Saturday, January 12, 2008

And Now, Let's Play A Game Called "Squash That Rumor"

Steelhead City has always had the respect of citizens from The Independent State of Caledon. Should show when you consider that some of them are using Steelhead Harborside as a "summer home" (least that's how I describe it). And for that matter, citizens of Steelhead do respect Caledon. We share event information, even get together for shared events. All in all, a terrific friendship.

In the Caledon group chat few days ago, I heard the question asked about what to call the new Caledon/Winterfell/Brythony/Steelhead union. So, if you knew the chain of command in Steelhead (Katt then Lunar, then Tensai, and then me), you'd understand why this was news to me. It was about how Caledon, Winterfell, and now Brythony are linked to one another. Somehow the rumor started that Steelhead would linked to those sims as well.

Now, it's time to squash the rumor (and I know people will be disappointed in this). Only way Steelhead will be moving, is if we're not able to expand the way that we're planning the expansion. At present, two sims Cherry Hill and the infamous Sleazywood, actually come close to standing in the way of our planned expansion. But, there are no plans on linking with other sims. We love Caledon and it's people, but we also love the idea of being that quiet out of the way place that people can visit.

I know alot of Caledonians like the idea of being able to walk from a Caledon sim onto a Steelhead sim, but, as I said, we love being the quiet out of the way place. We've been tossing around ideas that would make it easier to teleport from Caledon to Steelhead (for those that don't have the landmark and don't wish to use Search due to known issues that creep up on the Grid), so we could still be somewhat linked, if not actually being linked by sims.

Hope this rumor squashing doesn't upset too many people, we do appreciate the fact that we're loved and respected by Caledon that they wish to see us part of that union.

Few lots available in Steelhead Harborside, contact TotalLunar Eclipse regarding renting there. Hopefully an announcement will be made within the next couple of months regarding Steelhead Boomtown.


Diamanda Gustafson said...

I'm glad.


Hotspur O'Toole said...

I was present at the same group chat, and commented at the time that perhaps the person making that statement was letting his enthusiasm run ahead of itself. He does.. erm.. go on about things.

Speaking solely for myself, I applaud Steelhead staying out of the way in a quiet location. :-D

Hotspur O'Toole said...

BTW, I think the idea of coming up with one all encompassing national name and flag for the connected regions of Caledon, Winterfell and Bythorny (sp?) sucks eggs. I can just imagine the level of enthusiasm for the folks in the smaller areas for being referred to as "new Victorians".. Hmmmm

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

I was to the understanding before the sims were linked that Winterfell and Caledon would be connected but remain independent such would be the case if *And this is only being used as an example* Steelhead decided to border Caledon so the idea of a unified flag for both States seems a bit awkward to me.

As for the rumors, thank you Fuzz for squishing it because I myself had not heard of it until it was brought to my attention. And I feel rather flattered that we would be considered as 'that close' to Caledon where people would feel it natural to include us in their commentaries.

Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

I'm guessing it was along similar lines to this.

And even if the landmasses to shift accordingly I would no more see how that would give rise to a "unified" Realm any more than Africa or America could be said to be unified continents.

Personally I think someone just has a flag fetish.