Monday, September 29, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: The One Without Fuzz or Hotspur

Town Hall, Steelhead City

Lunar held up his hands, trying to calm the citizens down. He knew that they were going to be upset over the news of Fuzz being shot, now it seems a lynch mob was forming, and nobody had an idea on who to lynch.

"Please," he called out, "everyone calm down. Listen to me."

Nobody seemed to listen to him, all were calling out for justice. For Lunar and the SWAT Team to do something. Finally, Lady Christine McAllister stood up.

Maintaining her normal tone, never raising it so much as an octave, "Be quiet"

And then, all citizens stopped talking and sat down. Christine sat down and looked at Lunar.

"Ok, Lunar," she said, "where did Purdie take Fuzz?"

"I wish I knew." Lunar replied, "Perhaps to Moldavia, I'm not sure. We'll just have to wait for Purdie to return and......."

As if on cue, the familiar sound of the TARDIS (ETC to many residents) grew louder and louder, and a grandfather clock materialized in front of everyone. The clock opened and Purdie stepped out.

"He's safe." Purdie softly said, giving a slight smile.

"WHERE is he?" CeAire DeCosta asked, "We have a right to know."

"I cannot tell you," was Purdie's reply "it's for the best that his whereabouts remain unknown. I will tell you, though, Fuzz is in the last place where the assassin would think to look."

"Blingtardia?!?!" Darien asked, only to be smacked in the back of the head by Baron Wulfenbach

Lunar pointed a finger at Purdie, "Well I for one am not happy with this. Tensai, Katt and myself should have been told what your plans were."

Darien slid away from the Baron's reach, "Not to mention his long time friends."

Others began to give reasons why they should know, then quickly all went quiet as Kattryn Severine stood up and walked closer to Purdie.

"Is he alive?" she asked

Purdie nodded, "Yes....however, the bullet still hit him. He felt that any other way, an invisible shield from Tensai or myself, fake blood from the Gaiety theater in Penzance, or any other way, would not have fooled the assailant. The upside, the heart wasn't hit. The downside, the silver is in his system."

"Did he know what he was doing?"

"Crazy as it sounds, yes, he knows what he's doing."

"You and he could've trusted us and told us" Lunar said

Katt looked at Lunar and smiled, "But I trust my sheriff. I'm sure there's a reason to Fuzz's madness. In the meantime, I will be at SWAT Team Headquarters."

Mother Superior walked to Miss Katt, "You wish to give us orders in regards to the situation?"

Katt shook her head, "It's also a church."

Katt walked out of the meeting room, followed by the majority of the citizens, all heading towards the church. Eventually, only Lunar, Tensai, Darien, Christine, Purdie, Baron Wulfenbach, and Old boB were left in the room.

"I hope," Tensai said, "that you and Fuzz know what you're doing."

Old boB stumbled over and put his arm around Purdie, "Don't you worry yer purty head over dat." he said, "Doc Caruthers is the best doctor around."

"Bob" Darien said

"boB" boB snapped back

"boB" Darien replied, "Doc the old Ambertown flood.....1845."

"Darn...." boB said, "caint take care of the sher'ff if he's dead."

"No" Purdie said with a smile, "He caint."

boB stumbled out of the room.

"Well," the Baron said, "I suppose I should join the others in prayer. Good evening"

As the Baron walked out, Darien looked at the others, "I do think some of us should've been told. Why couldn't we be part of the plan?"

"You are." Purdie replied, "Fuzz's location was to be a secret from all, even his own sister, but now we need to move on to Plan B."

"Which is?" Tensai asked

"Flushing out the shooter."

Christine smiled, "I knew Sugar Booger had a plan"

The four gathered closer to Purdie as he told them the plan.

Steelhead Forest

He had searched everywhere. He trashed the Ortega residence, almost bitten by the rat at the jail, nowhere in the tunnels. Now, deep in the forest, he searched, all the while, muttering to himself. Finally, he stopped

"Where are you?" He asked out loud

He spun around, as if he'd find the person behind him. He spun again, this time, falling to the ground. He picked up his top hat and looked around, breathing heavily. Finally, Jobias looked up and screamed at the top of his lungs


To Be Continued

Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Out Of Character Post

Yea, I know, everyone's interested what happened to Fuzzball, where did Purdie take him, what of Hotspur's predicament, will Lance admit to Susan that he's having an affair with her evil twin sister with the eyepatch, is Jason the father of the baby, and will Rebecca be able to save the farm in time.....wait, those last three parts were from a soap opera I was watching, nevermind. Just thought I'd toss a few things out....

Speaking of Mr. O'Toole, he's got a spin off blog site translated from Gaelic it's "To Tell A Tall Tale", I've got it listed on the side as "Hotspur's Tales Of Hibernia". Basically, it's where his storytelling, roleplaying adventures and such will go, leaving Hibernia On The Skids more of the "Look what I've found in Second Life" or "This is what this group is doing" type postings....and making it easier to follow his stories. Some will tie into Steelhead Adventures (he got shoved into the current storyline......didn't think he'd mind). Others will involve other stories he's writing, some he started and have yet to finish (you see how this new site will work better for his storytelling). I've heard some may involve Caledon's MI-5.....which doesn't exist, so I'm sure these are just fictional stories. I need to try and update the Steelhead Adventures links to include the latest entry from that blog.

As for the Steelhead Adventures, I'm thinking of giving the current title "Silver Poison". Several residents are wondering if they'll be featured in it (Yes, but not everyone can be featured at the same time......if there's a crowd scene in Steelhead, chances are, you're in that crowd). Lady Christine thinks she's dead in the story (she's not, trust me). I had originally thought of ending it with a touching epilogue, but now the epilogue will be in two parts. the first part of the epilogue will be the touching part, but the second part will lead into the next adventure. Cliffhanger endings, so to speak. Just when you thought the adventure was over...BAM, we're heading into another story. Also, future stories will include references to a few historical characters, or characters from television series set during the time period (with that Gaslamp Fantasy flair added to them, naturally)

Caledon: The Musical......if you haven't seen this on other blogs, you're missing out. It is absolutely awesome. You can find it on YouTube, just search for Caledon The Musical. I applaud all of Caledon who contributed, you wacky aristocrats did a wonderful job.

It appears that giving Cato Quan whaling rights in Steelhead has ruffled a few feathers. It's kind of hard in this day and age to remember that during the 1890's, this was a regular thing. Just a few things to remember, 1) as I said, historically, this was a regular thing. 2) Cato's typist is merely roleplaying a part, I'm sure that in the real world, the typist would never do anything to harm an endangered species. 3) The whales in Second Life aren't real......they can't even be harmed. Cato could stab one with a spear, it'd still be swimming along as if nothing happened. It's all make believe.

I'm really not a big fan of Facebook, but I'm on there. Not as Fuzzball Ortega. If you have Hotspur, Eva, Lavender, Eladrienne, Christine, or Kira (that's all I can think of at the moment), you can probably find me on their friends list (hint, I'm in a tuxedo).

There was about fifteen other things I wanted to post about, but I think I'll save it for later, now, on to Steelhead Adventures. In our previous chapter, that you can find on Purdie's blog, Sheriff Ortega was shot, Purdie had taken Fuzz in his TARDIS to someplace safe, and Lunar was to call an emergency town meeting to let them know what had happened.......(Next chapter coming soon)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: Demons, Scarecrows, Empty Bottles, A Citizen's Dilema and A Plan

Beneath Steelhead Docks

Fuzz waded into the water and pulled the corpse closer to shore. He looked at the corpse once he pulled it up on shore and looked it over.

"Looks like a blue lobster" he muttered to himself.

He looked up to see a couple of the SWAT Team coming towards him. He glanced back at the corpse, and looked at the emblem on it's uniform.

"Bloodwing?" he whispered, he then looked up at one of the sisters and said, "Find my cousin, Purdie, ask him to see what he can find out about this. Also, see if anyone from the Mason family is in town."

He looked down the docks and noticed something floating out of the entrance to the old underground tunnels. After asking the remaining nun to stay with the body, he walked closer to the cave and looked at the object floating out of the cave.

"There you are." He said to his scarecrow that had gone missing some time ago. "The Duke of Argyle had thought I had destroyed you, not thinking I had appreciated his gift."

He studied the scarecrow some more, then let out a low growl.

"That's it," he said, "time we finally put this to an end."

Sheriff's Office, Some Time Later

Ash Mason sat in the chair looking at the Sheriff. Fuzz finished the paperwork, then looked at Ash.

"Blue Lobster. Had Bloodwing's emblem on his uniform" Fuzz said

Ash nodded, "Resident of New Erebus, most definitely, there were several still in this realm. Well, most of them had been working for Marcus, but not wearing the emblem. This one, sounds like a messenger"

"Could Bloodwing have sent him to look for Darien?"

Ash shook his head, "Bloodwing was aware of the Mason families whereabouts before he......well, you know. It's possible that this courier came to deliver a message to someone else. You perhaps. News of the situation has travelled all over, fast."

Fuzz shrugged, "Had nothing else on him. No letter, no package. Why he was here is to remain another mystery. By the way, how did Darien defeat Marcus?"

"Ah, that is something he's writing in his journal. He cannot wait for everyone to read it."

"If everyone is interested in reading it."

"Yes, if everyone is interested in reading......"

Ash looked at Fuzz, who gave a big smile.

"You are joking, correct?" Ash asked

Fuzz nodded, "Yes. I am. Thank you, Ash. If we discover anything further about this demon, we'll let the family know."

As Ash left, Purdie walked in. He handed Fuzz a notepad containing his findings of the autopsy performed on the demon.

"I guess you're aware of what killed the demon?" Purdie asked

"Silver blade." Fuzzball replied, looking at the notepad. "I knew, but decided to make this official anyway."

Purdie noticed the scarecrow standing in the corner, "You found it."

"Fuzzcrow?" Fuzz asked, "Yea. Floating out of the tunnel entrance. Take a closer look at it."

Purdie walked closer and studied the scarecrow, "Oh my."

Fuzz nodded as he put the pad on the desk, "Yep. Someone's been using it for target practice. And getting better."

He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a piece of cheese. He put it on the edge of the desk as Willard ran out of the cell and climbed up on the desk to get the cheese.

"Have you told anyone?" Purdie asked

"No." Fuzz replied, "And we're not telling anyone, either. Do me a favor. Three cases of whiskey came in for Gearz. Give them to boB."


"I need them emptied, and he's the fastest way of emptying them." Fuzz said, putting on his hat and heading out.

"Where are you going?"

"Fizzworks" he replied, "Bring the empty bottles to Severine Valley."

Severine Valley, Later

It seemed as if half of Steelhead had arrived in the valley to see what the sheriff was up to. Old boB Ballyhoo was leaning against a large boulder, swaying as a breeze blew by. Purdie stood close by and help boB from falling over. Fuzz walked by the two, wearing his old gray suit he had arrived in Steelhead all those years ago.

"My word," Hotspur O'Toole observed, "Why this big change?"

"He didn't want to get gun powder on his other clothing. His current tailor isn't cheap" Lord Edward Pearse replied

Fuzz looked at the empty bottles set up several yards away. He pulled his coat back to reveal the Colt in the holster. He pulled the gun from the holster and spun it around, then placed it back into the holster. Then, rather quickly, he drew the gun and fired at the bottles, shattering six of them with each shot. Again, he spun the gun and placed it back in the holster. He held out his hand as Koen threw the Winchester rifle. Fuzz caught it and motioned to Purdie.

"Me?" Purdie asked, rather sheepishly

"You go" boB said, drunkenly, "I'm sloshed."

Purdie walked out to the bottles, then picked one by one up and threw them in the air. One by one, each was shattered in the air by the shots from the rifle. Soon, all bottles were shattered, none of them had landed on Purdie. The town cheered.

"MOTHER SUPERIOR" Fuzz called out.

The head of the SWAT Team walked over to Fuzz, "Yes, Sheriff" she asked

"Tell the Sisters to quit following me around." he replied, "Time to end this scare, and the only way for that to happen it."

Mother Superior smiled, then bowed her head, "My apologies, Fuzz. Didn't want to take the chance to lose everyone's favorite sheriff."

Fuzz smiled and gave a wink, he then turned to Veles, "Same goes for the Jagers"

"Hyu schure?" Veles asked

Fuzz nodded. "Ayup, I am."

As the citizens started heading back to town, Angelica walked over and hugged her brother.

"I know," she said, "you're able to take care of yourself. But, we're talking silver here. You know how bad that is."

Fuzz looked around and whispered, "Every now and then, when the wind blew south, did you catch the scent?"

Angelica nodded, despite not having the ability to turn into a Lycan, she still had certain abilities, including heightened senses, "Mistletoe. Thought one of the trees were....."

"No mistletoe in the Valley," Fuzz replied, "someone was watching."

Angelica smiled, "Which is what you wanted?"

Fuzz winked

Steelhead Docks, That Night

Hotspur looked at the spot where the saloon once stood before Tensai and Lunar blew it up. He looked up at the Steeltopian Embassy to see a weasely looking man walk out and skulk off into the shadows.

"Sid Weezul" Hotspur whispered, "What's he doing here?"

He headed off to find either Fuzz or one of the SWAT Team to inform them. From the window of the embassy, Jobias and a henchman watched Hotspur walk off. Jobias motioned to O'Toole, the henchman nodded then walked off.

Club Gearz

Old boB Ballyhoo walked up to the bar and looked at Fuzz, who was playing bartender, talking to Purdie.

"Sheriff," boB said, drunkenly (as usual) "someone STOLE the saloon."

Fuzz's reply was a bottle of whiskey placed in front of boB.

"They can keep it." boB said as he took the bottle and walked off.

"So that's the plan." Fuzz said, returning to his conversation with his cousin

"Who knows of this?" Purdie asked

"Nobody. And nobody's to know. Not Lunar, not Tensai, not Katt, nobody. Not even Angelica. Just me and you."

Purdie shook his head, "It's dangerous. I mean, what you're setting out to do......and the silver aspect of it.....did you actually tell Lunar to return all silver?"

Fuzz nodded, "We all know who's behind this. I'm surprised Maelgatto Alter didn't just shoot me for even accusing her of this. But it all had to be done. But now, it's time to end this. Regardless of the silver aspect."

Purdie nodded, "Well......there may be a's possible......I mean, it's still dangerous on your part........we'll need to take you somewhere safe, just in case it.....Yes. Yes, I think this can be done. May I ask to borrow your pocket watch?"

Fuzz put his hand on his watch, "Tensai gave me this...."

"I know, and the way she invents and builds, there'll be room for me to make a minor adjustment. Trust me, no damage will come to it."

Fuzz handed him the watch, "If you do, Tensai'll get so upset, you probably couldn't find a safe place in all of time and space to hide, not even if you managed to return to your home universe."

"Time and space...." Purdie muttered as he looked at the watch, "....yes....."

He looked up at Fuzz and smiled

"You know, Fuzz, this idea of yours is sounding better each time."

Steelhead Gardens

"Do we kill him?" one henchman asked

"No." the other replied, "The Boss has plans for him."

The two picked up the unconscious body of Hotspur O'Toole and dragged him off into the darkness.

To Be Continued

Monday, September 8, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: Where Are You Going To Find An 80 Foot Clank That Shoots Pink Lightning From It's Eyes At This Time Of Night?

Tensai Hilra's Lab

Lunar ducked as the large spanner wrench flew past and hit the wall, knocking several steam driven devices off the pegs they were hanging on.

"Uh, Dearest," Lunar said, peering up from behind the workbench, "I'm sure it was a misprint."

Tensai's reply was a yell, and a kick to the telsa coil. As the coil hit the ground, lightning bolts flew out and hit the door to the work shop. As the door fell to pieces, Fuzzball stepped through.

"Yea, I know how to make an entrance." Fuzz said with a smile.

"Hello Fuzz" Tensai greeted, smiling and calm as she handed a copy of the Linden Times, "Maybe you should write another wonderful love letter to these idiots."

Fuzz looked at the paper, "Demons over Washington. I know that."

Tensai pointed to the editorial, "Read who the brilliant editor thinks should be assisting you."

Fuzz read the editorial, then chuckled, "'Perhaps,'" he read, "'Darien Mason, the Nation's Greatest Spark, should assist Sheriff Ortega in his time of crisis'."

"Nation's Greatest Spark" Tensai muttered, "I'm the one who destroyed Betagrid."

"Give Darien a break," Fuzz said, "I mean, he is a brilliant spark. Wouldn't say he's THE Greatest."

"Maybe 142nd Greatest Spark." Lunar suggested

"Don't confuse him with Irving." Fuzz said

The three bowed their heads in respect for the Western legend before Tensai looked up, "STILL. I'm here. I'll protect Fuzz."

"I don't need protection." Fuzz protested, "I've got enough with Angelica clinging to me, the Jaeger's and the SWAT Team stepping over each other, Purdie, the Europan Consulate, the entire town. I think, whoever tried to assasinate me might've been scared away."

"NONSENSE" Tensai shouted, an evil gleam in her eye, "You need to be protected. And I know what will do the trick. A clank."

"Gods" Lunar groaned

"I'm sure that will not be necessary." Fuzz said

"Oh hush," Tensai said, "I know what I'm doing. Not just any clank." she sat down at her drawing table, "80 feet, with pink lightning shooting out of it's eyes. Yea, that'll do it."

Fuzz looked at Lunar, "She takes this 'Greatest Spark' thing, real serious, doesn't she?"

Lunar shrugged, "Lost to that Heterodyne person four years in a row at the annual Spark convention."

Purdie's TARDIS

Purdie walked into the console room to find Angelica sitting in his chair. His journal in her hands and tears running down her face.

"I asked Koen to put that away," he said, "then some damned Mason emergency came up."

He sat on the footstool in front of the chair, "We will prevent this from happening. I promise you."

Underneath Steelhead Docks


By the time you read this, I'm afraid that I shall be dead. I know that you never cared much for me, having possessed Darien and such. But please know, everything I did, I thought was for the greater good. I do not ask for your forgiveness, but please, with what has been happening with the recent attempt on your life, allow me to do this one favor. Enclosed, please find an amulet. Trust me, it shall protect you. Perhaps we shall meet in another life. If so, I hope that we shall be comrades in arms.

Yours Humbly

Jobias crumpled the letter, then looked at the corpse of the demon messenger, silver dagger imbedded in his heart. Jobias gave an evil chuckle.

"Bloodwing's dead, and the Lycan is doomed." he said.

He looked at the amulet that was included in the package and gave a sneer. He put it in his pocket, then looked up at his henchmen as they came down under the docks.

"Dispose of that" he said, pointing at the corpse. "Make sure nobody finds it."

"And the Sheriff?"

"Send a telegram to Sid Weezul. It's time we put the silver we stole from the Steeltopian shipment to some good use."

To Be Continued

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Brief Hiatus

Lord Typist is having a busy week. Having to fix up his old place of residence to move back in (originally going to sell). He'll be in world off an on, town meeting, Steelhead events, discussing with a couple of people to entertain patrons at Club Gearz. The story, I'm sorry to say, will be a few more days before he can continue it.

I'm sure we all know how that is. Now you know why Lord Typist refuses to acknowledge the existence of the alleged "Real Life". Just gets in the way of everyone's fun.

Oh yes, and I should mention his latest purchase. Something called "Hi Def Television"......whatever that is. I'll go ask Purdie or Oolon, sounds like something time travelers would know. He says there's a way he can connect his aether machine to that device and be in world through that.......most interesting......

Anyway, Steelhead Adventures will resume soon. That is a promise.

Do I wish to see Charisma Carpenter in Hi Def? I.....guess so, sir.