Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For Those Who Are Concerned......

Real Life's a bit of a pain......actually, it's a huge ass pain. My supervisor at the real world job had to take a disability retirement. At first, I wasn't interested in applying for the position, nor was I interested in continuing to work for the company. But, after knowing him for 25 years, I felt I owed him, and stayed with the company. I even applied for the vacant position.

It's been two weeks, and we're still awaiting word on which of the applicants, myself included, will be in the position. Personally, I look at it two different ways, I get the job and it's "Great, now the challenge can begin", or someone else gets the job and it's "Great, now to take a break and maybe take a week's vacation".

So far this month, I've only had two days off from the place. I have work to do around the house (for those who tease me about my vacant home in Steelhead City, the real world home should satisfy you). Mostly, I'm tired. Didn't realize it, but I guess it's been showing in Second Life. I have no idea how, but some have noticed. Other than misunderstanding what one friend had said, thinking it was something against what I said, I wasn't aware I was doing anything to get people concerned.

So, to put your minds at ease. I'm ok. Just hoping to finally get some time off. Maybe sleep for a couple of days. And if it really concerns everyone, Lunar and Tensai have the cell number. She's already called me once already.

Everything will be ok.

Breathe, Fuzz, Breathe


Christine McAllister said...

Glad to hear that you are "ok". However, I look forward to when you are able to take some time for you, to rest, recharge and get back to being your usual self. Also, just to let you know...the dust will be there tomorrow, or next week, next month.....ask Edward how long you can go without dusting before it shows ;-)

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Work I have to do around the place is because I'm going to be selling it soon. Has nothing to do with the dust.

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Remember my friend, we all do care about you and your health. Secondlife can wait, so can your job for a bit if you are stressed. So do take some time for yourself and just breathe. Sometimes we forget to do something so simple.

Why worry about life, no one gets out alive anyways?