Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Most Interesting Of Conversations

Reliable Barthelmess: Hi

Fuzzball Ortega waves

Reliable Barthelmess: I heard you may be able to help me find someone.

Fuzzball Ortega: I might be. I know many in the Steamlands

Fuzzball Ortega: Who are you looking for?

Reliable Barthelmess: Jobias Barthelmess.

Fuzzball Ortega: Why.........are you looking for him?

Reliable Barthelmess: My mother gave me his name. He is my father.

Reliable Barthelmess: I want to meet him.

Fuzzball Ortega drops the phonograph record he was going to put on next, "He's........your mother......I......HUH?"

Reliable Barthelmess: My mother was Nancy Sullivan. From Idaho.

Fuzzball Ortega: Well......there was this....airship accident. He was on the ship, but he was never found. I mean, ther's rumors of him still alive, but...umm...I'll see what I can do....

Reliable Barthelmess: How long ago?

Reliable Barthelmess: Oh no...

Fuzzball Ortega: Well, it was months ago, me, if there's one thing about Jobias, he always turns up when people least expect.

Reliable Barthelmess brightens

Reliable Barthelmess: Oh.

Reliable Barthelmess: You will tell me if you hear of him?

Fuzzball Ortega:'ve never met him, have you?

Reliable Barthelmess: no...

Fuzzball Ortega: Oh, well......I'm sure this will be a pleasant surprise to him

Reliable Barthelmess: Thank you for your help sir.

Reliable Barthelmess: I must go now.

Fuzzball Ortega: TAke care, Miss Barthelmess


Christine McAllister Pearse said...

*wonders when a love child of Lunar's is going to turn up on the scene*

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

I would be more scared that an old girlfriend of mine would show up.