Sunday, February 10, 2008

And Then There Were None

No more available plots in either Steelhead City or Steelhead Harborside. What an amazing year it's been. For some of us, this has been a real long time coming.

Only one original build from the old Steelhead City left. Miss Katt's home. She has given Lunar the go ahead to build her a new home on Lighthouse Island. She's already got a new bridge. Which is a good thing, too. The old bridge didn't look very sturdy.

Tuesday's town meeting, Lunar should be ready to reveal plans for Steelhead Boomtown. It'll be a mining community located to the south of Steelhead City. It'll have mountains, underground tunnels, and a few other really cool stuff for us to have fun in (and NO, it's not going to be a theme park). Some time after Lunar unveils his plans, I'll mention what I'll be doing with a lot in Boomtown. Other residents interested in lots in Boomtown are Nabila Nadir, Dominic Roffo, and Christine McAllister, so if you know anyone interested in a plot, best tell them to be at the meeting on Tuesday and stake their claim. There's a possibility that Boomtown will be filling up fast.

This year is going to be real fun.


TotalLunar Eclipse said...

This is a concept not done before by us I believe this was the first concept of Ambertown realized here. It will be interesting once the land comes, the girl cannot wait.

darien.mason said...

BOOM-town you say? Underground tunnels? you say?
Of course! What a PERFECT place for my LABORATORY!