Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sometimes You're Feeling Really Depressed And Down....

And then someone hands you a notecard with this conversation

[21:41] Magdalena Kamenev: When do we not expect unfriendly lycans?
[21:41] Annechen Lowey: always good to be prepared, and make *sure* of your target, first.
[21:41] Frequency Picnic: well, at Steelhead meetings :)
[21:41] Eva Bellambi: our lands have been free of them for a time
[21:42] Magdalena Kamenev: Not that they're all unfriendly, but they do get grumpy. Almost as grumpy as Jaegers.
[21:42] Annechen Lowey: Negotiation is preferred if they be lawful.
[21:42] Hotspur Otoole: Well one of the better werewolves I know is the sherrif of my home town. :-D
[21:43] Eladrienne Laval laughs...In Steelhead they ARE the law
[21:43] TotalLunar Eclipse: *smiles*
[21:43] Emilly Orr: And he's very good at his job, that one.
[21:43] Hotspur Otoole: And rapidly becoming an old China hand, too.
[21:43] Eva Bellambi grins
[21:43] Magdalena Kamenev: Fuzzball Ortega is a werewolf?
[21:43] Eva Bellambi: Mags!!! LOL
[21:43] Emilly Orr: Oh, goodness. You didn't know?
[21:43] Hotspur Otoole: (new adventure in Fusang ready soon)
[21:43] TotalLunar Eclipse: Aye, he is. ANother reasy he is called Fuzzy.
[21:43] Kamilah Hauptmann: A cute one too.

Oh, and for the record......I really despise being called "Fuzzy"......some Blingtardians from the Mainland kept calling me that a couple of years ago....but Steelheaders call me that out of affection......I think...

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TotalLunar Eclipse said...


Oh as opposed to Sugar Booger?

and yes I CaN HaZ Sprik IngrisH. Wow that's a massive amount of typos.