Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Regards To......

In regards to Darien Mason's banishment from Second Life......well, he screwed up, that's all we'll say. The Linden's are not backing down from their decision. Not sure if any ticket writing will help. I know of at least two individuals who contacted concierge three times, spoke with Governance over at LL. It's a shame and I'm sad to see this happen to Darien, as he was the one who introduced me to Second Life and to Steelhead. Perhaps one day.....but for now, this is it and that's that.

In regards to the newsbit about Australia banning online games and Second Life.....I point you in the direction of New World Notes here. I think that pretty much sums it up, there. So, no need to start running around in a panic right away.

In regards to muting......I've got two chairs and a table that've been idea why. In the past, I've only muted two people. One person was just plain nuts and reminded me of an annoying person from the other internet community Darien and I hail from. The other was extremely rude while I was DJ'ing at a club. The owner said that it was ok, because the person in question was extremely annoying.

In regards to the adult doesn't bother me. It doesn't affect me. Only adult stuff I do is the language that comes out of my mouth. There is a picture of Blondin Linden dancing with a giant floppy dong on the adult continent.....I have no comment.

In regards to my new updated HUD. It has nice shiny buttons that could do some serious damage, and Lunar won't let me push them. So, I'll wait and ask Tensai.

In regards to the alleged return of Jobias Barthelmess. Steelhead has heard rumors about a supposed return. Whether or not they are true, we have no idea. Where are you reading about this?

In regards to the end of this post.........this is the end of the post.

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