Saturday, June 25, 2011

Now THIS Is How You Do A Hair Challenge

Each year, someone on a Relay For Life Of Second Life team comes up with a hair challenge for their team. Raise X amount of lindens and......they go bald for a certain amount of time, they wear pink hair, etc. Last year, the challenge for Steelhead was to reach a certain amount, 400000 to be precise, and I'd go bald. We wound up with L$566000, more or less.

This year, I gave the wacky hair challenge. We made it up to the Platinum category, having raised over L$500000, and I'd wear the most outrageous, wildest, and wackiest hair available in Second Life.........boy, does Steelhead know how to find them. Ladies and Gentlemen.....and Lunar.....and Tensai......and Dwen......and Jobias......and Me......I present, The Hair That Can Crash The Grid....actually, it's only 255 prims:

Yup, that's me and my new hairstyle

The Lomgren Smalls Ballroom.

These help keep the hair from getting out of place.

Side view, with the blimps that also help keep the hair up.

The hair can be changed to different colors. Three different shades of blonde, three different shades of red, three brown, three black, plus Green, Lavender, Pink, and Blue. Including different styles: Princess, Gothic, Golden, and Steampunk (mostly noticeable in the ballroom)

I'm to wear the hair until Relay Weekend, July 16th, but may be willing to extend it for the right challenge. Of course, would be great if others would be willing to join me in this as well.....I mean, come on, it's the most stylish hairstyle in all of Second Life.

Hair, Rocco Fantastico Hairstyle, available at Curio Obscura.