Thursday, October 29, 2009

Darn, I'm Broke....Time To Pimp Myself Out

Between the Relay For Life events, as well as donating, occasional being out of town on certain weekends and missing Steelhead events, and now being unemployed in RL, my lindens are slowly disappearing (talk about mirroring RL).

Issues now are finding a good time for a gig at Gearz, what with a butt load of other events going on across the Steam Lands. Oh'll all work out in the end.

And in case you're wondering, here are the rates:

I used to charge L$250 an hour for a two hour set, although I've paid DJ's at Gearz 500 an hour. We'll leave it as negotiable, I won't go below 250 nor above 500, and I usually don't care to do events less than two hours.....just doesn't seem like a lot of fun if it's less than two hours. Oh, and tips are mine, I'm not splitting with anyone (yes, I have my own stream.....I mean, duh)...I'll also overcome my fear of the microphone and *shudder* speak into it.

Rental of Club Gearz: L$1500 for two hours, L$500 for each additional hour. If you want me providing music, no extra charge. If you want someone else, whether it's Diamanda, Angelica, Edward, Gabi, Wolfman Jack (Hey, if you bring him back from the grave, you can hire him), that particular transaction is between you and the DJ of your choice.

I also perform wedding ceremonies in SL. I performed Lunar and Tensai's ceremony......mind you I was dressed as Elvis and asked if they loved each other more than fried peanut butter and nanner sandwiches. Not sure about rates for those services, but we can go from humorous, to something slightly more traditional. Choice is yours (then of course, rates for DJ'ing the reception, see above).

Naturally, official Steelhead events come first, so I won't be available on Friday nights. As well as some Relay For Life meetings and events.

So, there you go. Just drop me a line at
Fuzzball Ortega
Dept. Anything
Steelhead City, Oregon

Or you could send an IM or drop a notecard on my profile.......

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