Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And Now, The OpenSpace Announcement

Linden Lab has made a new decision regarding Openspace sims. OS regions will stay at 75 bucks, but there'll be limitations to how they'll be used. Scripts, prims, avatars, etc. Hotspur's favorite sailing sims will probably be in this category.

They've introduced a new sim called Homestead. For use of low density rentals, but will also have restrictions on scripts, prims, and avatars.

January 5, 2009 – non-compliant Openspaces will transition to Homesteads and the maintenance fees will go from $75 to $95 per month. We will offer an educational discount to qualified educators on the new Homestead product. The discount amount will be the same as Private Regions, roughly 30%.

July 2009 — the maintenance fees for Homesteads will go from $95 to $125 per month

You can read more on Linden Lab's blog. That being said, the end result will be some people will wind up having to eventually pay 125 a month. But, I'm sure a good number of people followed LL's regulations on how the OS are to be used, and won't have to worry.

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