Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Awesome Piece Of Music

Two Steps From Hell is a group known for creating music to use in movie trailers. Their piece "Freedom Fighters" was used in the teaser trailer for JJ Abrams' Star Trek revamp, "Protectors of the Earth" was used in the trailer to Inkheart, and recently, their "Am I Not Human" can be heard in the trailer to Tron Legacy.

Recently, they released an album available to the general public, "Invincible". You can find it on, iTunes, and CDBaby. It includes the above pieces and this really amazing composition.

Amazing that they only do music for movie trailers, a score like this would be brilliant for a full length motion picture.

*edit* I forgot to mention, the name of the piece is called "To Glory"

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Edward Pearse said...

I was recently trying to track down composer details for a piece of music that I only knew as "Requiem for a Dream". As a result I stumbled across the whole Trailer Music subgenre and found out about groups like Two Steps From Hell, X-Ray Dog and Audiomachine. Check out X-Ray Dog's "Dethroned".

Some amazing stuff out there.