Monday, October 8, 2007

Recently found letter

A letter was found in Caledon, dropped by the ever vigilant Caledon Postal Service.....rain, snow, sleet and hail may not stop the post office, but lag.....yea, that's a bitch. Letter was found, when it was discovered who it was from, it was brought to my attention. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, he's back. He's also seems to have done his homework.....

Dear Seigfried,

My faithful butler, how are things in the Old Country? I have found our prey, after all these years. It's true, he left the Old Country in order to search for his sister, the one born without that damnable curse. He has been many things during that quest. A war hero, a gambler, a, a town is foolish enough to choose him to be a lawman. Steelhead City, located in the Pacific Northwest.

This Grid is a most unusual place. One that definately needs better governing. Too many non-humans are allowed to roam the streets. HE has gained allies amongst citizens of The Grid, both human and other. I have watched them, and studied them, looking for their weaknesses.

I have travelled to the Independent State of Caledon....yes, the same Caledon of legend. His allied are in abundance there:

Lady Amber Palowaski, 15th Baroness of Baeurhoff De Caledon. A woman of magic. Through a few contacts in the Caledonian Underworld, I have learned that she has offered her magical services to him.

Diamanda Gustason, they have come to refer to her as "Lady Whoop-Ass". I have seen this with my own eyes, the woman is superb with the sword.

Hotspur O'Toole. An Irishman. Member of Caledon's MI-5. An enemy of The Dark Ocean Society (get in touch with our contacts in that organization, let's see what they know of him).

These are but a few. As you can tell, he has befriended some high ranking people.

As for Steelhead City, you will be receiving a seperate package, this will include all the information regarding it's citizens.

In particular, there's Doctor Darien Mason, son of Jeremiah Mason. Claims not to be like his father, and is an old war friend of the Lycan, they say, "Like Father, Like Son".
But, have no fear, my faithful manservant, my plans have been put in motion, and I will have my revenge on the Lycan, despite his allies.

Ortega will be disposed of, mark my words. Then.....well, as I said, the Grid needs better governing....perhaps world domination should start here.

Your employer and Master

J. Barthelmess


Diamanda Gustafson said...

Imagine if he knew how to spell as well...

Interesting, Very interesting.


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Oolon Sputnik told me that one day, in the future, they'll invent something called a "Spell Checker". Wouldn't that take all the fun out of it, though?