Friday, February 1, 2008

Few Things Here, There, And Yonder

One lot left in Harborside. Lunar may leave it empty, not rent it out, use it for something for himself. Not sure. There WAS talk of the Steelhead Church returning. Perhaps that would be a perfect spot for it?

Plans for Boomtown will be announced shortly. More details on that as they develop. Yes, I know, I dangle that carrot in front of you and then yank it back just as you get close to taste it.

Lunar is currently building the Steelhead Library. After which he'll finish up on the Steelhead Movie Theater (I hope they show cartoons, again. Sat in the old theater for an hour one night watching Popeye cartoons). After that.....dunno what's on his building agenda. I know he's waiting for Katt's approval to rebuild her house and lighthouse. I've requested a special build, but won't be rushing him at present. There may be someone else who has commissioned him for a build. I'm not sure, really, this isn't his blog. You'll have to ask him, yourself.

boB Ballyhoo, aka oldboB, will be returning to Oregon. He's........well........he ain't right in the head. Used to be a resident of Ambertown, until the flood had swept him out to sea. He had drifted out there for a week until he was found. He was never the same, since then. Spent alot of time babbling and such. Had been in the care of doctors back East, who are releasing him into the care of the residents of Steelhead. Perfectly harmless, I assure you.

Jobias Barthelmess sightings: January 15th, Tanglewood, near the Tiny Village. January 21st, New Babbage. January 28th: the Silver Mines of Vulgaria.

Aaaaaaand that's all for this post.

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