Saturday, August 9, 2008

Steelhead Adventures: The List, The Reply, and The Surprise

The Entrance To The Steelhead Vault

The nun looked over the paperwork, then picked up a rubber stamp and put the Steelhead Seal on the document. She handed the paper to Lumina Elvehjem.

"Thank you, Miss Elvehjem," the nun said, "rest assured, your silver bars will be kept safe in here."

"'sokay" the cat woman replied, "was going have them sent to the east coast and sell them. Like Fuzzy, I'm not big on silver. But it's not because of allergies or anything, 's because I prefer diamonds and rubies and such."

The nun smiled as Lumina walked away, then nodded towards the next resident in line, "Next"

The Foyer Of Steelhead Town Hall

Kattryn Severine walked into the foyer, followed by an elderly gentleman. He was Captain Jason Swann, captain of Miss Katt's personal airship. She walked over to Tensai Hilra who was standing at the doorway to the meeting hall, listening to Gilbert Sapwood entertain Steelhead citizens with stories of adventure. She smiled as Katt approached her.

"Mr. Sapwood is doing a fine job keeping everyone's minds preoccupied." she said "Nobody's objected to keeping their silver gifts from Steeltopia locked in the vault."

Katt nodded, then pulled out a few pieces of paper from her handbag "Emperor Calamari gave this to me. Everyone he's given steel bars to. He's been apologizing non-stop. Worried that one of these individuals would use the silver to attack Fuzz."

Tensai glanced at the pages, "Tensai Hilra, Kattrynn Severine.....I'm almost positive we can rule those two out."

Katt smiled, "I'm sure."

"Governor Desmond Shang, Lady Gabrielle Riel, Lady Eva Ballambi, Lord Edward far, we've nothing to worry about. Nobody on the list has anything against Fuzz."

She looked at the next page, and jumped as a British voice came from directly behind her, "Oh dear."

She turned to find Purdie Uggla standing behind her, "Purdie, don't scare me like that, not unless you wish to be find yourself shot over the hotel."

"Forgive me, Miss Hilra." the Time Lord replied, "I didn't mean to startle, nor be rude. But...." he pointed at the paper in Tensai's hand. Tensai and Katt both looked at the page, "Doctor Obolensky, Malegatto Alter, and Nicholas Shostakovich are all listed as having to receive a silver bar."

Katt looked at Purdie, "Are they evil?"

Purdie shrugged, "There've been hints, rumors, stories, but nothing to prove otherwise. It has been rumored that Miss Alter plans on world domination....which if I had a linden for every person that's said that, I'd be able to buy Caledon and expand it one hundred and ten percent." he glanced at the young neko who was walking past, "Koen."

"Oh," Koen said, "there you are. What's our next plan?"

"You're going to Caledon." Purdie replied, "I've gotten a response from a message I sent out, and I need you to meet the person in Victoria City."

"Are we taking your TARDIS?" Koen asked

Purdie frowned, "No. The way your family has screwed with the space time continuum, everything is all in flux. You'll need to travel by airship."

"Next airship won't leave port until morning." Tensai said,

Katt looked at Purdie, "There is one leaving shortly"

Tensai looked at Katt, "There is?"

Katt turned to Captain Swann, "Captain, there will be a change of plans. Young Mister Koen needs to be in Caledon. You and the crew will please take him there."

"Of course, ma'am," the captain replied, "but what of your trip to the east?"

"I'll have the railroad prepare my car, and attach it to the next train out. I'll send word ahead that I'll be late, would only be by a few days. THIS is much more important."

"At once, ma'am"

As the captain turned to leave, Purdie looked at his neko companion, "Go on, Koen, get your things together. I'll fill you in at the port."

"Yes sir" Koen said, as he ran off.

Purdie turned to Tensai, "Miss Hilra, did your husband receive the journal I sent to him?"

Tensai nodded, "He mentioned it briefly, said he'll talk more about it, later."

"Good, well if you will excuse me." Purdie said his goodbyes then hurried off.

Katt glanced at the sheriff's office, then looked at Tensai, "Where's Fuzz?"

"Full moon" Tensai replied, "His senses are heightened during a full moon, so he's running around in wolf form.

Mt Steelhead

Lunar walked the path up the mountain. He stopped to look at the view of the city below, then turned and saw a pair of green glowing eyes in the darkness, staring at him.

"Fuzz?" he asked

The werewolf walked out of the shadows, stood next to the Moon Elf and motioned at the town below.

"I can smell it," Fuzz replied, "I can hear it as they speak, their heartbeats raised. But you don't have to have heightened senses to feel it."

Lunar nodded

"Anger," Fuzz continued, "hatred, fear....they all have it."

"Tension is rising" Lunar said, "Aye"

"And all over little old me." Fuzz replied, as he crouched down, "I know there are those that respect me, those that like me, those that love me, those that tolerate me....but, somehow, we need to make sure they do not worry. There was only one attack made against me, and the town is ready to lynch any newcomer who steps off the train or airship."

Lunar felt the journal in his coat pocket then turned to Fuzz, "We'll do our best to ease everyone's mind. What are you going to do?"

"Continue on as if nothing is wrong," the werewolf replied, "and besides, I do have a cannon on my front porch now."

Lunar laughed, "I'm sure that'll drive the bad guys away."

"There's always a light," Fuzz said, glancing up at the stars, "no matter how dark you may think it gets, there's always a light."

Steeltopian Embassy

SteelCobra Calamari walked into the embassy. He sat behind the desk and sighed

"What's going on out there?" a voice from the second floor called out

"The towns in a huff." Cobra replied, "Someone fired silver bullets on the sheriff earlier this week, they're all in an uproar."

"Interesting," said the upstairs voice, "an attack on one person can cause such a fuss."

"This is Steelhead City. If the town drunk is attacked, the whole town is in an uproar. Thankfully, I gave Miss Severine the list of people who've received silver bars. Thank you for writing that."

"My pleasure," the upstairs voice said, as the person descended the stairs, "Steeltopia is more than willing to help out."

"And you put everyone on that list?" SteelCobra asked, "Steelhead, New Babbage, Caledon, Antiquity...."

"Oh yes. Everyone." Jobias Barthelmess said, as he reached the bottom of the stairs, "Felt it was my duty as Steeltopian Ambassador to make the list as complete as I can make it."

To Be Continued


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

I think you missed your calling Fuzz. Nice work so far.

Forelle Broek said...

"This is Steelhead City. If the town drunk is attacked, the whole town is in an uproar."

Do we have a town drunk? If not, I'll gladly volunteer for the job.

Fuzzball Ortega said...

Yea, actually, we sort of do have the town drunk. Although he's more like the town loon.

Name's Old boB Ballyhoo....yes, that's how he spells his name, boB, and he knows when you mispronounce it.

Evil Tiny Kitty said...

*taps a claw on her writing desk*

I am a learned feline of science. To be accused of attacking Steelhead's sheriff is simply...preposterous, even if he is just a canine. Besides, my goals are a bit grander. Yes, I received a Steeltopian silver bar. So? Perhaps I intend to it. Yes. That's it. Such slander against my good name!

After all, whatever would I do with a silver bullet or two...or three? *cackles*

Best Regards,
Dr. Malegatto Alter