Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Out Of Character Post

Yea, I know, everyone's interested what happened to Fuzzball, where did Purdie take him, what of Hotspur's predicament, will Lance admit to Susan that he's having an affair with her evil twin sister with the eyepatch, is Jason the father of the baby, and will Rebecca be able to save the farm in time.....wait, those last three parts were from a soap opera I was watching, nevermind. Just thought I'd toss a few things out....

Speaking of Mr. O'Toole, he's got a spin off blog site translated from Gaelic it's "To Tell A Tall Tale", I've got it listed on the side as "Hotspur's Tales Of Hibernia". Basically, it's where his storytelling, roleplaying adventures and such will go, leaving Hibernia On The Skids more of the "Look what I've found in Second Life" or "This is what this group is doing" type postings....and making it easier to follow his stories. Some will tie into Steelhead Adventures (he got shoved into the current storyline......didn't think he'd mind). Others will involve other stories he's writing, some he started and have yet to finish (you see how this new site will work better for his storytelling). I've heard some may involve Caledon's MI-5.....which doesn't exist, so I'm sure these are just fictional stories. I need to try and update the Steelhead Adventures links to include the latest entry from that blog.

As for the Steelhead Adventures, I'm thinking of giving the current title "Silver Poison". Several residents are wondering if they'll be featured in it (Yes, but not everyone can be featured at the same time......if there's a crowd scene in Steelhead, chances are, you're in that crowd). Lady Christine thinks she's dead in the story (she's not, trust me). I had originally thought of ending it with a touching epilogue, but now the epilogue will be in two parts. the first part of the epilogue will be the touching part, but the second part will lead into the next adventure. Cliffhanger endings, so to speak. Just when you thought the adventure was over...BAM, we're heading into another story. Also, future stories will include references to a few historical characters, or characters from television series set during the time period (with that Gaslamp Fantasy flair added to them, naturally)

Caledon: The Musical......if you haven't seen this on other blogs, you're missing out. It is absolutely awesome. You can find it on YouTube, just search for Caledon The Musical. I applaud all of Caledon who contributed, you wacky aristocrats did a wonderful job.

It appears that giving Cato Quan whaling rights in Steelhead has ruffled a few feathers. It's kind of hard in this day and age to remember that during the 1890's, this was a regular thing. Just a few things to remember, 1) as I said, historically, this was a regular thing. 2) Cato's typist is merely roleplaying a part, I'm sure that in the real world, the typist would never do anything to harm an endangered species. 3) The whales in Second Life aren't real......they can't even be harmed. Cato could stab one with a spear, it'd still be swimming along as if nothing happened. It's all make believe.

I'm really not a big fan of Facebook, but I'm on there. Not as Fuzzball Ortega. If you have Hotspur, Eva, Lavender, Eladrienne, Christine, or Kira (that's all I can think of at the moment), you can probably find me on their friends list (hint, I'm in a tuxedo).

There was about fifteen other things I wanted to post about, but I think I'll save it for later, now, on to Steelhead Adventures. In our previous chapter, that you can find on Purdie's blog, Sheriff Ortega was shot, Purdie had taken Fuzz in his TARDIS to someplace safe, and Lunar was to call an emergency town meeting to let them know what had happened.......(Next chapter coming soon)

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