Saturday, January 12, 2008


Someone check with Oolon's player, see if he's aware of this....

For those who remember the Doctor Who two part episode, "Human Nature" and "Family of Blood" may remember that the good Time Lord had the TARDIS rewrite his DNA so that he could disguise himself as a human. His Time Lord DNA was stored in a pocket watch (Hey, it's Time Lord technology, want to know how it's possible, go find one). It was later used that season when it was revealed that Professor Yana was in fact, the Doctor's arch nemesis, The Master (Who no longer looked liked Jobias Barthelmess, but that cop from "Life On Mars").

Well, now, Character Options' latest toy from the series is going to be.... the Doctor's chamelion arch-watch

It'll be a fully working watch, and also has sound effects and lights. No release date yet, but is expected to retail for £14.99 ($29.33 for us Yanks).

(Fuzzball's Player makes a note to add this to his list of Doctor Who Merchandise To Get. Already has a sonic screwdriver from the series)


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