Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Steelhead And Flags

Somehow, Darien Mason, back when he ran the town meetings, thought it would be nice to have an official flag. Finally, we got one. Then Lunar wanted a flag for the Steelhead Navy.....wait a minute....we got a Navy?!?!, a flag for the Navy is in the works. I would comment on the fact that some Steelheaders seem to have a flag fetish, but I have to remember that the below pic of Charisma Carpenter is my desktop wallpaper, so I really shouldn't criticize.

(After staring at the pic for five minutes)

Hmmm? Oh.....Couple of plots left in Steelhead Harborside. Plans for Steelhead Boomtown is currently in the works. Ummm...Steelhead was founded in 1854.......ummmm.....

(Goes back to staring at the pic)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Whole Year....

January 27th and January 28th. I remember those dates.......

First a little backstory......

November of 2006, Darien Mason, then Sheriff of Steelhead, called the first of our weekly town meetings. During that time, Steelhead City was empty. Just me in my, then, little home, Lumina in her skybox, and Katt in her home on Lighthouse Island. Darien felt that it was time to turn things around and make Steelhead a popular place to visit. Before that meeting, he had heard me DJ for the first time (after weeks of fighting for a chance to DJ in different places). One of his ideas was to have a night for me to DJ, figuring it would be one of the things to get people to visit. Of course, there was the management that was around then.......and led to more weeks of me fighting for a chance to DJ.

I'm not sure what to say about previous management. Seemed that every idea we tried to give to help Steelhead had been shot down. One time, Lunar and Tensai were told that they couldn't build on the lot they were renting without management's permission. Previous management tried to weasel out of an argument by giving some cock and bull story about being able to showcase their builds. I thought it was bullshit, Lunar thought it was bullshit. So, in the was bullshit. As for other ideas, turned down with no reasons, or reason being money needed to spend for it to happen.....again, more bullshit.

Everyone was aggravated. Everyone wanted to make Steelhead a place that was special. During this time, Caledon had alot of respect for Steelhead and what it could become. Amazing, when you consider that this was during what I referred to as "The Dark Times" (majority of which I will not discuss, it deals with dishonesty and a broken heart. Those involved would rather leave it in the past). The aggravation, the stress, the lack of communication....unfortunately, it all led to Darien being removed from the sheriff's position. Dark the past.

The night it all came down, Steelwolf Pascal and I were standing in the old town hall. He was in several IM's with the parties involved, I waited, figuring someone had to stand in for the townfolks. It was then that everything was brought into light (remember the lack of communication? There were things that we citizens didn't know until I found out what was what). The way things are running now, pretty much is how it was set up then.....only now, it's more organized and run better. Hardest thing for me that night was knowing that Darien had stepped on too many toes, and hearing Steelwolf say that he had to tell Darien to turn in his badge.

January 27th of last year. I come onto The Grid, and there's an IM waiting for me from previous management. The position of Sheriff was open and Katt, Steelwolf, and management wanted me for that position. A friend that I had known long before coming to Steelhead had been fired as sheriff, and it was being offered to me. It was a hard decision to make, seriously, it was. But, I did accept it. But, that day, I was very uncomfortable with it. Even after Darien came and spoke with me, letting me know it was ok and he had to accept his fate, I was uncomfortable. Truth be told, I had a sneaking suspicion that previous management was going to look over my shoulder at everything I did and keep me on a tight leash. It never came to that. The next day, the Dark Times started to come to a close....

January 28th of last year. I receive word that previous management had resigned. "One less thing for me to worry about" I thought. About....oh, I'd say, thirty minutes later (actually, I think it was less), word came that TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra had been appointed the position of Steelhead managers. From there things started to change.

With Katt's permission, Lunar began changing the look of the town. The new hotel/ballroom. Silver Rose's new store. My home. Town hall. We were getting a unique look. There were two bubble brained pea headed residents who were complete doody heads, but they were gone soon after (one left on her own accord, the other Tensai told to leave and never come back.....I'll tell those stories another time, looooove talking about stupid people). Katt had started walking around Steelhead more often, talking to the citizens who enjoyed visiting her town. There was better communication between the citizens and Steelhead officials. Steelhead town meetings are the highlight of a lot of people's weeks.

We went from "Weird Wild West" to "Gaslamp Fantasy". 1850's to 1890. More Caledonians came to visit more often. The Steelhead/Caledon Harvest Festival. Steelhead Harborside came open. On Real Life Calender Date of January 28, 2007, The Dark Times ended, and Steelhead's new age began.

On a side note, Darien returned to medicine. He became a Steelhead councilor at my request. He tried to start on what we succeeded in accomplishing (who knows, if Lunar and Tensai were managers when he was still sheriff.....he might still be sheriff). In a way, I felt.....and still feel....that Steelhead's new age was due in part to that first meeting he called in November of 2006. The man loves Steelhead and he deserves some recognition for that.

It's been an amazing year. And this coming year should be fruitful, too. Steelhead will continue to grow with Steelhead Boomtown. We've got more events with Caledon. Good Lord, I have no idea what's comin', but it's gonna be good.

I hope you're proud of what we've done our first year, Katt.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Caledon Wiki

Yes, there is a Steelhead Wiki in the works. For those not in the know (all two of you), Caledon has a wiki. You may find it here

For Steelhead residents, there is an entry for Steelhead in Caledon's wiki, here . Which has links to pages for Lunar, Christine, and myself, since the three of us are also listed as citizens of Caledon.

More details regarding Steelhead's history could've been told, as well as more details regarding my history, but it was decided to be held back until the Steelhead Wiki is ready.

In the meantime, if you haven't looked through the Caledon Wiki, check it out. Read up on all the residents, the entire continent of Caledon, the groups, etc.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Someone check with Oolon's player, see if he's aware of this....

For those who remember the Doctor Who two part episode, "Human Nature" and "Family of Blood" may remember that the good Time Lord had the TARDIS rewrite his DNA so that he could disguise himself as a human. His Time Lord DNA was stored in a pocket watch (Hey, it's Time Lord technology, want to know how it's possible, go find one). It was later used that season when it was revealed that Professor Yana was in fact, the Doctor's arch nemesis, The Master (Who no longer looked liked Jobias Barthelmess, but that cop from "Life On Mars").

Well, now, Character Options' latest toy from the series is going to be.... the Doctor's chamelion arch-watch

It'll be a fully working watch, and also has sound effects and lights. No release date yet, but is expected to retail for £14.99 ($29.33 for us Yanks).

(Fuzzball's Player makes a note to add this to his list of Doctor Who Merchandise To Get. Already has a sonic screwdriver from the series)

And Now, Let's Play A Game Called "Squash That Rumor"

Steelhead City has always had the respect of citizens from The Independent State of Caledon. Should show when you consider that some of them are using Steelhead Harborside as a "summer home" (least that's how I describe it). And for that matter, citizens of Steelhead do respect Caledon. We share event information, even get together for shared events. All in all, a terrific friendship.

In the Caledon group chat few days ago, I heard the question asked about what to call the new Caledon/Winterfell/Brythony/Steelhead union. So, if you knew the chain of command in Steelhead (Katt then Lunar, then Tensai, and then me), you'd understand why this was news to me. It was about how Caledon, Winterfell, and now Brythony are linked to one another. Somehow the rumor started that Steelhead would linked to those sims as well.

Now, it's time to squash the rumor (and I know people will be disappointed in this). Only way Steelhead will be moving, is if we're not able to expand the way that we're planning the expansion. At present, two sims Cherry Hill and the infamous Sleazywood, actually come close to standing in the way of our planned expansion. But, there are no plans on linking with other sims. We love Caledon and it's people, but we also love the idea of being that quiet out of the way place that people can visit.

I know alot of Caledonians like the idea of being able to walk from a Caledon sim onto a Steelhead sim, but, as I said, we love being the quiet out of the way place. We've been tossing around ideas that would make it easier to teleport from Caledon to Steelhead (for those that don't have the landmark and don't wish to use Search due to known issues that creep up on the Grid), so we could still be somewhat linked, if not actually being linked by sims.

Hope this rumor squashing doesn't upset too many people, we do appreciate the fact that we're loved and respected by Caledon that they wish to see us part of that union.

Few lots available in Steelhead Harborside, contact TotalLunar Eclipse regarding renting there. Hopefully an announcement will be made within the next couple of months regarding Steelhead Boomtown.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ne'er mind.....

Had a post here about wiki's, but seems my prayers have been answered, so I'll make a future post about Steelhead City on the World Wide Web at another time. So for now, just ignore this......You can comment if you'd like.