Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why Steelhead City Relays

As of this writing, we've got about five full weeks of fundraising for Relay For Life before the big Relay Weekend (and I've seen the map of the track layout, the lag may hopefully be at a minimum this time around......please note, I said "may").

While I was unable to be in world due to a thunderstorm killing the cable modem.....but didn't kill the computer, which is plugged in the same area (so, let's consider myself lucky), an incident happened in world. I won't go into details about this incident, just that it was very immature, and a jab against Steelhead. So, I think it's time that everyone knows, as the title of this blog says, Why Steelhead Relays.

First off, two years ago we got involved with Relay For Life. NOT because other Steamlands were involved. We had personal reasons for getting involved. For me, it was a supervisor and friend of 27 years who was losing his battle with cancer, and yet he got up each day and tried his damnedest to live life to it's fullest. He passed away two weeks before the Relay weekend of '08. For other Steelheaders, it was for the memory of someone who lost their lives due to cancer. For someone who was currently fighting cancer. For someone who fought and beat it. For someone who was a caregiver for a cancer patient. And, like many involved in RFL, a Steelheader was a cancer patient, a survivor, or a caregiver.

Yes, there are awards given for top fundraisers, for best campsite builds, for best designer areas. But it's just a fun thing. There is no seroius competition between teams. The money goes to the same place, everyone involved should be satisfied that they helped achieve that goal. Bottom line, it's a fight against cancer, not each other.

Steelhead is involved in this, not for glory, not for raising more money than another team, not because we want to show off our building skills, but we are involved to be part of a great group of individuals from all over The Grid and for the satisfaction in knowing that we did our best to help raise the money for cancer research. In the end, that's the most important thing about all of this.

In the end, we're all on the same team, and the end goal is the same....least it's supposed to be, if all teams were on the same page

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Fogwoman Gray said...

Well said sir :)
One of my reasons for settline in Caledon was due to the committment there to Relay for Life. It does my heart so good to see so many friends in so many different places, on so many different teams all working together for a common goal.
And I cannot describe for you the joy last year, each time I passed Steelhead's camp on that track to see so many wonderful friends out there cheering us on and fighting the lag as well.
And I fear the ill mannered are with us always :)