Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oh, Come on, Second Life. Give A Lycan A Break

More redmapping. Become a regular thing in Steelhead. I hate it, not because it's screwing with events that I'm providing the music, but because it's what people are starting to remember Steelhead for.

Perhaps TotalLunar Eclipse might explain this in more detail.....even better if Tensai Hilra had a blog of her own, but this much is certain, Linden Lab has done everything, including moving Steelhead to a different server (more than once if I understood the conversation right), and we're still redmapping. Have no idea what's happening.

Something else that's weird.....I seem to have an early warning system when there's problems in the sim. Seems to be just me, as nobody else I've talked with has seen this. The columns at the Kokopelli Stage, as well as the outer walls on several of the buildings across town, start changing color, kind of a rainbow. Sure enough, when I see that, my stream starts screwing up or the sim will redmap.

As for the stream, having only one computer, I'm not aware of songs skipping or knowing that there are problems hearing the music unless someone tells me......or some asshole is rude about it. Let me assure you, a huge percentage of that issue is due to the problems Steelhead has been facing, a smaller percentage is me having to stream using Winamp (I had SAM by means other than paying for the full version, and lost it when the old computer fried) with Windows Vista (which I think is the reason I'm getting the early warning system scenario, while nobody else is).

I've got a gut feeling that when Steelhead Harborside rises from the depths, and we had several events over there, there would be no issues with the stream. As far as the issues in Steelhead City.......we must be patient. We have two of the best managers in all of The Grid, even though they are frustrated by these circumstances, they haven't given up. We'll get to the bottom of this. As the old saying goes, "Caledon Wasn't Built In A Day"


TotalLunar Eclipse said...

I think we found our problem Sheriff, at least in our end. It was a poorly written overbearing script that went rouge, or wild about every five minutes if there were alot of people on the sim to every half hour if the sim was not being populated by party-goers. Item in question was placed about a month or so ago, sounds about right when our problems started occuring doesnt it?

As for the changing of severs its a normal thing, everytime sim gets restarted it goes up in a different server.

Item in question returned to owner and we redmapped only once last night for the dance, but she took quite a beating before she offlined. Its a good sign sheriff, very good sign for us. LL are holding off on fixing anything until they integrate HAVOC 4 on the main grid, and that my friend will either solve a great many problems or destroy SL... cheers!

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Hopefully what Herr Lunar said is the fix of fixes. However, I'm wondering if you could warn people when you see the effect. Would volunteer TP'ing out and back in a few minutes allow things to settle down more peacefully?

Kira said...

I have that early warning system!! I hadn't associated it though.. but my huds tend to start going rainbow....

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