Wednesday, April 29, 2009

While We're Waiting For The Fusang Adventure To Finish....

Steelhead Adventures has it's own blogspot, now. I dunno, figured it was time for the spin off site.

There's a new adventure being posted, "Voices Of The Past". The Fusang adventure will finish in the blogs that it's been published in, including an epilogue of mine to be published here in the Ortega Chronicles, nothing in the new story on the new site is written that'll spoil that ending. Was going to wait, but wanted to get this started. "Journey To Fusang" should be finishing up soon.

So, what's the new story about? Well.....I swiped an idea from "Lost", an idea from "Doctor Who" (mainly because those ideas fit with what I'm doing), revealed a couple of secrets of Sheriff Ortega's past, and tried to speak Jaeger......I'll admit, I'm not good at that part.

I'll save the Ortega Chronicles for the Second Life stuff, and have the Steelhead Adventures blogspot for the original fiction. Check it out here

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