Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dis, Dat, And De Udder

June 5th has become a Steelhead Holiday. The typist's real life birthday is on the 5th, and has held an event in world for the past three years, just for fun. This year, it'd be held on a Friday, which is usually a Steelhead Official Event.....and since Fuzzday is now an official Steelhead holiday.....why not? The theme will be Steampunk Pirates. Figured it'd be best to announce it now, so that all the creative types can work on something cool for the event. And because it's the typist's birthday, he wishes to make the event a RFL event. So, the normal amount of tips you would normally place in my tip jar, please put in the RFL kiosk that'll be available. It's a cause he strongly believes in.

Will be absent from the grid the next three days. Typist will be moving to his new abode. And it's a nice abode, too. Sent Lunar Tensai's favorite songs that I've played in the past for her event on Friday.

Next Steelhead Adventures, after the one that's being featured on the Steelhead Adventure's blog, will be another crossover story. This one with a roleplaying group in world. More on that, later.

That is all.

This post was sponsered by Duct Tape. Remember, if you can't "Duct it", Fu.............get about it

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