Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Brief Hiatus

Lord Typist is having a busy week. Having to fix up his old place of residence to move back in (originally going to sell). He'll be in world off an on, town meeting, Steelhead events, discussing with a couple of people to entertain patrons at Club Gearz. The story, I'm sorry to say, will be a few more days before he can continue it.

I'm sure we all know how that is. Now you know why Lord Typist refuses to acknowledge the existence of the alleged "Real Life". Just gets in the way of everyone's fun.

Oh yes, and I should mention his latest purchase. Something called "Hi Def Television"......whatever that is. I'll go ask Purdie or Oolon, sounds like something time travelers would know. He says there's a way he can connect his aether machine to that device and be in world through that.......most interesting......

Anyway, Steelhead Adventures will resume soon. That is a promise.

Do I wish to see Charisma Carpenter in Hi Def? I.....guess so, sir.

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