Saturday, October 31, 2009

From The Desk Of Sheriff Ortega (roleplaying in world)

Mother Superior,

It appears that the Port Harbor suburb becoming a "Hotspot" has led to a person's death. After the Friday night dance, I was called to the ETK warehouse. You know the "Squiddy Thing" that's on that property, and the large sign saying not to feed it? It's been fed, and from the looks of it, it's human.

Due to the Halloween celebrations, wolfsbane has become popular with some of the decorations, which in turn affects my senses, I'm unable to get a scent around the area. All I can say for now, due to the blood splatter at the crime scene, I don't think the victim got close to the Squiddy by choice.

Sister Mary Florence and Sister Mary Tek are looking for ways of removing the body from the Squiddy, although it's entirely possible that we'll have to wait for the body to come out by digestion. Once the body is out, contact Doctor Ryne Beck, who Sister Alma referred to as "The New Guy", I'd like an autopsy done on the deceased.

There's also the question of the identity of the body. Far as I know, nobody in Steelhead is missing. We'll have to ask around, check with officials in Steeltopia, Caledon, New Babbage, and other areas, see if someone's come up missing there.

As of now, I'm ruling this as an accident. However, my gut tells me that this was murder. With this happening on Doctor Alter's property, finger's will start pointing. I did briefly question Doctor Alter and her 'minion' Cato Quan. I cannot go any further until after the autopsy.

I'm afraid with the squiddy being outside, we can't keep this under wraps. You can see the body inside.

For now, I want a few nuns to search for clues as to the victims identity. Further orders will follow as the investigation progresses.

Sorry to bring this gruesome news to you. What a way to end October, hope this isn't a precursor to what November has to offer.


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