Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Steelhead Salmons RFL Campsite

Better late than never, here's a few images from Steelhead's RFL Campsite, a tribute to Caregivers. These are not all the pics I've got of the campsite, but I think the pics show all the contributions from Lunar, Tensai, Zanya, Thad, and Riven

Sign at the entrance to the campsite

Mission Statement posters

One of the Caregivers (I think everyone's been calling them Caregiver Clanks, Caregiver Robots, Caregiver Angels, I just simply call them Caregivers). Caregiver designed by Zanya, Mesh by Tensai

One of the Steampunk animals at the campsite.

The Evil Trout fishing for it's meal

A couple of Caregivers fixing the clock tower

Fountain at the campsite. Candles are our yearly tradition, letting folks light the candle in honor of a loved one

Thad's top hat and cane protecting a couple of the steampunk birds

One of the Caregivers fixing the clocktower

The Caregiver story, by Riven Homewood

Aerial shot of the campsite.

The campsite received third place in Best Themed Decorated campsite. During the weekend, Lunar and myself both recieved IM's from people commenting on our campsite. Not really sure, but I believe that Lunar's was from folks in the Steamlands, mine were from folks outside the Steamlands. One member of the RFL Committee IM'd me while standing on the track looking at our campsite the Sunday of Relay and said, "This is why I don't judge."
Then, on the Monday after Relay Weekend, I received this notecard:
To the builders of the Steelhead campsite:
Oh behalf of my wife and myself I just have to say thank you for your dedication and concept of your campsite build. For the past three years my wife , Amethyst , has championed the cause as part of the design team to make sure that the caregiver was not forgotton during the building process. this year we have had many troubles and have not been as active in RFL of SL as in prior years. As the opening of the event came closer she said to me that she was so sorry she could not make the caregiver garden as we have done in the past years.
Event day comes and something happens. We found your campsite. Both of us were so overwhelmed with emotions we had to stop and pause as the tears cleared from our eyes. The story told and love shown blew us totally away . Over and over again she said .. this is what i kept dreaming of .. this is what i could not put into words . this is amazing. We are both caregivers and our hearts were so loved from the moment we stepped into your campsite.
thank you so much
Nevar and Amethyst Lobo
I think that was better than any trophy the RFL Committee could ever hand out.

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