Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well, Damn, That Was Fast

Guess I'll have to send the Lindens an actual friendly letter thanking them for a quick delivery.

Faster than you can say "Floppy Dong", Boomtown is now up. Hopefully, soon, we'll have a grand opening celebration. Hopefully, it'll be held at my build in Boomtown.

Introducing, Gearz. My Gaslamp Fantasy dance club. Still not complete. It'll have a waterwheel and a clock on the tower on the exterior. This had been in the planning stages for sometime now, during that time, Steamworks beat me to the punch by becoming a Steampunk themed nightclub. But it's ok, it's all good. Like I said, Gearz is a Gaslamp Fantasy dance club. Bit of a difference.
Here's an exterior shot. Still a work in progress, as stated. In case you're wondering, that's Christine McAllister's home in Steelhead City to the right.

An interior shot of Gearz. There's the glass floor, as I stated in a previous post. It's the dance floor. Underneath the molten metal flow will be gears turning, hence the name. And Solarya beat me to THAT idea. You think people are breaking into my office and stealing my secret plans?

Next up, decorating the interior, adding furniture (as well as Lord and Lady Primbroke's milk crates and wobbly table), building a dj rig, dance animations, adding a bar, may have room outside for a little courtyard. Angelica has talked to a couple of DJ's outside of Steelhead/Caledon (they have followers, bring in new blood to our part of the world). Will be creating the Gearz Group, all those interested, let me know. Should be fun.

Also, Steelhead has moved on the World Map. We used to be southeast of Caledon. Now, we're west of Caledon....way west......I have no idea how far west we are. I think we're in America we so far west.

Up next, Steelhead Port Harbor. Industrial port, with plenty of room for naval battles. Maybe soon, Lunar will unveil the master plan for Steelhead

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Introducing: Gaslamp Adventures

Sometimes the blog just sits there and doesn't get updated. Then there were ideas that were thought out some time ago, that never made it (Weird West Adventures). But then, there's ideas that just stick in your head and needs to be put down and shared with everyone.

The latest idea, and one that might be appreciated by many here, is similar to the Weird Wild West Adventures. A pulp novel type story, using places like Steelhead City, Caledon, and other places as settings (with other settings that may or may not exist, in and outside the Grid). And since I'm on that Gaslamp Fantasy kick, I've decided to call it "Gaslamp Adventures". The characters, except one, are all "fictional" characters, as in, they don't exist in Steelhead, Caledon, New Babbage, or other places. Reason for this, figured it was easier than someone wondering, "Hey, how come such and such was used and not me?" So, the characters will be based on several different residents, so you may see a little bit of yourself in them (a few residents have given me permission to use them as supporting characters, however). The one character that wasn't made up.......well, you might say I own the copyright to that character.

Here's the list of characters featured in Gaslamp Adventures:

Duchess Amanda Rose Smith- World traveller, makes her home in Yorkshire, England. Practices the art of Magick. Lovingly referred to as "The Magical Duchess"

Captain Jonathon Williamson- Former military captain. Wanting to settle down, but has the urge for adventure.

Malcolm O'Malley- An Irish cat Furry. Loves gambling, drinking, and female furries. Dislikes losing, hangovers, and rejection from female furries.

Grover Mill- Skilled airship pilot. Has also flown Aetherships to Mars. Also a skilled hand to hand combatant.

Vanessa Greene- The other lady of the group. Known to be prim and proper one minute, and starting bar brawls the next.

Zeigfried- Lady Amanda's butler. Whether Zeigfried is his first name or last, is unknown.

Sheriff Ortega- Sheriff of Steelhead City, Oregon. Skilled marksman and tracker. Werewolf.

Still hammering out details on the first adventure. Will start in England, go to New York, then on to more familiar grounds of Steelhead City and Caledon. Hope you enjoy it.