Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Two Things......

1) Steelhead Adventures will be continuing soon. The ball's either in Hotspur or Lady Eva's court, can't remember which. Once the Fusang storyline is finished, next few storylines deal with an introduction of a new supporting character, who is important to the sheriff's life; a story that deals with the sheriff's tribal name; and a story that starts out in Caledon in the year 2009.

2) I want THIS music track. The group mainly does music for movie trailers (as this is one, being used in the trailer to "Inkheart"), and their music is not available commercially. However, seeing as how I've managed to find music from X Ray Dog (another group doing music for movie trailers), I know this isn't impossible......just might not be legal, but ya gotta admit, this is an awesome track.

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Hotspur O'Toole said...

In my court, I'm afraid. I'm sorry about that.. I need about two hours of quiet time to finish things up, which I haven't had in RL lately