Thursday, February 11, 2010

Preparing To Relay

On March 13, 2010, Relay For Life of Second Life officially gets underway. From then, until the weekend of July 17th, teams from all over The Grid will have fundraisers to help raise money to benefit cancer research.

Steelhead begins it's third year as part of RFLofSL with our team The Steelhead Salmons. Special thanks to Tanarian Davies who got us involved. This year, marks my first year as team captain. Club Gearz will be the Steelhead Salmon's headquarters. Lunar built a nice looking warehouse build next to Gearz to use for our yard sale (something I'm not very familiar with, but good thing the Salmon's co-captain, Annechen Lowey, knows all about that). After RFL, I'll have crates and barrels added so the Scamps and others can have some fun. An added item to all teams is an events board, which will give you information on all the teams fundraising.
The new build
A look inside the new build, the old Gearzton Foundry Warehouse.

Another shot from inside the warehouse. Few more details Lunar wants to add, but it should serve several purposes for Steelhead (RFL, roleplaying, storytelling, etc.)

The Events Board. Click on one of the squares to get info on different fundraising by other teams. The top banner gives you links to different websites regarding Relay for Life, The American Cancer Society, and various other tidbits regarding cancer research.

Despite some aggravation (mostly at the lag during the big weekend in July), we're always happy to have been a part of this, and we say, "I'm ready to do this when it starts up next year." It's one of the rare times I talk with people outside of the Steamlands, and I've met plenty of folks who would make excellant citizens of Steelhead City, Caledon, and various other places.

The team members of the Steelhead Salmons are as follows: Fuzzball Ortega (me), Team Captain; Annechen Lowey, Co-Captain; Angelica Trescothick, CeAire Decosta, Christine McAllister, Hotspur O'Toole, Riven Homewood, Tanarian Davies, Tensai Hilra, and TotalLunar Eclipse. In actuality, I consider the Salmons as the "Planning Committee", working out ideas for events, and what to do for the big weekend. All of Steelhead are the team members. The spirit and enthusiasm that each citizen has is what makes it all rewarding.

Until there is a cure, we relay. Lag be damned.