.

So, there you go. Just drop me a line at
Fuzzball Ortega
Dept. Anything
Steelhead City, Oregon

Or you could send an IM or drop a notecard on my profile.......

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ok, So Maybe ONE Linden Will Be Left Out Of My "Love Letters To The Lindens"

The typist has Torley Linden's typist as a friend on Facebook. No special correspondence between the two. Just every now and then, Torley will post wits of wisdom like "Be wishful for what you care for".

Most recently, Torley posted: Shanghai Commons Area: Torley posted a photo: Oriental Steampunk Communtiy in Steelhead Estates. Included in this was a link to his Flickr account, which you can find here He's also got the SLURL posted on that page with "Visit Steelhead Shanghai"

Then, when the typist made the comment about thinking that it was cool that Torley mentioned Steelhead Shanghai, Torley responded with: It's a gorgeous port!

Typist still thinks that's awesome.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Bit More On This Year's Relay For Life....

I point you over to the Best Of Second Life blog for the wrap up of this year's relay.

Since this year's theme was "One World, One Hope", there's a couple of comments from some of the European residents who relayed, as well as first time relayer from Australia, RebelMum Slade, who is also a cancer survivor.

I wonder if the Best of Second Life magazine is the place I need to send my "Love Letters To The Lindens"?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Relay For Life 2009

I took pics.....I just haven't had the chance to go through them and resize them. But, I did want to get a few things out.....

As I did last year, I relayed in the memory of my supervisor and friend, David Wunder. I've known him and his family for 26 years, considered an uncle by his granddaughter, and I remember when he told me about the prostate cancer, and watched as it slowly spread through his body. I watched him go from 240 pounds to 130. And I watched him continue to come in to work every day, never letting it take him without a fight. He died on July 9, 2008, a week before the relay weekend in Second Life of that year. The theme that year was "Heroes", and watching him fight that cancer made him a hero to all of us who knew him. A fitting theme for our first year in SL's RFL

To our friends in Caledon and New Babbage. An amazing job. The Mars and the Metropolis builds were totally awesome. I will admit that I'm very partial to the Metropolis build, sort of what Caledon would look like in the future of the Steam lands. The Mars build was very impressive, if Babbage ever colonizes Mars.....I may purchase a summer home. I'm proud to know a lot of you, and happy that we all share the same goal.

To my Steelhead family:

Tanarian Davies was the one who got us into Relay For Life. Last year, we were all pretty much flying blind, not really sure what we were to be doing. But we got through it. I remember after last year's relay, I told her "Next year, I'm there from the start".........and I was, as I attended that first meeting in February, as she had RL business to attend to, and Annechen Lowey was tied up in other affairs. Last year, we raised a little over L$100,000, not bad for our first year. This year, due to the economy, it was decided to play it all low key, and not do a big push for fundraising. We nearly doubled our total this year, despite that. I know that Tanarian and Annechen were both proud of that, and I want to thank them for getting Steelhead involved with this.

TotalLunar Eclipse built our campsite. He wanted to build something peaceful and tranquil. something that would be good for relayers who were tired of running and could just sit back and rest. Everyone of us feel that Lunar outdid himself.

For Veles, Herr Baron, CeAire, Hawc, Linus, Lumi, Tensai and everyone else who tried their damnedest to run that track, you were all awesome. Regardless on how bad that lag was, and believe me after that weekend, I'm never complaining about lag in Steelhead....ok, I am, but still......anyway, you gave it your all, some of you got aggravated, but admitted later that it was worth it.

Especially for Eugenia Burton, who made it in the top ten of most laps ran, just a smidgen behind Fogwoman Gray. She ran for resident Caladon Rae, a cancer survivor. Every one of us cheered Genie on, tried to help her the best that we can, even had a DJ play a song for her from all of Steelhead. She may've gotten aggravated the most, but we are all proud of her.

And to everyone in Steelhead who helped with the fundraising, who donated items, who stood by the side of the track and cheered all relayers on. Too many to mention. We all did an awesome job. Doubled last years inworld total, fifth place in the out world donations. It's times like this that I can proudly say, "I'm a Steelhead citizen, and damned proud of it."

On a side note, I should mention, over in Babbage's campsite, the World's Fair exhibit, they had Tensai's Oregon Sunstone Dial on display. Over in the high school build (anal retentive detail to an actual high school......weird.....), there was a globe. The globe was designed and built by Tensai.....the designers of the school bought one of her globes for their display. Add the fact that former RFL of SL chairperson, Fayandria Foley, sent me a request to be my friend (Something that I felt very honored to have recieved, more so than when Desmond Shang said that it was ok for me to send a friend request to him). Slowly, but surely, they're starting to learn the name "Steelhead"

Next year, I'll be taking over as captain of the Steelhead team. I have plans, but they'll be revealed next year when we start to relay, again. But I know that everyone will be there to give it their all. We'll beat our totals from this year, we'll get more laps in, we'll outdo ourselves in our campsite build....who knows.....I may see about getting us a designer sim for Lunar to go hogwild with. But, we'll all be there to relay. And I know that at the end of 2010's Relay For Life, I'll be standing behind my podium at town hall during a town meeting and I'll say, "I'm a Steelhead Citizen, and I'm damned proud of it"

You guys are, without a doubt, effin' awesome!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Something I Had Forgotten.....

Had to add something to the latest post in Steelhead Adventures. Towards the end of the story, where everyone's back in Steelhead. Too many plot holes to fill, but this particular bit was important.

So, if you've already read it, read it, again.

In Regards To......

In regards to Darien Mason's banishment from Second Life......well, he screwed up, that's all we'll say. The Linden's are not backing down from their decision. Not sure if any ticket writing will help. I know of at least two individuals who contacted concierge three times, spoke with Governance over at LL. It's a shame and I'm sad to see this happen to Darien, as he was the one who introduced me to Second Life and to Steelhead. Perhaps one day.....but for now, this is it and that's that.

In regards to the newsbit about Australia banning online games and Second Life.....I point you in the direction of New World Notes here. I think that pretty much sums it up, there. So, no need to start running around in a panic right away.

In regards to muting......I've got two chairs and a table that've been idea why. In the past, I've only muted two people. One person was just plain nuts and reminded me of an annoying person from the other internet community Darien and I hail from. The other was extremely rude while I was DJ'ing at a club. The owner said that it was ok, because the person in question was extremely annoying.

In regards to the adult doesn't bother me. It doesn't affect me. Only adult stuff I do is the language that comes out of my mouth. There is a picture of Blondin Linden dancing with a giant floppy dong on the adult continent.....I have no comment.

In regards to my new updated HUD. It has nice shiny buttons that could do some serious damage, and Lunar won't let me push them. So, I'll wait and ask Tensai.

In regards to the alleged return of Jobias Barthelmess. Steelhead has heard rumors about a supposed return. Whether or not they are true, we have no idea. Where are you reading about this?

In regards to the end of this post.........this is the end of the post.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

Steampunk Pirates

Tonight, June 5, at the Steelhead Warf in Steelhead City, it's the 3rd annual Fuzzday Celebration, celebrating the typists birthday. The theme is Steampunk Pirates.....although regular pirates would be just fine. Come down and join us.

This is also a RFL event, so a kiosk will be present. Instead of gifts, a donation to RFL will make the typist very happy.

The music will be a lot of the typists favorites.....many are expecting The Picard Song, many are forgetting that some of his favorites include the "F" word. But after the Love Letters To The Lindens, who'd really be shocked to hear those songs?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dis, Dat, And De Udder

June 5th has become a Steelhead Holiday. The typist's real life birthday is on the 5th, and has held an event in world for the past three years, just for fun. This year, it'd be held on a Friday, which is usually a Steelhead Official Event.....and since Fuzzday is now an official Steelhead holiday.....why not? The theme will be Steampunk Pirates. Figured it'd be best to announce it now, so that all the creative types can work on something cool for the event. And because it's the typist's birthday, he wishes to make the event a RFL event. So, the normal amount of tips you would normally place in my tip jar, please put in the RFL kiosk that'll be available. It's a cause he strongly believes in.

Will be absent from the grid the next three days. Typist will be moving to his new abode. And it's a nice abode, too. Sent Lunar Tensai's favorite songs that I've played in the past for her event on Friday.

Next Steelhead Adventures, after the one that's being featured on the Steelhead Adventure's blog, will be another crossover story. This one with a roleplaying group in world. More on that, later.

That is all.

This post was sponsered by Duct Tape. Remember, if you can't "Duct it", Fu.............get about it

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just To Get To Know Me

Just thought I'd toss this post out, for the heckuvit. Plus, it seems we all have a common bond, you may relate to this.

I have a high IQ. I'm no Tensai, but I do have one. Mostly, it shows in my creativity......although recently I think it's been faltering, but I think that's because I've been writing when I've been extremely tired. Forgot to renew my memberships, but I am in the associates program of the Writers Guild of America and a member of the Puppeteers of America (renewing both, soon).

At times, I tend to act without thinking it through. Mostly when it's something I'm passionate about. However, in the end, I don't feel apologetic for those actions.

Prefer watching animation, fantasy, science fiction. Not too much on the mainstream stuff, other than CSI. Doctor Who has always been my favorite. Mostly, stuff I watch are in season sets on DVD. Best way to watch something like Lost.

I collect comics.....mostly, DC. Been getting Fables in trade paperback collections. I also get Doctor Who from IDW comics.

I have high blood pressure. At times, it's at the point to where people ask how I'm still standing. I don't feel any different than the norm. It has, at least three times, dropped way low to the point where I need to sit on the floor (as I'm wobbling too much in the chair to stay still).

Second Life, in particular Steelhead City, Caledon, New Babbage, and other Steampunk venues, has proven to be a terrific place for a writer's creativity. And for the record, I do have a script idea called Steelhead Adventures......only legal issue is that original avatars (those not already based on an outside source, ie, Girl Genius and Doctor Who) are the intellectual properties of the typists who've created those avatars. Meaning, majority of the budget if a film is to be made, would be to pay individuals for use of said avatars (not to mention "I don't like that actor who played the character based on my avatar"). Still.......would be kind of fun if that actually did happen. Best way to do it would be on green screen. Keep picturing the tagline being "A Different Time. A Different World. A Different Adventure".......maybe I'll save that subject for a different post.

That's all I can think of at present. Just rambling on about nothing.......enjoy

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

While We're Waiting For The Fusang Adventure To Finish....

Steelhead Adventures has it's own blogspot, now. I dunno, figured it was time for the spin off site.

There's a new adventure being posted, "Voices Of The Past". The Fusang adventure will finish in the blogs that it's been published in, including an epilogue of mine to be published here in the Ortega Chronicles, nothing in the new story on the new site is written that'll spoil that ending. Was going to wait, but wanted to get this started. "Journey To Fusang" should be finishing up soon.

So, what's the new story about? Well.....I swiped an idea from "Lost", an idea from "Doctor Who" (mainly because those ideas fit with what I'm doing), revealed a couple of secrets of Sheriff Ortega's past, and tried to speak Jaeger......I'll admit, I'm not good at that part.

I'll save the Ortega Chronicles for the Second Life stuff, and have the Steelhead Adventures blogspot for the original fiction. Check it out here

Friday, April 3, 2009

Steelhead Adventures: Journey To Fusang Part Thirty One

Continued From Here

Fusang Castle

Eva hurried down the castle corridor, trying to make her way to the courtyard. She opened a door and stepped in, finding herself behind the throne in the throne room. She started to run across the room, only to find a guard entering from the other side. He drew his sword and started rushing towards her. Eva held up her sword, an agent of hers was down and she was going to check on him, no matter what.

The guard was skilled with the sword, but was not expecting to find a Duchess who was just as skilled, if not more so. Shortly, Eva managed to knock the sword from the guards hands. She then spun around, bringing up her foot, and kicked the guard in the side of the face. As the guard fell, several more rushed into the room.

"Oh this is NOT my day." Eva said.

She noticed a set of doors at the side of the throne room and ran towards them. The guards pursued her. They rushed through the doors and chased her down a hallway. They rounded the corner to find Eva standing there, sword raised, with a pack of growling wolves behind her and a cat standing in front of her.

Dogg looked at the wolves and gave a sly cat grin, "Sic'em."

The wolves lunged forward at the guards, who screamed and ran the opposite direction. Eva looked down at Dogg.

"So, is Tensai involved in this, too?" she asked

"No," Dogg replied "but when she finds out, she's going to be sooo jealous."

Suddenly, the two were startled by a yell. The looked to see another guard with a battle ax in hand. He raised the ax and ran towards the two. He then tried to swing the ax and found he couldn't, somehow it was being held behind him by another force. He turned to see the Fuzzwolf holding the ax. The guard noticed other armed men behind Fuzz. He looked at Fuzz and smiled, trying to appear friendly. Fuzz raised an eyebrow. The guard let go of the ax and held up his hands, surrendering. Kim Chang came forward and motioned the guard to follow the men. Eva ran up and embraced Fuzz.

"You smell." she said, smiling as she let go.

"Yes." Fuzz replied, "That's how I managed to find you, by smelling. Heightened senses."

Eva shook her head, then looked at Fuzz, "Hotspur."

An Airship Heading Away From The Castle

Fu Manchu sat in his chair looking down at the action below. One of his minions walked up to him and bowed.

"Great One," the minion said "what is our destination."

"West." Manchu replied, "These Westerners have proven to be a most interesting group. Perhaps, out of the entire lot of them, there would be one who would make a worthy adversary."

"West it is, Great One." the minion said, bowing again.

The Courtyard Of Fusang Castle

Angus GlitterRoch ran to Fuzz as he walked out onto the courtyard with Eva, Kim Chang, Dogg, the wolves, and the others. He started to embrace his old friend, then stepped back.

"Laddie," he said, "you smell somethin' fierce."

Fuzz looked at Eva, "OH, you meant I smell, not that I smell. Yea, well, the human part of me has the sweat glands and fur and sweat............I need a bath, I know. And my clothes."

Angus took a more serious tone, "Fuzz, it's Hotspur."

The group went to Hotspur's unconcious body. Fuzz looked around.

"Where's Darien?" he asked

"Canna tell ya." Angus replied, "I sent some of the lads to search the grounds, but so far, nuttin'."

Dogg looked up at Fuzz, "Koen said he was going to talk to his father. Maybe he teleported him away."

Eva knelt by Hotspur and placed her hand on his forehead, she looked up at Fuzz, "He needs medical attention."

Fuzz nodded, "Ok, let's get him and the other wounded some medical help. Hopefully, Darien will show up."

"And let's get ye cleaned up." Angus added.

"Is it really that bad?" Fuzz asked. He sniffed his underarm and shook his head fast from the scent "Woa."

To Be Continued

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Steelhead Adventures: Journey To Fusang Part Twenty Nine

In which we continue our adventure, while at the same time, laying seeds for future adventures, because it's kind of like an old fashioned serial type thing. Never a dull moment when you're in Steelhead City.

Following Here and Here

Somewhere Above The Pacific Ocean

The USS Liberty was a large airship. The same size as Caledon's Steam Sky City, to be precise, but where Sky City was more friendly looking, The Liberty had a more militaristic look to it. It was used by all branches of the US military, as well as several government agencies. Angelica stepped off her airship onto the landing deck of the Liberty and walked down a corridor. She stopped to see two guards and another gentleman, who was looking ashamed. The guards were part of the security of the Liberty. The gentleman was Jim Taylor, a resident of England, who was also an operative of Pinkerton.

"Sorry, Miss" Jim said, "The Admiral caught me."

"It's ok, Jim." Angelica said, smiling. She then looked at him puzzled, "Caught you doing what?"

One of the guards motioned for her to continue walking down the corridor. Soon they were brought into the office of Admiral Eastland, commander of the Liberty, and at present, Angelica's superior. Eastland sat behind his desk, his thin gray hair was neatly combed. Beside him, a woman, approximately his age sat quietly. Eastland looked at Angelica and Jim as they walked in.

"You are familiar," Eastland began, "with the policy of using our resources for personal missions?"

Angelica looked puzzled, "I have not been doing any personal missions. I merely asked about the situation in the Celestial Kingdom, to find out what my brother was getting himself into. Much as I'd like to, I have no intention on involving myself in the situation." she looked at Jim, "I have nothing to wear."

Eastland cleared his throat to let her know he wasn't finished, he then continued, "This has nothing to do with that situation. Although, this does have to do with your brother, the sheriff."

Angelica raised an eyebrow, then turned to Jim. "What did you do?"

"Nothing." he said, "That is, except for take a package that Miss Adler sent me to give to you."


"On a mission," The Admiral said "infiltrating the air ship pirates. Her main mission was to infiltrate the crew of Iron Paw. Unfortunately, the pirate met with a setback at the hands of a...."

Eastland looked at the report, then looked up at Angelica.


Angelica smiled.

"However," Eastland continued "she did infiltrate with another crew. During their scouting for a ship to raid, a submersible was found."

Angelica's eyes narrowed, "Submersible? I don't understand."

Eastland picked up a box and placed it on his desk, "She found this, sent it to Mr. Taylor here with the intention on sending it to you."

Angelica slowly opened the box, the gazed wide eyed at the black top hat that was inside the box. She looked at the Admiral, "Was anyone in the submersible?"

Eastland ignored the question and continued, "Now, you and Agents Lockhart and Adler are the only women agents in Pinkerton Intelligence, and I'm aware that having to deal with some of the men who are old fashioned, the three of you have formed some sort of bond...."

"Was anyone in the submersible?"

"...but this is not the time for personal vendetta's. I understand the sheriff is your brother, and that...."

Angelica slammed her hands down on Eastland's desk. The desk shook from the vibration. Although she was not a Lycan like her brother, from time to time, when she was extremely angry, she would have the lycan strength.


"No." Eastland replied

Angelica calmed herself before asking her next question, "Where was the submersible found?"

"150 miles east of Caledon." Jim replied. "Be a helluva swim for him."

"Agent Trescothick," Eastland continued, trying to remain authoritive "you have returned to duty with Pinkerton. For the time being, personal agenda's are on hold."

Angelica nodded, "I understand, Admiral"

"Good," The Admiral said, smiling, "now, you and Mr. Taylor here are to leave for New York to join Agent Lockhart. There've been a rash of robberies at museums in several locations around the world. Realize that it's merely detective work, but it is a case that we need our best agents on the job, and whether the male agents like it or not, our best agents are all female."

"Of course, Admiral." Angelica said.

As she and Jim left the room, the Admiral turned to the woman sitting next to him.

"I really should scold her for raising her voice to me like that." he said

"And leave me a widow?" the woman replied, "Oh no you don't.

In the corridor, Jim kept apologizing to Angelica.

"It's ok, Jim." she said, "The Admiral's right. Besides, as you've said, it's quite a swim to Caledon. Maybe we'll be lucky and Jobias'll be eaten by some sea serpent."

"All the same, we need to let your brother know." Jim said

Angelica nodded, "Right now, it's a comfort to know he's safe and sound in the most violent war torn country in the world. We'll drop by Steelhead City on the way to New York."

She stopped and thought for a moment, tapping her chin.

"I'll have to leave him a letter." she said, "Hopefully, nobody'll open it. If that town found out there was a possibility that Jobias Barthelmess was alive.....Jaeger's were attacking complete strangers stepping off the train."

Jim smiled

"So," Angelica continued, "tell me about Sally's investigation. What's this about robberies."

"Certain artifacts were stolen from museums. One from each. The Molet Chalice in Paris. The Dagger Of Anubis from Egypt. Berlin Museum had a display featuring the Crown of Cornelius, till it was stolen. New York recently reported the Golden Tock Lobster stolen."

"Those were all stolen before." Angelica said, "Throw in the Belt of Lady Chasity in England and the Caledon Cross, and you've got my brother's first adventure after becoming sheriff of Steelhead."

"Wow.....right back to your brother, again. You'd think the universe revolves around him."

"Oh God, please don't tell him that. Last thing we need is a werewolf with a swelled head.

Fusang, The Celestial Kingdom (aka China)

Dogg sat on the hill and watched the fight below. She turned to see Fuzz and the wolves walking up to her. From the looks of the groups fur, they had a few fights with the Fusang army on the way to the castle.

"You're late." Dogg said

The werewolf shrugged and nodded towards a particular fight down below, "Who's the green guy?"

"That's that Lieng guy we've been trying to save Hotspur from."

Fuzz nodded, "Shapeshifter. Naturally. Who cares about making it easy for everyone. What's the fun in that?"

*Fenris' Bane,* one of the wolves said in Wolf Speak *our fight is not over*

*Yes, I know* Fuzz replied. He noticed Kim Chang hiding behind a statue of a dragon as several Fusang soldiers fired towards his direction. Fuzz turned to the wolves, *There is another of Western decent here. I am not sure where.*

Another wolf looked at the castle *Perhaps in that cave of white stone.*

*Go, search the cave. Take the feline with you. I shall join you shortly.*

Fuzz turned to Dogg, and started to speak.

"Oh come on," Dogg said, "357 IQ, familiar with 150 languages, 145 dead languages, and you think I don't know Wolf Speak?"

Fuzz howled, followed by the wolves howling. Fuzz leapt towards the courtyard, Dogg and the wolves headed towards an entrance to the castle.

Behind the statue, Kim tried to figure a way to escape. Unfortunately, he was trapped.

"Mr. Paladin," Kim whispered, "I'm afraid I will not be returning to San Francisco."

Suddenly, he heard a scream, and saw one of the soldiers fly past, hitting the wall. Followed by another, then another. He peered around the statue and saw the werewolf fighting the soldiers. He picked up a sword and ran to assist Fuzz. Fuzz looked over the courtyard to see Lieng fighting what apparently was once Hotspur.

"Hey, he's a shapeshifter." Fuzz said, "What's next? Baron Wulfenbach makes coffee?"

Fuzz turned to Kim Chang, motioning towards the castle that several heavily armed guards were charging out of. "I need to get into the castle."

Kim nodded, then shouted out in Mandarin. Several of his comrades ran towards the two and then, they all ran towards the heavily armed guards. Suddenly, a scent hit Fuzz's nose. A very familiar scent, and he knew who had magically teleported to Fusang.

Wonder if the Duchess is also a shapeshifter? he thought

To Be Continued
(Hopefully a lot sooner than the last time)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Steelhead Adventures.....Back On Track

Ok, we're all caught up with Real Life.......can I contact concierge at Linden Lab to fix Real Life?

Story continues. A chapter from Hotspur, a chapter from Darien. Eva's got a chapter coming soon (ok, not all of us are caught up with Real Life), and I'm working on my chapter. We're on the fast track towards the end of the story.

Hotspur's post

Darien's post

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ok, I Found This Interesting.....

Although, I'm sure there are others who've known about this long before me.

Last year, I picked up the first trade paperback collection of "Fables", a comic book series published by DC's Vertigo imprint. Basically, it's about the lands of all our favorite fairy tales and nursery rhymes being conquered by someone known as The Adversary. Many died, those that managed to escape wound up in our world. Some live in a section of New York City, others, who can't pass as human, live in a place called The Farm in upper New York State. They form a community called Fable Town.

So far, I've gotten the first five trade paperback collections plus one hardcover graphic novel, and haven't been disappointed.

Well, how this is relevant to Steelhead, the Big Bad Wolf is a main character. Sometime, during the big escape from the homelands, I think, he was given the option to take on human form. Due to his bad reputation, he wasn't going to be welcomed on the Farm. So, he did, and took the name Bigby. He can transform into a large wolf, and sometimes Lycan style. And at the beginning of the series, and until Old King Cole lost the Fabletown mayor election to Prince Charming, Bigby was in charge of security amongst the Fables and had the title of sheriff.

During the reading of the second trade paperback, I thought, "Bill Willingham's gonna sue my ass."

Other interesting characters, so far: Snow White, who, until Cole lost the election, was the deputy mayor of Fabletown. The hardcover graphic novel, 1001 Nights Of Snowfall, had a story that more or less hinted about her time with the seven dwarves.....and it ain't pretty. She also has a relationship with Bigby, and gives birth to his at once.

Flycatcher- The Frog Prince. Lost his family during the invasion. Bigby has him doing community service to keep his mind focused, or else he'll go find a way back to the homelands and find his family.

Jack aka Jack Of FAbles. Jack Frost, Jack B. Nimble, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack and Jill......Jack was all those. Eventually got his own series. Haven't started reading that, but heard that in his series, he meets some of the American folklore like Paul Bunyan.

Rose Red- Snow White's sister. Bit of a rebel, so far, and I'm not caught up with recent events, she's in charge of the Farm.

Frau Totenkinder- The witch from Hansel and Gretel.

There's many more. Like I said, there are others who've read the series from the beginning and are more up to date than I am. But, this is a very interesting read.

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Farewell To A True Sci Fi Master

SFWA Grand Master Philip Jose Farmer has passed away at the age of 91. An author of over 60 novels and more than 100 shorter works, majority of which are still influential in the science fiction field.

His works included "The Lovers", published in 1952, and was the first time strong sexual themes had been used in a science fiction story. He was also the author of the World of Tier series of books and the Riverworld series.

He was also the developer of The Wold Newton Universe, the concept which tied many literary characters (Tarzan, Doc Savage, Sherlock Holmes, Fu Manchu, etc) together. Hotspur O'Toole and myself have been using this concept in the current Steelhead Adventures.

His works are too numerous to pick just one book or story to start with. But, you can bet that, no matter which book you pick up that he's written, you won't be disappointed.

Just Two Things......

1) Steelhead Adventures will be continuing soon. The ball's either in Hotspur or Lady Eva's court, can't remember which. Once the Fusang storyline is finished, next few storylines deal with an introduction of a new supporting character, who is important to the sheriff's life; a story that deals with the sheriff's tribal name; and a story that starts out in Caledon in the year 2009.

2) I want THIS music track. The group mainly does music for movie trailers (as this is one, being used in the trailer to "Inkheart"), and their music is not available commercially. However, seeing as how I've managed to find music from X Ray Dog (another group doing music for movie trailers), I know this isn't impossible......just might not be legal, but ya gotta admit, this is an awesome track.

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Purdie's Back.....

And, just like Professor Sputnik, he looks totally different, now. Well, being a Time Lord, he has that ability to regenerate and look totally different. However....I think we need to keep him away from horseless carriages....

Oh well.....welcome back, Cousin Purdie......hope your driving skills improve.


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just Wanted To Show Something While Waiting For The Hair To Rez

Just wanted to show that I had pointed ears. It's a Lycan thing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Steelhead Adventures: Journey To Fusang Part Twenty Four


The Yalu River

The Fuzzwolf studied the werewolves that arrived to attack him. Quickly, Fuzz stooped down, picked up Dogg and ran off into the woods. As he ran, he placed Dogg on his shoulders.

"Hang on" Fuzz snarled

As Dogg's claws clung onto the fur of the werewolf, she watched as Fuzz suddenly transformed into a large wolf, running on all fours.

"I didn't know you could do that." she exclaimed

"Never asked." Fuzz replied

Dogg looked behind them to see the other werewolves, some distance behind them, but still running on two legs.

"They can't do that, I guess." Dogg noted

"They're still young," Fuzz explained, running as fast as he can, "they haven't reached that stage in their lives."

Fuzz stopped as they reached a clearing. It wasn't an ordinary clearing, trees had been uprooted by machines. The forest had been destroyed to make way for Lieng's so called "progress". Over head, the two saw a flying kite type aircraft circling overhead. One hundred yards away, the forest began again. Fuzz and Dogg heard the howls of the werewolves. Fuzz then ran across the clearing and into the forest on the other side. He turned to see the lycans had reached the edge of the clearing on the other side, and then continued on into the forest. He stopped, reverted back to werewolf form and put Dogg on the ground.

"I needed to make sure that the Fusang army wasn't close by." Fuzz explained

He then quickly sniffed the air, and looked towards a tree close by.

"Koen?" he asked

The Bloodtail jumped out of the tree and looked at the Lycan. Seeing the Steelhead Sheriff's badge on the ribbon, he ran up and embraced Fuzz. The werewolf raised an eybrow, then put a paw on Koen's head. He then pulled Koen away, then looked into his eyes, noticing the sadness.

"Koen," Fuzz asked, "where's Purdie?"

"Shot." Koen replied, "Disappeared in his ETC. Didn't come back."

Fuzz looked around to see the werewolves coming closer. He motioned for Koen and Dogg to move aside, then took a fighting pose. The pose wasn't one of a lycan ready to fight, but rather one of a Kung Fu fighter. The werewolves snarled at Fuzz. The Fuzzwolf extended his left hand, then turned it, palm up. He then motioned for the werewolves to come get him. They did. They used the werewolves attack, he countered with Kung Fu.

Dogg and Koen were both familiar with the martial arts and recognized each of the moves and fighting styles that Fuzz used on each werewolf. He shifted between the fighting styles of The Tiger, The Monkey, The Crane, The Mantis, and The Viper. One werewolf got a foot to the groin, it would be later that the two would learn that it was called The Angelica. At any rate, the Celestial Kingdom was getting a taste of "Don't Mess With Steelhead".

With his index and middle fingers extended, Fuzz poked one werewolf several times in the chest area. The Lycan fell to the ground in pain. He grabbed another's tail and held it forward as another tried a biting attack, biting the other's tail. Fuzz then brought his fist down on the biting Lycan's head and back handed the other. The remaining two Lycans, Fuzz grabbed by the scruff of their necks and merely bashed their heads together.

As the defeated werewolves laid on the ground in pain, Fuzz looked at them in disgust.

"You have brought shame to your tribe." Fuzz said, "You have insulted what it means to be a Lycan." he motioned back towards the clearing they had crossed, "And you have allowed that to happen, damaging the balance of nature and breaking the pact."

Koen and Dogg looked around as a pack of wolves started coming in from all around them.

Fuzz motioned at the wolves, "You have to deal with them now."

Fuzz walked over to Koen and Dogg and motioned for them to follow.

"You're going to leave them?" Dogg asked

"It's out of my hands." Fuzz replied

As the three made it to the clearing, they saw the kite aircraft had landed. Standing a few feet away was a tall gentleman. Koen recognized the scent as the one who paralyzed him with but a touch when they were in the dungeon.

"Interesting." The Tall One said, "You are to leave them at the mercy of the wolves?"

"Generations ago," Fuzz explained "a pact was made between all Lycans and the beasts they share a bond with. To protect the balance of nature." he motioned to the clearing "This was something against that pact, they assisted Lieng in this."

"But it's progress," The Tall One argued, "it's in man's nature."

"The progress of man, and the balance of nature, can be achieved together. As long as the ignorant are not in power."

From within the forest, the sound of the Lycans screaming in pain as they were attacked by the wolves sent shivers down Koen's and Dogg's spines.

"And you allow that to happen?" The Tall One said, "Quite uncivilized."

Fuzz shrugged, "An ancient law. I'm bound by heredity to uphold it. Besides, it's not of my concern."

"Then why are you here?"

Fuzz held up his badge, "I have a duty, to serve and protect the people of Steelhead City. Right now, one of them is here and needs my help. Bound by duty to uphold the oath."

The Tall One glanced at Koen, "Where is Two Hearts?"

Fuzz looked at Koen, then back at the stranger.

"Ah," the Tall One continued, "I can see by the hurt in your eyes the answer I seek. But, do not worry, I have heard legends of those like him. They have a habit of cheating death. But, at a cost." He then looked at Fuzz, "And I can see in your eyes a bit of family with Two Hearts. I am sure he will return. When he does, please tell him that Fu Manchu hopes to cross paths with him, again."

The Tall One then turned and return to his aircraft. As it headed down the clearing and took off, Koen looked up at Fuzz.

"You didn't attack him. He's one of the bad guys."

Fuzz looked at Koen, "I would much rather deal with Jobias Barthelmess, Malegatto Alter, and Doctor Obolensky at the same time, all three armed with silver tipped weapons, than to deal with him unarmed." Fuzz looked at Dogg, "Nayland Smith was right, there was a mastermind behind all this."

Dogg nodded, "I really hope he doesn't come to Steelhead."

"Let's head back to the river."

As the three started back, Koen suddenly stopped and sniffed the air. Fuzz looked at Koen.

"Sheriff. Magic." Koen replied

Fuzz shrugged, not seeing significance in Koen's statement.

Koen looked at Fuzz and smiled, "Caledonian magic."

"Where?" Fuzz asked

Koen closed his eyes and summoned his magic senses. He then opened them with a look of disappointment.

"Fusang Castle." the Neko replied, "I just left from there."

Fuzz looked towards the north. "Someone's in trouble. Caledon loves to vacation in Steelhead City."

Dogg shook her head, "It's that duty thing, again."

"I don't know about you." Fuzz said, "But I'm having too much fun to head back home. Koen, can you teleport Dogg to the castle with you?"

Koen nodded, "Could take you as well."

Fuzz shook his head, "Taking the scenic route. Also, going to round up some help along the way."

Fuzz then let out a howl, and jumped to the ground, transformed into the large wolf and ran off.

"I didn't know a werewolf could do that." Koen said

"Oh please," Dogg replied, "EVERYONE knows that a werewolf can do that once he reaches a certain age in their lives."

Koen picked up Dogg and watched as several wolves ran out of the woods and followed Fuzz.

"Oh, this is going to be fun." Koen said as he and Dogg disappeared into a puff of smoke.

To Be Continued

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Aw Ma....

Did you have to bring out the baby pictures? Nobody wants to see me when I was a little tyke. Geez, this is embarassing.